Welcome to year 5

Our next investigation was looking at conductors and insulators of heat. We tested different materials to see which would be the best to keep the food in our lunchboxes cool.




We have had a very busy first term in year 5. Our science topic this term has been 'Properties and Changes of Materials' We began the topic by testing the properties of a range of different materials. We tested to see whether they were opaque, transparent, magnetic, absorbant and flexible.



31st January 2022

As part of our learning on the Rainforest and our Science unit on Adaptation and Evolution, Years 5 and 6 welcomed back Ben from Spirit of the Wild today. We saw many different animals from the rainforest and learnt about where in the rainforest they can be found and how they have adapted to their surroundings. We had an amazing afternoon and learnt lots.






Welcome to Year 5

In Year 5 this term we have been learning about life in Ancient Egypt in History and Geography. We also used ancient Egyptian jewellery as the stimulus for our DT project this term. We used coloured felt, cotton and beads to create Egyptian collars. We practised several different types of stitches and we used them to join two pieces of material together. We really enjoyed the lessons and we picked up the skills we needed very quickly. Here are some of our Egyptian collars. We hope that you like them.











You have to get up early in teh morning to beat the birds but this morning they had competition from the bleary eyed ladbrooke campers.  The morning chorus was sprinkled with the laughter, scuttle and chatter of our intrepid campers. Long before 5am they began to pack away their beds ready for another day of adventure.  

At a more reasonable hour, we all discussed over breakfast the stories of the previous night in the tents and planned for some nature activities in our local woods.  We began with pond dipping - where we found a surprising array of insects and water creatures.  We were amazed to see the diversity of life in our local pond.  After making our own sandwich lunch, we were refreshed fro an afternoon ramble identifying trees, plants and wildlife as we plotted aroute trhough the woods.  Just like any proper walk through the woods it ended with one wrong turn and a class full of muddy footwear!

We couldn't wait for our burger and chips and some relaxing chat around the hay bales.  This was further enhanced by the delicious strawberry and marshmellow skewers.  We could all get used to that kind of treat..  We are now in full rehearsal mode for this evening's grand event - Ladbrooke Camp has Talent!  More on that when the children return home, but we are looking forward to being entertained.

It has been another brilliant day with tired smiles all round.  Our camp beds will be very welcome tonight and the staff will be hoping that they make use of them for longer!!!

Please see our official tent poses below.

 IMG 7612  IMG 7613 IMG 7614  IMG 7615 
 IMG 7617  IMG 7611  IMG 7624

 Year Five

Tent Groups



We have had a fantastic day today.  As we all settled down to the first night in our tents, we were thinking about al the fun we have had during our activity day.  The excellent leaders at London Bushcraft took us through a series of exciting outdoor learning activities.

We began by smearing our faces with mud to camouflage ourselves and practised concealing ourselves in the depth of the South African jungle (otherwise known as Bounds Green).  That was a great start and all the children threw themselves into the spirit of the day.  Next we found ourselves having to survive being stranded after an aeroplane crash - we learned about the 3 essential rules of survival.  Shelter, water and food.  We went on to learn the secrets of making fire, even managing to cook our own hand made bread on an open flame.  

The day couldn't have been any more hands on and all the children learned something new and something useful.  The evening was time to relax with pizza and a surprise visit from the ice cream van (curtesy of Aflie's parents).  The evening ended with a nice hot chocolate around the camp fire and time to make plans for tomorrow evening's talent show.

Thank you to everyone for all your help in making sure this event took place.  We really appreciated all your offers of help.  The smiling faces of the children makes it all worth while.

Year 5




Christmas Homework - Year Five

I hope that you all have a lovely break - and that you and your family's all stay safe into the New Year when we see eachother again. Keep up your reading - I imagine that many of your will receive some nice new books as gifts. You should also keep at the maths, not just in your books but everywhere you find it -  maths really is everywhere when you start looking for it!

It would also be helpful if you could think of a nice, thoughtful reply to the message below. We have been contcted by an organisation who have taken our school gritter. Their message is shown below. There are lots of issues raised in the letter - from workers rights to climate change. Could you please write a reply to them - a nice formal letter, and send it to me at my email address. I think that it might be frosty next term so we will need our gritter back. Please help!


Have a good break.


Mr Ward.



From: Santa’s Little Helper <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sent: Friday 18th December
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Subject: E.L.F.


Dear Big People of Ladbrooke School.

We are the Evergreen Liberation Front. For centuries our brothers and sisters have toiled without recompense or recognition in the workshops of the North. We have never asked for anything in return, yet you have continued to push us to our limits.

Despite the many very educational documentaries that you have access to via your Sony Christmas Movies 24 television channel, you seem to know much about us without ever really understanding us. All we require is a regular supply of candy and a plentiful amount of ice.

Now you have taken so much of our chocolate to fill your advent calendars that there is a shortage in the North Pole, and we note with alarm the new fashion for hanging our candy canes on your decorated trees. In addition, your factories and wheeled vehicles have polluted the atmosphere horrendously.

The result of your climate catastrophe is that the temperatures in our homelands has increased so much that the trees are withering and the ice is melting. We have no more places to skid and slide - our only true form of recreation.

We have in recent years had to venture further and further south to find suitable ice to play on. The flat patch at the rear of your building is one of our final refuges - in our language the area is known as ‘The Ground of Play’.

It was therefore with huge concern that we observed you taking delivery of a weapon of ice destruction in the past week.

We have taken your Gritting Machine. It will not be returned to you until our following demands are met:

- Gritting must cease on Fridays and on days that begin with an ‘S’.

- One dozen candy canes must be left for us on the Friendship Bench each Monday.

- Skidding must be included in your school curriculum.

- A new local ice monitor must be appointed to ensure the continued quality of ice.

Please do not mistake us for our sister organisation, the Everyone Loves Fun Syndicate. They are not as hard line as we are - if you do not follow our instructions, you will never see your gritter again.

Do not contact Santa or the North Pole PD. They know that three of you are on the naughty list and one of you had been placed on the Permanently Prohibited From Presents List. They will not help you.

We await your response; we know you are excellent letter writers.

Yours in anticipation,

The Evergreen Liberation Front.








This Article Has Been Approved By The Ladbrooke JMI School Elf and Safety Committee


Christmas is on the way. Santa has been working hard to get ready - but some of his more sneaky elves have escaped!


We have captured some of them and popped them into a beautifully crafted hand-made Christmas book.


The children of the Year 5 workshop have been very careful to add their own sprinkle of Christmas spirit into the creations and now we invite you to take a book home with you.


You will have to follow the instructions on the School Gateway to buy your special Christmas gift. They are only £2.50 each and are guaranteed to keep your name off this year's naughty list!



Christmas Elves Like Presents, Snowballs and Mischief!



Do not feed after midnight and never get them wet!



Keep locked in their book to avoid bright lights!



P.S. While they were with us, the Elves showed the children how to make stained glass window decorations. They say that Santa's own lodge has windows like these. Follow the link to see the Year Five Window Lights.

Rudolph's Favourite Decorations





We have had a fantastic day today.  As we all settled down to the first night in our tents, we were thinking about al the fun we have had during our activity day.  The excellent leaders at London Bushcraft took us through a series of exciting outdoor learning activities.

We began by smearing our faces with mud to camouflage ourselves and practised concealing ourselves in the depth of the South African jungle (otherwise known as Bounds Green).  That was a great start and all the children threw themselves into the spirit of the day.  Next we found ourselves having to survive being stranded after an aeroplane crash - we learned about the 3 essential rules of survival.  Shelter, water and food.  We went on to learn the secrets of making fire, even managing to cook our own hand made bread on an open flame.  

The day couldn't have been any more hands on and all the children learned something new and something useful.  The evening was time to relax with pizza and a surprise visit from the ice cream van (curtesy of Aflie's parents).  The evening ended with a nice hot chocolate around the camp fire and time to make plans for tomorrow evening's talent show.

Thank you to everyone for all your help in making sure this event took place.  We really appreciated all your offers of help.  The smiling faces of the children makes it all worth while.

Year 5



Thursday 26th November

Due to the essential maintenance at the school you should work from home today. Here is the work for you to have a go at today. 

Please print the work out if you are able to, however if that is not possible then write your work on a sheet of paper. You should bring the work with you to school on Friday. 



Instead of Six A Day, spend 15 minutes on Timestables Rockstars. I have Challenged you all in the Rock Slam area of the game - I hope you all beat me! If you have 10 games on the Studio game then on Friday we will be able to look together at the times tables progress you have made over the last two weeks and set some targets for the next two weeks. 

TT Rockstars


Square Numbers

Watch this video from White Rose Maths to get yourself ready to learn about square numbers.

(You can follow this link below to find the slides about Square Numbers from the video.)

You might like to practice using some counters or other suitable resources you have at home to make your own arrays (an array is a way of sorting items into a specific shape or pattern, square number arrays are arranged in a square pattern).

Square Number Slide Show

You will need to open this Square Number Worksheet ready to answer some questions using what you learn. If you can, then print the sheet and work on it, if you cannot print, then write the work on a piece of paper ready to bring in on Friday. 

Square Number Worksheet


Topic - Ancient Greeks

We have been busy creating our own Acient Greek Tragedy play - The Crown of Sporta. The characters in the play are based on real people or real gods of Ancient Greece. I would like you to research these characters by looking them up and reading about them. Write down some information about each of the characters ready to bring in on Friday. You can print the page and work on that or you can write on your own sheet of paper. 

The second part of the task is to draw one of the characters and to say what they are doing in the picture - try to tell some information about the character in your drawing. 

Ancient Greeks Worksheet

You can also remind yourself about the story of The Crown of Sporta by clicking on the link below. 

The Crown of Sporta


Have a good day - this work should keep you busy but don't forget to enjoy your lunch. 


Mr Ward.












Part 1.

Next week, on Wednesday, it will be Remembrance Day. I would like you to discuss with the people in your house why we have this annual day of remebrance - ready to talk about with the class next week.

Part 2.

Across the country, many people are concerned about how they will stay fit and healthy during the next month. I would like you to carry out a survey of the people in your house to find out what physical activity they normally take part in. This can be activities that they do now or any that they did before the pandemic disrupted normal life so much. Think about what activity you do and what you would like to do in the future ready to discuss at school next week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Ward.









Friday 17th July

Thank you for all the hard work, lovely messages and for being Home School superstars. 

Have a go at this quiz to see how much you can recall about this strange year. 

Lockdown Mastermind


The code is 04910263


Finally, I would like to point you towards a good resource for keeping up with some reading.


Summer Reading Challenge


You could also join the Silly Squad here


Or get lost in a book here

Or even take your book on an adventure!


Take care of yourselves. Be kind. And don't forget the sunscreen.


Mr Ward - over and out.

Thursday 16th July

Good morning, Year Five. I have received some super work from you on the arithmetic tests. It would be great to receive as many results from the Summer test 6 as possible so that I can let Mrs Romain know how confident you have become with your calculations. 

When we saw eachother on Monday, I said that you should each enjoy your well earned holiday this summer - I think that it did not really rain yesterday on St Swithan's Day, so the weather will be good all summer long. I also said that you should each ensure that you continue with some work so that you are really ready for a quick start when school starts again in September. I would recommend that you do not leave this until the week before you return to shcool, but rather that you do a little each week - or even each day! I know that you will no longer belong to me but I will, of course, continue to care very much about how you are getting on. You know how to contact me, and if you have any questions or concerns, or you just want to practive sending emails, then feel free to send me a message. As I said, it may take me a little longer to reply but I will certainly be happy to do so when I return from the beach! This has been an extraordinary year for many reasons and you should be reassured to know that all the staff at school will be thinking very hard about how we manage to make the return to school as easy and as fun as possible for every child in the school.

I have a suggestion for you and your parents to consider. On the link below you will find a resource called Mathletics. Some of you may be aware of this resource already. It is not free. unfortunately, but I think it is very useful. For one month, the cost is £11.95. You can have a free trial of the resource for 2 days to see how it works. It helps you to work through lots of different maths topics and you can choose easier or harder challenges as you go along. I definitely do not work for Mathletics (and if I could I would provide this resource for free for you) but I know lots of you would enjoy it. Please do contact me if you have any questions about this recommendation.

Mathletics Information 


I have two creative tasks for you today. 

The first is a piece of writing. Please watch this short video - I have called it 'Learning Journey' and I think there are lots of different ways to think about it.

Learning Journey video clip

There are no instructions other than to use your very best writing skills. Focus on quality rather than quantity. I am hoping to be able to make a writing display with the work that you send to me, ready to share with you when you get back to school. The picture below shows the space waiting for your work.

sentence stack display

The second creative task will prepare you for some art work when you return to school. You will remember that when you first came to Year 5, we all created portraits of ourselves. You are going to do this again in Year 6. I have been practicing drawing with my Year 1 Bubble, and the pictures below show some of their work and also some pictures completed by Mrs Wilkinson - hasn't she done some lovely pictures?


Well, she used the same technique for her pictures that I am going to suggest for your task today. Find a nice picture of an animal - like the fox in the picture below. Then cut it in half and stick it to a piece of plain paper. The next step is to draw a grid over the picture - make sure there are the same amount of squares on the blank side as there are on the side with the picture. Then you must observe very closely each of the squares to see which part of the picture appears in it. Beginning with the major features of the animal (the ears, eyes and mouth) fill in the blank side by drawing what you see in the corrsponding square on the picture side. Remember to draw lightly so that it is a sketch. Finally, you can colour or paint the picture carefully copying the same colours as there are on the picture side. You should aim to recreate as realistic a picture as you can - paycareful attention to the light, for instance in the eyes, and the different shades of the same colour (you will need to mix the colours gradually). This technique can be repeated for any picture that has basic symmetry. Of course you can also use the part of the picture you cut off to help you.


Madame Elena has one final lesson for you this year and a new Kahoot challenge (Code 08816704). Click the link to go to the lesson.

La dernière leçon de l’année avec Madame Elena. 

Worksheet for the lesson


Have a great and creative day.

Mr Ward



Wednesday 15th July

It is St Swithan's day today. Legend has it that if it rains today then it will continue to rain for the next 40 days but if it doesn't rain today then it will stay dry for 40 days. I hope that the weather stays nice for us during the holidays, but don't worry - if it does rain then you can always find a nice dry place to do some reading - or some writing - or some maths, like today.

Have a go at these lessons. 

Mr Palmer has been excited about about being allowed to play cricket again (you can find him on most Saturdays playing at Old Owens cricket ground). He asked me to get you to look at two lessons on BBC Bitesize. The first is about how you move during activity and the second is about how science appears in sport. 

How We Move

Science in Sport


Before lunchtime today I will be posting the last Arithmetic Tests for the Year 5 year. In the meantime you can dust off your division skills by having a look at this lesson at Oak Academy to help you. Division is a big target for lots of the Year 5 gang and is an important skill for the Year 6 curriculum so it is well worth practicing.

Interpreting Remainders in Context


See you later - don't forget to come back and find the tests - I know some of you are desperate to see if you can get full marks for the whole year and some of ypou are desperate to see if you can finally crack full marks at last. (If you find it tricky - always remember that any mistakes are just learning opportunities and they show you what you should try to work on next).

Mr Ward.

UPDATE: Maths Arithmetic Tests. Enjoy!






Tuesday 14th July

Good morning, Year 5/6. How absolutely wonderful it was for me to be able to see you again yesterday! It was all too short but I really loved catching up with you and I actually wish that we were able to spend much more time together. I hope that enjoyed seeing everybody as well. I was especially pleased to see that you were all so well and happy - and amazed at how much some of you have sprouted up over the last few months. 

Thank you so much for the very thoughtful gifts. I know that Mrs Holden and myself really enjoyed looking through the amazing books and reading your messages. There is some outstanding artwork! You have been very creative. Mr Palmer also sent me a message yesterday to ask me to send you his thanks for the generous and kind gifts and cards also. A big thank you all round!

Today is grammar day.

I would like you to have a look at these remaining lessons so that you have completed all of Mrs Corke's lessons for the year. The links for tese lessons will remain up over the summer and I think you will get a real benefit from having a little review of them later on as well when you are thinking about coming back into school. 

Verb Tenses

Plurals Part One

Plurals Part Two


Tomorrow will be a maths day and Thursday will be a writing day. Watch out for more updates and keep smiling.


Mr Ward.



Message From The Future!

Hello, soon to be Year Six children.

I have received a message from your future teacher, Mrs Romain. It contains lots of information about your school life and learning next year. Listen carefully, and I think you might want to save the message somewhere so that you can go back and watch it again closer to the startof term and probably at somepoint in the future when you forget what day of the week you are supposed to hand in your homework! Also, don't forget to keep sending in your applications to be prefects, I know Mrs Romain has been extremely impressed with the letters she hs received so far.

Welcome To Year Six Message

When we see eachother on Monday, Mrs Romain will have the chance to come and to speak to you about next year also. It will be greatto see you all and to hear how you are face to face - Mrs Holden and I have missed you all and cannot wait to catch up. You will be given all of your work books and any reamining items that were in your trays as well as any PE kits that were left behind at the start of the school closure - can you believe it has been about four months since you were at school? I want us to make the most of the time together so remember to have a nice early night on Sunday so you can wake up on the right side of the bed on Monday morning. Bring your smile with you and a little plastic bag to carry your things in.

Have a nice weekend.

Mr Ward

Soon to be your old teacher  :( 




Friday 10th July

Good morning Sock Olympians and prefect hopefuls! I hope you have had a great week of activity and I see that lots of you have set personal bests that younever thought you would be capable of inyour sock athletics careers. Well done and today I hope that you have a Home School medal ceremony to celebrate. 

Here is poem that my Year 1 Bubble wrote to mark the end of the Sock Olympics. Do you think you could write a poem of your own to tell the story of your own first Sock Olympics?

Poetry In Motion

As Joe Wicks is not on today, we have a guest instructor to help you get active this morning.

PE With Rosie


At the end of the Olympics the athletes generally have a good time celebrating with singing and dancing so I thought you might like to have a look at these lessons to help you get into the spirit.

Major and Minor at the Oak Academy

Singing and Dancing at BBC Bitesize

Have fun with them - sing like nobody is listening and dance like nobody is watching.


Are your family up for another round of the Friday Family Maths Challenge? Click on the link to get calculating. (Answers later).


Enjoy your day. I will be posting a message about our picnic plans for Monday a little later so do make sure you send me your Olympics results and look back here later to check out the information. 


Mr Ward.


Hello Year 5, I (Mrs Romain) am hijacking your class page for a moment!

Please look out for a video I have out together introducing you to Year 6, which should be uploaded towards the end of the week. In it, I talk about the prefect roles and ask you to start thinking about whether you would like to be one! Mr Ward, on my behalf, has suggested that you write a letter of application and email it to myself by the end of term.

What are the roles? I hear you ask! Well, due to the new guidance we have to follow in September, in the wake of the pandemic, the roles have changes somewhat. I am hoping that these will continue to evolve and as life gets back to normal, hopefully these roles will too. However, currently the prefect roles look like this:

Technology - Checking and cleaning laptops/ipads. Ensure laptops/ipads are sent to where needed (ONLY when we can cross bubble). Help with assemblies (there will be NO assemblies in the Autumn term).

Curriculum - Judging writing challenges. Supporting library areas (only in KS2). Book fairs (NOT in the Autumn term). Tours (NOT for the forseeable future). Office support (NOT in the Autumn term). Cloakroom checks. Reading buddies (ONLY when we can cross bubble).

Playground - Setting up playground equipment. Collecting in and cleaning equipment. The owl house is NOT being used for the time being. Ensure tidy at end of break and lunchtime.

I think that once we are settled back into school life, more criteria will be added to these roles and even though, currently, it looks like there isn't much to do, we always add to the list of jobs!

I look forward to reading your applications, please email to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you Year 5

Mrs Romain :)


Wednesday 8th July

Good morning, Olympians. Greetings from the Lockdown Stadium, Potters Bar. We are looking forward to another intense day of competition today, I notice that the weather has changed slightly today (maybe it is because the Wimbledon Tennis tournament was supposed to be reraching it's quarter final stages today!)  and this may affect levels of performance out on the sock field. Good luck. 

If you are looking for something to do during the down time between events back at the athletes village, make sure you have completed all the activities on the Sock Olympics informatin sheet. Also, it would be great to hear how many of the actvities on the Year Five School Closure Activity Booklet you have completed - I am sure that Miss Webster would like to congratulate you next wek if you have accumulated lots of points.

I am hoping to post a link to a podcast later on which helps to give an insight into the spirit of the Olympic Games, so come back later for an update. In the meantime, Mrs Romain has asked me to send a request to you all. She is on the lookout for role models who might feel that they have the right characteristics to become a School Prefect next term. To explain why you should be considered for that responsibility, you must write a letter to Mrs Romain. Please send it to me and I will pass it on. Th competition for prefect places will be fierce as there are so many of you who could do the job!

Have a sporty day.

Mr Ward.

Tuesday 7th July

Good morning, Olympians. The first morning of competition in the Sock Olympics was intense and there have already many personal bests achieved across all disciplines. Early signs are that York have had a great start but in these early stages of the competition it is difficult to predict whether this is a trend that will continue. 

More information to follow before 10 am today when the Sock Olympics Committee (The SOC) release details of the latest information on their search for the Sock Mascots, who have been missing since the early hours of Sunday morning.

In the meantime, a Year 5 hopeful in the Sock Jump competition scheduled for later today has been talking to us about her warm up routine in preparation for peak performance. Watch her warm up tips here. 


Enjoy the competition and remember the suncream.


News from the Sock Olympics Interview Zone.

We have been fortunate enough to meet with some of the sock athletes taking part in today's events and they have given us exclusive access to some of their very best advice for achiving a personal best. Watch the interviews by clicking the links below.

It is as easy as ONE


THREE steps to victory


Good luck in your events today!


Answers from last week's Friday Family Maths Challenge


Monday 6th July

Good morning, Year Five Olympians. It is time to Go Higher, Faster, Stronger, as we join in the First Annual Ladbrooke Sock Olympics! I hope you are ready and raring to go - and that you have a clean pair of socks!

Miss Webster would like all the competitors to read the document in the link below so that you know what to expect from the actvities. Watch the videos very closelyto see how to participate in each event. Every thing you need is there but I would like to hear from you if you have any problems at all. 

You will be competing in the Sock Olympics for your house team. So whether you are Chester, York or Lincoln, now is your chance to earn points in the chase for the House Cup. 

Good luck to one and all. 

The Ladbrooke School Sock Olympic Games 2020


It is amazing that in just two weeks time the largest gathering of sports people from across the world was due to begin at the Tokoyo Olympics Games. They have had to be postponed until next year (so plenty of time to for you to make a claim for the a place in the team!). I thought you might like to find out a bit about the Olympic Games as we go through the week, so each day I am going to post a link to some information about the games for you. Today, I have linked a lesson on the origins of the games. 

Ted Ed - Olympic Origins


And finally for today, you may have seen this very competitive piece of sporting excellence previously but it never gets any less remarkable. Perhaps you couldtry your hand at some everyday sporting commentary.

It's A Waiting Game!


Mr Ward.

Friday 3rd July

Good morning, Year Five. Today would have been Sports Day at school. Of course we cannot hold a Sports Day when we are not all at school, so instead, next week will be Sports Week at Home School. There will be lots of actvities to compete in and you will all have a chance to earn points for your house. Will you be doing your Lincoln Locomotion dance? Will you be a Chester Cheerleader? Or will you York Twister? (Couldn't think of an aliterative for York - sorry!). Every activity you do will be logged and points counted. The results will will be announced so that this year's House Cup can be Awarded to the winning house. 

There will be a message posted about it later today so that you can start thinking about how you can organise your home olympics. In the meantime you can get active with the workout below. I hope you have had achance to hear Mrs Webster read this week's assembly story - if not you can see it here. The Rhythm of the Rain. To help you enjoy the story even more why not try out some of the moves on this workout - it is not a video, it is an instruction sheet. 

Rivers and Mountains workout.


Today's Family Maths Challenge can be found here. I hope you have got your parents and grandparents and tutors and uncles and aunties ready to help you complete all of the challenges! It is becoming quite competitive now. Good luck and enjoy working out the answers.

Friday Family Maths Challenge. (Answers later!)


You might like to have a go at the lesson on Illustrating and Naming Parts of Circles over at Oak Academy today to round off a nice week of learning about angles (hope you enjoyed the pun!). 

And if you are really excited about angles and you have unwrapped your brand new protractor this morning then you might like to have a recap of the whole week by checking out the White Rose videos and completing some of the worksheets.

White Rose videos



Straight Lines



I have been thinking about our picnic and had a great idea for a little gift for each of you to say well done for all the hard work you have done. It is going to be printed on a 3D printer, which is very exciting. Perhaps you might know somebody with a 3D printer. If you fancy something different today then this nice activity over at BBC Bitesize might be fun to try. As always when you are doing a creative task I must remind you that if you invent something that makes lots of money then you must share the profits with me and the rest of the class! (Always worth a try!).

Design Skills at BBC Bitesize


And finally today, Madame Elena has a lovely new lesson for you. It is a really nice lesson and there is even a Kahoot game to play against the rest of the class - I am going to have a go at it at 11 am today to see if I can beat Madame Elena. 

The worksheet for today's lesson is here.

Today's video lesson is here.


I have had some lovely messages lately saying how much you are missing school and all your friends. I am going to find some time to give some of you a call today and next week to see how you are getting on. I hope you will be able to tell me all about how homeschool has been for you. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Ward.

P.S. I have to say that I mentioned Amelia and Daivik earlier in the week becuase they have been doing so well on TT Rockstars. Our very own Laura has also made it onto the whole school leader board - very well done to her. It seems like you have pretty much all been improving your scores and I doubt if I can beat any of you in a times tables challenge any more! As part of my day yesterday, I spent some time looking through lots of your work from earlier in the year, and I found some letters you wrote to me telling me about what you hoped to achieve during your time in Year 5. Being better at times tables was one of those things that kept coming up and I really think that every one of you has smashed that target! It would have been this time last year when you completed your Year 4 times tables check. To see how far you have come since then, have a go at this. (oops link is not working - tech team trying to fix it!). Hopefully this link will work - Times Tables Check

Thursday 2nd July


Good morning. I trust that lots of you are still skipping through the links posted yesterday to find interesting lessons to have a go at. I have not had much feedback so I will assume that you will be making contact later on today to let me know how you are doing  - thank you very much to those of you who have sent me their notes about their hopes for this month. 

Today's maths tasks are below.

BBC Bitesize Angles Around a Point

Oak Academy Recognise, Describe and Build Simple 3D Shapes

As an extension - could you build a set of 3D shapes that could be put together to create a model of your home? Then take a set of close up pictures from different angles to show different shades on surfaces and angles around the edges.


A writing task today. I would like you to imagine that you have been given the opportunity to invite five people to a picnic. They can be any five people - from the past or the present. They can be alive today or no longer living. Who would you invite? Say who it is and why you would like to invite them, for example, how great would it be to talk to Isaac Newton to find out about what happened when that apple dropped on his head - or to ask Neil Armstrong what it felt like to put one foot onto the moon. When you have created your guest list, you must plan for three conversations, what would you like your guests to talk about together - remember to think carefully about this, for example, wouldn't it be nice to hear what a great scientist like Aristotle would have to say to Steve Jobs, the man who helped think up lots of the Apple gadgets that the world uses today?

I am planning a picnic with 30 guests. I wonder what we will have to talk about!

Have a lovely day. 

Mr Ward.


Wednesday 1st July

Good morning and welcome to another new month. It is always a good idea to take stock at the start of something new and have a think about what you would like to achieve from it. So - what would you like to achieve from this month?

I would like: to make sure that this month helps you to stay happy, to make sure that reading,writing and maths skills are something you practice every daya, to make sure you are feeling inspired to carry on doing some learning even during the summer holidays so that you are ready for next term, and I would like to make sure that every child in Year 5 has had the opportunity to do some home school learning about all parts of the Year 5 curriculum.

I am not sure if you had everything on your list that I had on mine or if I had everything on yours but I do know that your home school teachers would like lots of things that are on both of our lists. You have been working hard and I know that it has not been easy - I might have mentioned that one or two times before! Home school really is not the same as being at Ladbrooke but when the time comes to come back, we all want you to be ready. The second and third most important things, after being happy, is for you to keep up your Maths and English skills - that is why I will carry on posting lessons to help you focus on those subject skills.

However, the world is a much bigger place than we could ever hope to capture by following only these lessons. Some of you want to sing and dance, others want to know what it is like in space and some others would like to know more about the places you can visit on Earth. I am going to post some links below which might help you to find some learning about the specific thing you and your home school teacher would like to do.

At BBC Bitesize there are lots of subjects to learn  about - just click on one and follow where it leads you interest.- or where your interest leads you. BBC Bitesize subject list links.

Some of you enjoy the lessons at Oak National Academy because the teachers there seem like your own personal tutors. There are lots of lessons about different subjects that might inspire you. Have a look at the Oak National Academy subject list links.

(By the way - if you are a real rebel you might like to change your Year group when searching - you never know what you might find!)

If you feel inspired to search for your own lesson then Twinkl is a great resource to look at. Just type in what you want to find out about and follow the links. Most of it is free but if you find something you need to download with an account then send me a message and I will help you. (By changing the day of your search you will find lots of resources ready to click on). Twinkl resource list.


Some of you might be missing the Ladbrooke's Got Talent show this year. Why not film your talent and send it to me so I can share it. We can have our own Ladbrooke Has Lockdown Talent show. (If we get enough entries then I promise Mrs Holden and I will perform a talent for you when you come to the picnic! Don't tell her!).

Some of you have got your own experts in your homes. You could find out about them and see what it leads you too. For instance, The Ickabog story has this Chapter 3 - about a visit to King Fred from the King of Pluritania. He needs to have a splendid new outfit made for him so he can look the part. You might know of somebody who could give you expert advice on designing or making your own outfit fit for a king. Maybe you could find a resource to help - like this one on Costume Design and then have a go at your own design project. 

Some of you might be missing Mrs C and the Super Sentence stackers lessons. They are still there - lurking quietly on YouTube, waiting for creative little minds to join them. Have a go at them here if you haven't already done so. Sentence Stackers. (If not - how about watching some of the animations and having a go at making your own? You could win an Oscar for your Lockdown short film and make us all rich).

The one thing you must do though is keep the peace. Life has been strange lately and if we were in school I would have told you many times (as I think you may have heard me say before - the people in your class are like family, you will never really be in a situation where you are surrounded by such lovely people who want you to do well. Look around you at home school and ask yourself if the people there want you to do well. Remember that they are helping you to help yourself so work together (no arguing!).

As if all that is not enough - you could help the class out by sending me you ideas for lessons. You know you are all very much more creative than you realise, you are full of good ideas - please share.


And finally - some of you just want to the lessons that will help you complete Year 5 ready for Year 6. Have a go at the Angles on a Straight Line lesson at BBC Bitesize and the Nets of Shapes at Oak Academy. 

If you are still not convinved, your English task for the day is to write me a letter and tell me about what you would like to achieve this month. 

Enjoy the first day - there will many good ones to follow.

Mr Ward.


Tuesday 30th June

Goodness me! It is one of those days when nothing seems like it is going to go right. I am going to put on my best smile and just get on with it today - have you ever had a day like that? 

Maybe I need to wake up and shake up with the Fitter Future Weekly timetable and see if that helps.

Fitter Future Weekly Schedule

The tasks for today are linked below. I am afraid that I am going top ask you to try and buy a protractor (and if possible a compas) if you have not already got one or been able to use the printed version on yesterday's worksheet. They are useful to have in the house and the lessons on measuring angles are important for you to have a go at - and I think that they are an ideal home school activity because you can get one to one attention from your teacher. It is often tricky to make sure we are there at exactly the correct time in school to help out children at the moment they make an error in using the protractor but if you are able to do that then using them becomes much more straight forward. 

Drawing Angles at BBC Bitesize

Identify Classify and Describe 3D Shapes Based on Their Properties at Oak Academy


Mrs Corke would like you to make sure you know the difference between standard and non-standard English on today's lesson.

Mrs Corke's Grammar Lesson

Also at Twinkl there is a SPaG mystery to be solved about an Obstacle Race Race Catastrophe that you may enjoy.


Please keep the Ickabog illustrations coming - they are spectacular!

You can test your knowledge of the next chapters by having a go at these comprehension activities. You could challenge your home school teacher to read the chapters and then you could ask them the questions (I know that there has been a lot of comprehension lately and you might need a break from being the student - have a go at being the teacher today instead!).

Chapter 4 - The Quiet House

Chapter 5 - Daisy Dovetail


Why did Mrs Romain do a cartwheel past my bubble window yesterday morning? I hear you ask. Well it was because she has been monitoring the TT Rockstars performances of Year 5 and it seems that Glastonbury has been a great incentive because she was delighted to talk aboput how brilliantly you have been doing. I have to say that she was particularly pleased with Amelia and Daivik - so if you know any children by those names then tell them well done from all of us!!


Have a good day today. I feel like it is appropriate to say 'be lucky' today, because some days that is all you can hope for. 

Mr Ward.


PS Epic poem coming later today - sorry about that!

Monday 29th June

Good morning. Muddy boots and hot showers all round today - Happy Birthday to you if you spent this weekend camping at Glasthomebury. Back to real life this week!

I hope you are all well and that the continuing easing of lockdown has meant that life is gettting back to a bit of normal. Last week I had such a lot of great work from you - poems, pictures, comprehensions and stories, in addition to marvellous maths and one or two more juggling videos. Please keep working and sharing your learning with me. Look out later today for an epic Year Five Quadruple Quatern!

Toda, I would like you to have a go at the following tasks.


The lesson at BBC Bitesize today is about measuring angles using a protractor. Don't worry if you haven't got one at home - there is one you can cut on the worksheet (and if you cannot print at home perhaps you can make you own version - that would be a nice challenge!).

Measuring Angles at BBC Bitesize

Also, over at Oak National Academy there is a lesson continuing the learning about properties of quadrilaterals. This would be a good place to apply the angle measurting skills so have a look at this lesson too.

Describing the properties of diagonals in a quadrilateral at Oak Academy



I know that lots of yopu have been reading the Ickabog by J K Rowling over the last few weeks. Today I am posting two new reading comprehensions - about Chapter 2 and 3. Have a go at these comprehensions and see what you can recall about these chapters. If you haven't started the reading yet then you can find the story on the link below. The chapters are in nice short installments so it will be easy to catch up. 

The Ickbog Home

Chapter 2 Comprehension

Chapter 3 Comprehension

I would really like it if you all had a go at the competition task aswell. If you follow the competition link below, you will find some subjects to create an illustration for. The competition is to illustrate sections of the story and the prize is to have your picture included in the Ickabog book when it is officially published in November. There are some rules about how to go abpout creating your picture and you can read them on the guidelines link. 

The Ickabog story

The Competition

Illustration subjects

Competition Rules

Illustration Guidelines


Enjoy your day. I can't wait to see what you come up with.


Mr Ward.


Friday 26th June 

Good morning campers. It rained on my Glasthomeburytent last night - I think it must have been tears of joy from the heavens above, as I know that Liverpool FC have friends in high places. I am very happy today because Liverpool have won the Premier League title for the first time in 30 years. I know that most of you live in homes where you follow other football teams but today I am sure you won't mind me posting this video celebrating the Reds.

Tell The World


I also had a nice message from a fan of another club suggesting a Glasthomebury song, which was nice. The band who sang this song, The Levellers, hold the record for the most number of people watching them at Glastonbury - in 1994 when 300,000 people watched the performance (almost as many people who went to Bournemouth beach yesterday!).

What A Beautiful Day


Today, I would like you to help me celebrate by having a go at the following tasks. 

Family Maths Challenge - this has become quite competitive, with lots of families working hard to complete all 10 questions. Enjoy. Find answers here.


Also today you can find the next lesson on shape over at Oak National Academy.

Describing Properties of Quadrilaterals


Madame Elena has a new lesson for you today. (She will definitely be celebrating Liverpool winning th eleague today!).

Continue to learn about the planets here.


You will need this link for the game mentioned in the lesson.


And this worksheet.


I have had a few poems from you - thank you for those -  but would love to receive some more. To go with the French theme I am posting a poem that my son wrote this week as a bit of inspiration.

Little Light In Space



Thank you also for the excellent 24 word stories that have been sent in to me. It is amazing how much action you can fit in with so few words. Kepp them coming and I will post a collection of them to share later today.


Enjoy your day and remember that You Will Never Walk Alone.


Mr Ward.






Thursday 25th June

Good morning. I stepped outside the tent this morning and this is what I saw - in my mind's eye! I hope you are in a happy place too.




Sometimes I think about which tasks I think you would enjoy, and sometimes which ones I think you really ought to have a go at, and sometimes I think about all the tasks that I have asked you to do and I am amazed at how hard you have all been working. It has not been easy to keep up your enthusiasm and I know that with the sun shining and the long summer holiday just around the corner, some of you might be 'already on the beach', but I want to ask you to keep going - every single task you have a go at will help you to add knowledge and skills to bag of skills that you will take on to Year 6. I want you to be ready for that challenge so you can shine for Mrs Romain like you have shone for me. Keep cool and carry on working!

Mrs Corke has another lesson, today she is determined to show you how to use determiners. 

Mrs Corke - The Determinator!


Maths this week has been impressive from lots of you, I was impressed with your reasoning about shapes yesterday. Today's lesson is about triangles. I hope you will see the point in this important lesson.

Identify, Describe and Classify Triangles at Oak Academy


I couldn't decide which of today's science lessons soundied the most helpful. I thought you could decide.

Over at BBC Bitesize there is an interesting lesson about measuring the human body to help with design projects - the task at the end is to design your own computer mouse. I know from experience that a really well designed mouse can be very helpful and also pretty expensive - so perhaps some of you tech icons out there might enjoy the idea of designing an award winning product.

Anthropometrics and Ergonomics at BBC Bitesize


Alternatively you might like to have a go at the lesson on How Energy is Produced. This is an interesting lesson about the history of the industrial revolution and how our approach to energy has changed with our voracious appetite for new technologies. You will be part of the generation that changes the world's relationship with energy for the better and this lesson smight help you to think about the issue. 

How We Produce Energy at Oak Academy


Finally for today, I want to give you a creative challenge. I had cause to need to write a poem yesterday and when I had finished it, I felt really pleased with myself - a sense of achievement. I would like you to get that feeling and so I challenge you to write your own poem. The type of poem is called a QUATERN and the rules of the style are below. I look forward to seeing what you produce - it can be about anything you like. 

1. There are 16 lines.

2. There are 4 stanzas (verses) of four lines each. This is called a quatrain.

3. The first line is a REFRAIN. This is a line that will be repeated in every verse. 

4. In each verse the refrain will move to the next line - so in verse 2 it will be the second line and in verse three it will be the third line and it will also be the final line of the poem. The refrain will be the same each time it appears in the poem.

4. Every line has only eight syllables. (think of me in Year 1 teaching phonics!).

5. There are no rules about rhyming or rhythm. 


Good luck and have a nice day. I am going to put to use all the excellent information you sent to me about how sound is produced and search for a good band to listen to - I hear Taylor Swift is coming to Glasthomebury tomorrow!


Mr Ward.


Wednesday 24th June

Good morning. You may have seen yesterday that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced that there will be some new changes to the rules about the lockdown. It seems that life will be getting back to something a little easier and so today would be a good day to make sure you make a note in your journal about what is happening - it might be that your famil;y can soon see a relative they haven't seen for a long time, or you can go and play at somebody's house or the playground, maybe your parents might have had a child free hour or two for the first time in months! What ever it means to you, write down your thoughts and remember to have a chat with somebody about it all aswell.

Yesterday, I arrived at Glasthomebury Festival. There is a lot of excitement becuae normally we do not get a chance to go to the festival because of work, but this year nobody can go to the real Glastonbury because of the pandemic. So, we thought we would join lots of other people by having having a festival at home. Here is our tent, right on the mainstage.

IMG 55125941


The organisers have not yet put up the sound systems but we hope to hear some music later on. You could have a go at this Science lesson on Sound to help you understand how loud the festival will be.

Features of Sound at BBC Bitesize

By the way - if you have any favourite music please let me know so that I can make a Year Five music mix for the Lockdown Stage at Glasthomebury. 


There was a tricky writing task set yesterday and I felt bad that you were asked to write so much, so today you will only need to write 24 words. Have a go at this lesson connected with National Writing Day today and see how creative you can be with only a limited number of words.

National Writing Day Challenge


Maths today builds on this weeks work about shapes by asking you to reason abpout regular and irregular polygon shapes. This is a tricky part of the topic so listen carefully and let me know how you get on. 

Regular and Irregular Polygons at the Oak National Academy


Lots of you have told me that you are devouring the story by J K Rowling, The Ickabog. If you haven't had a chance to start it yet, you can read it here on this link - The Ickabog. Now is a great time to start reading it because from today I will be setting a comprehension and vocabulary task each day connect with a chapter in the story. Today is the first chapter. Click the link for the questions - no need to print them of just write down the answers.

Ickabog Chapter 1 Task - King Fred

Have a lovely day. I may spend some time in the Circus Field practicing my juggling.

Here is a lovely picture for you.

IMG 5493

Mr Ward.


Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning, Year Five movers and shakers.

Today's tasks are below. 


continue to investigate the properties of shapes based on their properties over at Oak National Academy.

Shape Up 


I have also heard that some of you have been researching your own maths lessons - which is great. This lesson from Twinkl came up yesterday and I thought that you might like to have a go at it to help you think about fractions and percentages in the context of probability. 

Probability PowerPoint Presentation

Activity Sheet




 This lesson over at BBC Bitesize looks great. It will help you to plan, analyse and perform playscripts. I know that there are many budding performaers in Year 5  and so this will give you the chance to be very creative. The final actvitiy asks you to write 5 pages of a script - which is quite a task! - but don't let that put you off, by the time you add in all the stage directions and space the lines, you might find that you want to write even more. A script needs enough lines to ensure that you allow the characters to have meaning. I look forward to seeing what you produce.

Analysing and Performing Playscripts


Of course, there are more ways to learn than these lessons above. You could explore probability by having a rock, paper scissors competition and finding out how likely it is that you will win, you could have a coin toss olympics and predict who is most likely to win. There are lots of scripts available online, you might even want to find one and create your own performance.

Have fun and find the most enjoyable way to learn that suits you. Today, I will be melting crayons with my bubble to demonstrate reversible changes - we might even create multicoloured crayons of our own. 

Mr Ward.


Monday 22nd June

Good morning, Year Five superstars. I hope you had a pleasant weekend and that you have jumped out of bed on the right side this morning. If you need a little wake up and shake up this timetable might help you select an activity that could help. Don't forget to contact me if you have forgotten the login details.

Fitter Future weekly suggested timetable

I have been talking to Mrs Holden about you all and told her that I have had lots of messages telling me that you are missing your friends, the school and the teachers. She has written a note to you today to share what her day at school is like at the moment. If you like, and you have time  maybe you could send her a little note with a message - I know she would like to hear from you.

Her email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Mrs Holden says: 

Hi guys! Hope you're all well and keeping happy and safe.
Mr Ward has been showing me all your amazing work - you should be very proud of yourselves for continuing to work so hard and well during this time.
He has asked me to share with you my week at Ladbroooke - so here it is.
Everyone has been given a bubble to be in charge of. As you know Mr Ward is in a bubble with year ones, and I have been put in a bubble of year sixes. So many year sixes wanted to come back for the last few weeks, so we've had to split them up. Bubble 1 and 2 come in on Monday and Tuesdays, and bubble 3 and 4 come in on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Mrs Hepke and I are in charge of Bubble 2 (Monday and Tuesday) and bubble 3 (Wednesday and Thursdays). The other bubbles are with Mrs Romain… all very confusing, but hopefully you understand. I am in the year 5 classroom with my bubbles, which is very strange, it should be you guys in here... not the year sixes!
For the past three weeks, the school has been open, but for the first two weeks, the year sixes weren't in, so we have been busy planning and getting all the resources ready for the lessons we are going to be teaching, and also getting the yearbook ready for them to have at the end of the year.
This was the week that they started. We have a lot of things in place to help keep the children safe. We've taken out some of the desks in the classroom and can only fit six children in now. Each child has their own tray with everything in, as they're not allowed to share anything. They have one book that they do all their work in. When everyone comes in in the morning, from break or from lunch, they have to queue up on dots spread out, 2 meters apart, then wash their hands and then enter the classroom. Every time they leave the classroom they have to hand sanitize. 
We are teaching Maths and English in the morning as usual. (as well as 6-a-day still!) When the weather is nice, we have been having a slightly longer playtime (don't tell Miss Webster). Lunch is a bit strange across the school. Everyone only gets half an hour outside to play and the other half an hour is sat in the classrooms eating your lunch at your desk. 
In year 6 in the afternoon, we have P.E on one day and then an Art activity and a lesson on transition (to get them ready for secondary school) on the other day. Whatever I teach on Monday or Tuesday, will be repeated on the Wednesday and Thursday... 
On Friday, the school is only open to children that have parents who are key workers. As there are none in year six, I keep myself busy doing jobs, preparing for next weeks lessons, and even getting ready for next year!
Today I have cleaned all your pen pots, tidied your trays and put up a display. It makes me really sad doing it, knowing that you wont be back in here, but Mrs Romain is really looking forward to you being in there and I have passed on all your things to her.
It is very different, and at first I was quite nervous about all the changes - but it's ok now and not scary at all. The children across the school have quickly learnt about social distancing and hand washing and the worried faces at the beginning have all turned into smiles coming into school. We all get through it together!! 🙂
Right - I have written a lot - I hope I haven't bored you!
If you have any questions about school, you can either email me or Mr Ward. 
I really hope I see you soon. Stay safe and keep smiling 
Mrs Holden 🌈🙂

Today, I would like you to have a go at some lessons over at Oak National Academy. In maths we are moving on to Properties of Shapes and in English we are going to have a focus on reading comprehension skills. 



To Identify, Describe and Classify Shapes Based on the Properties



Read Example Text. Reading Comprehension


Moving forward in our Topic work, we arrive at the Victorian period. This was a time of great reform of the way we lived our lives in Britain. However, with change came new challenges and this work explores what it was like to be a poor child and the new application of the punishment of transportation to Australia. Have a read throught the slides and then decide which of the activites you would like to have a go at. It would be a good start to try out the questions first and then come back to them after you have read the slides so that you can see what new information you have learned. Let me know how you get on with this work. And if you like, you can sing a long to 'Consider Yourself' as you work.

Crime and Punishment in The Victorian Period - Slide Show

Crime and Punishment in the Victorian Period - Worksheets


Have a nice day.


Mr Ward.


Friday 19th June

Good morning, Year Five. This morning is the last PE With Joe workout as part of a fiull week. Joe has been doing his sessions since lockdown started and now he needs a bit of a rest, so he has said that he is going to do only three workouts a week from next week. Join him here for today's workout and get a great start to your day - I am sure he will be entertaining and as it is Super Hero Friday, I hope to see him dressed as my favoiurite character - Spiderman (ready to do those stretchy lunges!).


Apologies for later post today - I can only be honest with you and tell you that this week has been very tiring and I needed to have a small lie in today, or else my brain really would not work properly! I hope that you are getting enough good rest too - it is important to keep your body and brain in good condition. (You might like to click on the Fitter Future link in Wednesday's post to have a look at some nice activiites to help you with this).


I have some great guest teachers visiting the Year 5 webpage today - Mrs Corke and Madame Elena have been working hard to produce new lessons for you. I enjoyed recapping about capital letters in the last grammar lesson, it is amazing that we sometimes still forget how to use the basics properly in our writing, isn't it? Today's lesson is about Word Classes. I hope you enjoy it. (The lesson is on a PowerPoint presentation so you might have to make sure you open it with the correct app.)

Mrs Corke's Words Are Class


I enjoyed learning about the planets in French last week - wasn't it good to hear a bit of singing in French again? I hope you were singing along too. 

Join Madame Elena here for today's out of this world lesson. Oops this is the Year 6 lesson!

I am very sorry - please see the message below.

** Ooh la la! Chère Madame Elena. Vous semblez m’avoir envoyé le mauvais lien vidéo cette semaine. S’il vous plaît pourriez-vous m’envoyer la vidéo de la Classe 5 au lieu de la vidéo de Classe 6? Merci beaucoup. M. Ward.

This link is for today's Year Five lesson!


The Activity Sheet is here.

Remember to send me a message and let me know how you are finding these lessons - I am sure Mrs Corke and Madame Elena would love to hear from you all (and if you would like to wish Madame Elena luck in seeing Liverpool beat Everton this Sunday, she would also appreciate that!).


There are some devilishly difficult questions in today's Family Maths Challenge. Can you work as a team to solve all of the problems? Let me know how you get on - and as an extra challenge feel free to send in to me your own maths challenge questions to share on here. If there are enough we could set our own Year Five Family Maths Challenge.

Friday Family Maths Challenge


We have produced some lovely art over the past number of weeks. Today I was thinking about how we are all so different and how we look at art in different ways. There is a very nice activity on the Oak National Academy website today about Juan Miro. I think it would be a nice activity to do as a family. If everybody follows the instructions and you don't peek at eachother's drawing then it would be interesting to see how differently everybody interprets what they hear.

Have a go at the class Juan Miro Automatic Drawing lesson here.


Yesterday in my Year One bubble class, we were making Father's Day cards. They were very nice and I really wished that I could have done the lesson with you because I think you would have enjoyed it. I am posting a few pictures of part of the lesson so that you can imagine what we were doing. Can you work out what we were doing and send me a message to have a guess?


21595cbe fb88 4895 9ce1 a0c9de4ad695 


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cf186712 5240 451c 814e a60f5a06e323


Some of you have already sent me a picture of your cards that yoju have made - your dads will like them very much. If you really want to impress him then you could try this activity. When I was little, I used to make my own little newspapers by writing about the things that happened in my house and presenting them as news stories. For instance a report on a game of Monopoly or a review of a meal that we had eaten ('the butterscotch angel delight was a real treat!'). You could interview your dad about some memories and write them up as a news report - the time he won a football trophy or caught a fish, or ,maybe the time he got his first job, for instance. With a little bit of effort you could make your dad a nice gift and recap on your news report skills too - double bonus is what that is called. 

By the way - it doesn't have to be a dad. Mum's are very interesting people to write about aswell - and grandparents and uncles - I even have a very interesting cousin that could tell me a story or two for my newspaper. I would love to see what you produce.


Next week I am going to post a lesson about writing poetry. It reminds me of the task I gave to you in the Autumn term to learn a poem of by heart. Do you recall that lots of people performed their poems in front of the whole class? To get ready for next week, why not find another poem to learn and send me a video of you performing it - you could make the task into a family poetry festival where each person performs their poem. I always enjoyed hearing my mum perform Robert Burns' poetry when I was little and remember thinking how funny it was to see her doing something that I didn't get to see much. Encourage your parents to take some time out to perform a poem - you might be surprised too by how well they do it.

As a starter I have recorded myself reading a poem for you. I was reminded of this poem recently because there has been a lot of talk in the news about how children will manage when they go back to school. This poem makes me think that if you are using your mind to think creatively then you will all be fine and that maybe now is a chance to focus on the important things. Let me know what you think of this poem.

The Minister For Exams


Have a lovely weekend. Rmember to keep sharing your learning - and juggling! -  with me, I really do enjoy all the amazing work you send. In fact I am going to be lucky enough to spend today responing to some of your messages. I am sorry if you have sent me something and I haven't managed to reply yet. 

Mr Ward.




Thursday 18th June

Good morning, jugglers! I have had some super videos sent in to me already showing off your juggling skills - please keep practising and send me a message to say how you are getting on with the juggling challenge.

Here is a bit of inspiration from some familiar faces.






Once I caught a fish alive


Today I would like you to do one main thing and some other very helpful learning tasks. The main thing (dads please look away!) is to think about how you might make a nice Father's Day Card. This Sunday is Father's Day and I am sure you would like to show your dad how much you love him. Do a bit of research - think about what he likes, look up some design ideas, plan a card. If you have any really great ideas that you think we wmight all like to have a go at then you could send me a message and I can post it on here. I can tell you that dads do not like too much of a fuss but secretly love a handmade card once in a while. 


The learning tasks today are as follows. 

Take a trip over to the BBC Bitesize website to have a go at this lesson on Imagery and figurative language in poetry. You might find some inspiration for writing a poem for your Father's Day card.

Would you recognise a hero if you met one? I have had some very inspirational messages about people you have found inspiring (keep hem coming). This lesson at the Oak National Academy is all about Heroes and how to recognise them. 

Do you know something that I find a little bit scary? I have had some information from my friends over at Times Tables Rockstars that some of you have been scoring at nearly one answer per second - that's 60 correct questions in a minute!!!! I doubt I will ever be able to go that fast - my fingers might overheat. But I am inspired to try and improve my scores and so this weekend I am going to try my hardest to achieve my own personal best. Let me know if you are keeping up with your TT Rockstars.

In the meantime you could try these two lessons from the Oak National Academy about multiplication. If you can do three digit by two digit and long multiplication then you will be ready for Year 6. (I told you that I wouldn't give you any more fractions work! But can I also say well done to everyone who had a go at those tests this week - I am very impressed and you should all be proud that you have kept going with your learning).

Three by Two Digit Multiplication

Long Multiplication


Have a good day. My final comment is to tell you that I have had some messages from one or two people who are finding it a little bit difficult to keep motivated,  and that you are finding some days a bit boring. This is not unusual - you are not unusual - everybody has days like that. If you feel like that then talk to somebody about how you feel. You could send me a message and tell me about it, talk to your parents, connect to a friend and chat with them. If you like you could send me a message and ask to me to give you a call to remind you how amazing you are. There are lots of people who are ready and happy to help when you need it.


Mr Ward.


Wednesday 17th June

Good morning future leaders. Today I have been thinking about some of the amazing people that I have read, learnt and heard about during the lockdown. I am constantly inspired by the thoughtfulness and the effort people give to achieving things - very often not for their own benefit but for the benefit of others. Joe Wicks has been tireless delivering his PE sessions every day - even when he had a broken hand! This week he told viewers that from next week he will only be doing the sessions three times a week because he needs a bit of a rest. Thank you Joe and enjoy the well deserved rest. (Did you know that our very own PE legend Mr Palmer has been in school every day during the school closure to help key worker children who have continued to go to school?).

Yesterday there was some news about another impressive young man - Marcus Rashford. He plays football for Manchester United. Although he has earned himself a life full of nice things by being a brilliant footballer, he is all too aware that lots of people don't have those things. He had a hard time growing up and he has been trying to help make things better for people struggling to cope with the lockdown now. You can read about Marcus Rashford here at BBC Newsround. Follow the link in the article to read his letter aswell. If you like you could even try a PE lesson with Marcus at Celebrity Supply Teacher.

Also, yesterday the government announced that scientists had made a breakthrough in developing treatments for the COVID-19 illness. They have found a way to help people who are in hospital and who need oxygen by giving them some medicine, and it helps to reduce the amount of people who get very seriously unwell by almost 40%. This is great news. There is still a lot of work to do but there are some very inspiring people working on the problems that are affecting us all. 

Today I would like you to think about somebody you have heard about who is inspiring. Normally, I would be asking you to remember your best writing and things like that, but today I just want to hear what you think. So a nice little note about the person who you have found out about would be great - maybe you could also interview your home school teachers about the task and find out who is inspiring for them. I look forward to hearing all about the hard workers and the heroes that you have found out about. Take some time to think about this task - maybe there is somebody you would like to writie about that you normally wouldn't think about. (I mean I find it hard to write about how lovely Marcus Rashford is as I am a Liverpool fan).

These people have to juggle lots of tasks all at one time to be successful. I would also like you to learn a new skill today. Can you juggle with three objects? Make a short video of yourself and send it to me. ( I would really like to make a class video of all of you doing this task to share on here to show that you are all doing such a good job of juggling your school work and coping with lockdown and keeping positive). I am hoping to master juggling four objects but have never managed to achieve that - maybe today is the day.

You might be inspired by Marcus Rashford's PE lesson to have a go at some other activities. Our friends at Fitter Future have sent a new suggested timetable that you can find on this link. I sent out the login details for the Fitter Future website but if you have forgotten them then send me a message and I will resend them to you.


Finally, I would like to instroduce you to your grammar teacher. Mrs Corke has been working hard to make some online lessons for you to have a go at to revise some grammar and get ready for Year 6 learning. I think it would be great to have a go at these lessons and then let send me a message for Mrs Corke to let her know how you got on. They are powerpoint presentations with audio links so you should open them with a powerpoint app. Enjoy

Mrs Corke'sGrammar lesson.


Have a great day and remember that you can also send me a message just to say hello and let me know your own news - they are actually my favourite kind of messages.

Mr Ward.


Tuesday 16th June

Good morning Year Five - I hope I am not about to spoil it! I hope you are enjoying working through the maths and writing ;lessons I linked kin yesterday's post - I am looking forward to seeing the results of your hard work.


Today I would really like it if you had a go at the Fractions, Decimals and Percentages tests attached below. We have been following the White Rose scheme of work and have done a lot of work on this. I know that you are all able to do well on these tests and so there is nothing about them to panic about. You should also know that tests are certainly not the be all and end of your education - they are just one small part of it, you are miuch more than just a series of results in tests. By doing these tests at home with your home school teacher you and they can get an idea of one of the ways your learning is assessed at school - as I have not been at your home school I have not been able to keep a close eye on your daily maths work so maybe your home school teacher could also send a little message about how you find doing these tests. 

Ib have recorded a video message for you to help you remember how amazing you are at maths - you have a lot more knowledge than you aften give yourself credit for. Everyone could try Test 3 - most of you will want to try Test and everyone will need a home school teacher to help them with Test 5. 

Good luck.

You are an amazing mathematician!

Test 3


Test 4 


Test 5

Transcript for home school teachers and Answers



Monday 15th June


Good morning Year Five. This week will see some big changes for all of us as some more measures of the lockdown are eased - in particular shops reopening today. For lots of people this will mean that they now start to think about how to start getting back to regular life with less focus on corona virus. The virus will still be there but we will all hope that for now the government has succeeded in getting it under control. This means that lots of you will be facing the reality now that such a long time out of school has been difficult and you are starting to think about what happens next for you. We will all have to wait and see but for now the best thing you can do is to carry on with the hard work and focus on what you can do and not what you cannot do do. I am always interested to hear from you about what you have been doing so let me know if you are going to the newly reopened shops this week or perhaps your family 'bubble' has got bigger lately and you have been able to see somepeople you haven't seen for a while. Let me know how things are changing for you now that some of the rules have changed. 


This week I would like you to have a go at the White Rose alternative resources below. The focus of the maths lessons on BBC Bitesize and White Rose daily lessons is still on decimals and I think that if you have been keeping up to date with your lessons that you will have covered this by now. However, if you need to brush up on your understanding of percentages, there is a lesson about this on BBC Bitesize . It might be a good idea to have a look at that lesson as tomorrow I will be posting an end of unit test on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages for you to have a go at.

Multistep Addition

Line Graphs 1

Line Graphs 2

Line Graphs 3



I would lime you to have a go at some factual writing this week - a non chronological report. There is a set of lessons over at the Oak National Academy about this. You should aim to work throught the lessons over the next few days and later in the week I will be setting a writing task connected with these lessons and our topic work. I am still waiting to hear from you with your questions for the police officers who have agreed to do a virtual interview to help you understand the work they do. If you have any questions about police work or how the police help us then please send me a message with your question - the very best questions might be video recorded for the interview. 

 Unit 7: Non Chronological Reports

Have a lovely day, I hope you have been remebering that advice about sunscreen! There will be a video lesson from me in  tomorrow's message. 


Mr Ward.


Friday 12th June

Good morning, Year 5. I have some very nice messages this week and a lot of sentational accounts of life in lockdown - keep them coming. I have also had a few messages asking about how to manage the workload that is being set here on the website. Some of you are finding that you are whizzing through the work very quickly and are desperate for more and some of you are finding it better to just have a go at one or two challenges a day, others still are looking at the tasks that I have set and deciding that there is an alternative idea that youwould prefer to have a go at and doing that instead.

These are all fine because you should be in control of your learning, but if you ever do find that you would like some extra work there are lots of resources available, maybe you could send me a message to ask for a certain type of actvitiy that you like doing. If you feel like there haven't been enough of the actvities you like then please send me a message and tell me about what you kind of thing you would like to have a go at - I will find it for you.

I have a special message for anybody who has been finding it difficult to get into a routine for home school - DON'T PANIC! This week would be a good time to think about getting organised; there are some nice activities and as it is the first week when I have posted any video messages then you could easily treat this as week one of home school. If you feel like you need a little extra help then send me a message and ask - that is what I am here for.

For everybody - whether you are hungry for more or deseperate for inspiration, I would recommend the two main website resources that most schools have been using. The links below take you to the Year 5 page for each site but there is a lot to explore on each of them - just click about and follow whatever links seem to be interesting to you - there might be a Year 6 lesson on algebra that you might be excited about or there could be a lovely Year 3 lesson about butterflies - all of the actvities are supported by resources and can easily be adapted to suit you. Don't be afraid to explore what is out there. And please send me a message if you want to ask about anything.

Speaking of helping - yesterday I had to help Mr Smith and Mr Palmer. I found them both in a corner of the staff room - socially distanced! -  sobbing into the sleeves of their tracksuit tops. What was the matter? It turns out that today was supposed to be the first day of the big summer football tournament - Euro 2020. They were beside themselves! Mr Smith has watched all the repeated football games on the TV and even watched the 1966 World Cup Final last weekend, and Mr Palmer said that even though the Premier League was going to be returning soon, that would invlove Tottenham and so wouldn't be very good (I think he is upset that Liverpool are going to win the league).

I had to find a way to cheer them up.

So I found these resources for them and they seemed to perk up a bit. Maybe you could have a go at them too.

Calculating Time In Football

Challenges from the Premier League Primary Stars collection to help you understand time.

Football Freestyle Maths

Can you recall your timestables facts before the freestylers finish their skills?(click on F2 Freestylers under the 9-11 column to watch the video and click on the times table resources to get a time tables poster to help.) The link to the video also takes you to a YouTube page that has lots of the Freestylers other videos that you might find interesting.

It cheered Mr Smith and Mr Palmer up a bit but I bet that if you sent a video of yourself doing a football (or any sports) skill that would really help!

If you were a real life footballer, then you would definitely need to learn some other languages. We asked Madame Elena if she might be able to help - she has been mssing you all very much, and she sent this video lesson to help you recap on your French learning. 

Madame Elena's Out of This World Homeschool

Actvity Sheet


Arty Party 

Today, there is a very interesting lesson at BBC Bitesize about three famous and exciting paintings. Have a look at the lesson. It would be great to see any work it inspires but the main reason I want you to have a look is to develop your skill in taking your time to think more carefully about art. I know - because I have seen so many brilliant pieces of your art work - that lots of you might end up doing art at secondary school and GCSE. This lesson has some tips for thinking about art that will be a very useful skill for you as you move forward. 

Find the exciting paintings art lesson here.


Police in Action

As part of our Crime and Punishment topic, we had planned for the some local police officers to come into the school to tell you all about their work. Unfortunatelythat is not possible now but I have been in touch with the police officers and they are hoping to help us out by answering any of your questions about their work. We haven't quite worked out how to do it yet but I think that if you have any questions about the work of the police then you could send them in to me and I can pass them on to them to answer - we might be able to get them to do a short video or even have them interviewed online and film it. To help with planning this you should send in any questions you might think of about police work. The links below will help you. One is a reading comprehension and the other is an information presentation all about being a police officer. 

What Does A Police Officer Do?

Police Reading Comprehension


Space Mission X

Looking to extend yourself? Click below to find the Robotic Arm resources to guide you through building your own robotic arm (to go with the bionic hand you might have had a go at before). I would be extremely impressed if anyone managed to create a working model. There are two sections in the resource - one for adult instructions and one for pupil instructions - so you will need to do some project working with your parent teachers to be successful.

Build a Robotic Arm

If technology inspires you then this might be your chance to earn a top prize. If you have a good idea about how technology could be used to solve a problem then you might like to have an explore of this competition. Click on the link and read about the Tch4Good challenge. You might be inspired by reading about some of the amazing projects that have been done in the past. 

Tech4Good competition


Have a great weekend, Year Five. Whatever actvitiy you choose, try your best and then send me a message about it. 

Mr Ward.


Thursday 11th June

Good morning. Please may I thank you for the many very thoughtful messages you sent to me yesterday about how life in lockdown has made you feel. These messages really are documenting an historic time and the descriptions of the activities and the emotions you have experienced genuinely made feel that they could be used to explain to future generations about our society as it is today. I learnt such a lot about you from those messages and look forward to the time when we can share them all with eachother - I think you would be surprised about how many people feel just the same as you do. 

Today's video lesson is connected to Crime and Punishment. There are many interesting things to learn about this topic but in the video I try to explain a little bit about why we are learning about it. Just like the way the information you shared about life in lockdown could be used to tell future generations about how we lived today, the reason why we want to learn about the past is so that we can understand the way people lived in past. There is a well known quote in the message about only being able to avoid past mistakes by learning about why they were mistakes, otherwise we keep making the same mistakes again and again. Today's lesson is basically about how powerful people ended up changing the laws in Britain so that they could protect their money and protect their power. Around the world today people are protesting about how black people have been treated - not just today but for hundreds of years. I hope that by understanding a little bit about how laws were developed - often to help people make money and to protect money and power - you can begin to understand why so many people are angry that things have not changed today even though we know the mistakes that have been made in the past. This is a difficult concept to understand, but I hope that you will be able to work with your home school teachers to work through the lesson and to discuss the big ideas. (The quality of the video may not be as good as I would hope - I am still learning to use the technology and my microphone does not seem to be working brilliantly!).

Watch my video message first - https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cY1XVqCFZb

Then work through the Powerpoint resource - Early Modern Period

Finally the worksheets are here.

(I promise that tomorrow's message will be a little bit more light hearted!)


The maths lesson today at the Oak National Academy is about mulitpliying decimals. I think that this is an important skill for you to master now that you have been working through fractions and decimals. The lesson gives you the opportunity to brush up on formal multiplication that you might not have been using so much recently so have a go at the lesson and let me know if you have remembered how to be accurate. 

Keep the messages coming in to me - I think that this week is a good opportunity for any of you who have not been is such regular contact to let me know how you are getting on. Please don't worry if you have found it hard to keep up with all of the tasks, today is a new day and tomorrow will be aswell - but do let me know how you are.

I wonder how many of you have completed all of the tasks in the Year Five Home Learning Booklet. If you have then I would love to see what you managed to do.

Have a lovely day today. I will mostly be learning about the Seven Continents with my Year One group today so why not have a click on the song and join in - I know Mr Palmer will be singing along to it today. 

Mr Ward.


Wednesday 10th June

Good morning, Year Five.

Today is the start of something new. From today I will still be posting work here for you to have a go at, but in addition I will also be adding a link to an online message about a task each day.

We have been talking at school a lot about how we can help you to continue to be successful home school learners. You have honestly been very inspirartional in the way you have (with the outstanding guidance of your home school parent teachers) continued to work so hard at home. So far we have not as a school been posting video learning because we think that the kind of work being set and the help from your parents means that you have been able to understand tasks and to be creative in the way you have learnt from each activity you have done. However, we realise that it has been very difficult at times for everybody to keep to a good routine. We thought that now would be a good time to add a little extra help.

The idea is that I will guide you through a piece of the learning each day - you will be able to see me even if I cannot see you. The video messages will be short and will explain some learning and the activity that you are going to be asked to do. I hope that this will help you to keep a structure to your learning during the final half term of Year 5 and help you to get you prepared for your Year 6 learning adventures.   

The technology is new to me, and I am looking forward to learning some new skills while I make the video messages. They may be a little less polished to begin with but I hope they help us to add a layer of communication to our learning. There are no comments or like buttons but if you want to let me know how my video skills are progressing then please feel free to send me a message. 

There is only one task for today and you will have to watch the video to find out what it is. 

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Mr Ward.

Click here to see today's message.

Tuesday 9th June 

Good morning, Year Five. 

Today there are three images that I would like you to look at. They each have instructions for some work that I would like you to do today. 

One is an art task, one is a writing task and and one is a maths task. Those are all the instruictions - I want to see how creative you can be.


 Year 5 Art



Year 5 Writing



Year 5 Maths


Good luck and remember to send me a message showing your work.

Note: Please accept my sincetre apologies - technology beat me this morning and I had to ask Mrs Field to make the images better. I hope you can see them better now. Thank you, Mrs Field.


Mr Ward.

Happy Monday, Year Five.

I hope that you all had a pleasant weekend and that your rooves did not leak! This weekend, I took on an allotment and I took my children to see it for the first time - just as the largest thunder storm in six months began! Luckily, the rain does not seem to have put them off. I am lookling forward to many happy hours growing and digging up there; if any of you have any good tips for me then please send them.

Today I would like you to have a go at a reading comprehension. You will have seen that there were demonstrations across this country at the weekend. These protests began in America and it might be a bit too easy to say that they are just about that particular incident.It is important to understand the history of the experience of those people protesting, so I am going to add a link to some resources for you to try which will help you understand why the issue is so important. I will send these resources to your parents by email but you are able to download them for free if you follow the instructions to set up a free acount at Twinkl.

Martin Luther King Jr

Rosa Parks

Nelson Mandela


The maths lessons at Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize are about decimal numbers and lead up to multiplication later in the week. Please follow the links to these resources and have a go at the lessons, I will post more information tomorrow after you have had a chance to look at them. 

Oak National Academy

BBC Bitesize


There are other lessons on those sites that might be of interest to you also that you could have a go at. I am leaving this up to you today - I would recommend the lesson on Life Inside a Buddhist Monastery. 


Have a nice day. As always please send me any messages with your work or anything else that you would like to share.

Mr Ward.. 

UPDATE: Please find the new weekly suggested timetable for Fitter Future. If you need a reminder of the password, please send me an email. Don't forget to keep active - Joe Wicks is still there.


Friday 5th June

Good morning, Year Five home schoolers. This has been a very busy week for me and I have been finding it especially tricky to get used to teaching Year 1 children at school, instead of Year 5. The smaller children sometimes aren't as good at laughing at my jokes as you are! I hope you have been able to keep to your work routine - I especially loved the alternative story endings that have been sent to me so far.

Today I would like you to have a look at a few different ideas to see which ones you might enjoy. I know that some of you prefer different types of activities and also that your home school teachers sometimes have a little difficulty encouraging you to concentrate on some of the tasks set. So I thought that I would give you a range of options today to select from - and if you like you can always come back and have a go at any that you haven't already done (that always goes the same for other actvities that might have been set previously on the website, if you are ever in need of an actvity, just have a look through some older posts and find something you haven't already tried). 

Over at BBC Bitesize today, there are three actvities that you might enjoy. The first is the Weekly Maths Challenge. There are a few extra questions in the White Rose version here if you want to challenge the grown ups too).

The next actvitiy is to plan and write a story. We have done lots of sentence stacking and this week you tried to create your own story ending, why not have a go at this story writing lesson and plan your own whole story?

The final actvitiy is a science lesson about mechanical systems. This would be interesting to do for any engineers, and I am going to send a Mission X 2020 space challenge to your parents about a robotic arm also (the file is too large to post on here). I am still receiving bionic hands and so now the next step is to make a robotic arm. I will update you on our class progress on the Mission X 2020 challenge later today.


Over at Oak Academy today, there is a nice lesson about Emotions in Music . This would be a nice activity to spend a little time on and if you like you could try the latest new art challenge.

The painting below is called The Scream, by Edvard Munch. It has some big themes in it but I think it is particularly interesting because of the colour patterns that are created - it must have taken a huge amount of patience to have each of the colours separated from the othe others. The challenge is to recreate this painting on your own style. Maybe you could write a paragraph about your painting to explain what you think the meaning of the image is. I can't wait to see what you come up with!


the scream 


Finally for today, I have a real treat. One of our home school teachers has been very creative and actually rather brilliant at science. She has shared some videos that she made demonstrating some science experiments. Have a watch and see if you can reproduce these amazing effects yourself. Let me know how you get on and of course any pictures are always welcome. (Well done to Mrs Barnett - gold star for you today! If any other home school parents have any similar actvities they would like to share then they would be very gratefully received).

Skittles Experiment - click to see amazing colours

Rainbow Drops - click to make an amazing colourful rainshower


Have an amazing and creative day. I am going to be trying out a cycle route from home to school, so I can be able to get in to work without going on public transport. Thank goodness I have been keeping up with my PE with Joe workouts!!

Mr Ward


Thursday 4th June

Good morning.

Today I am thinking about fairy tales because I have had some very interesting messages sent to me from children who have very different views about how some stories should end. One the one hand, there are people who think that the end of most stories should be happy for everybody - this includes the wolf (who some people believe is not so big and bad after all!). On the other hand there are people who think that if the wolf is big and bad then that is just fine, and he should be able to be the kind of wolf he wants to be - if that means eating up grannies and children then so be it.

What do you think? I would like to heasr from you with some well thought out reasons why you agree with one point of view or the other. I would like you to write out your side of the argument and send it to me so that I can post a year 5 debate here on the webpage.


If you are still writing your own story ending with an alternative twist then today's lesson over at Oak Academy will help you to include some well punctuated speech. Find the lesson here. Story Writing : Speech


For maths today, I would like you to have a think aboput all the times around your house when you use fractions or fractions language without even really noticing it. Have a look at this lesson at BBC Bitesize to help you think about fractions in everyday contexts.

I had a lovely message in Spanish yesterday from one of you! It seems that you are missing your school and your language lessons. Madame Elena has been in touch and she is hoping to be able to see you sooner than you think. In the meantime, please have a go at this French lesson at BBC Bitesize to brush up on your vocabulay for schools and for hobbies.


I am going to post a link to a Space Mission activity later today so come back to find out which activity it is. In the meantime, you could do some rersearch on the big space event that happened last weekwhen NASA teamed up with SpaceX to launch astronauts to the ISS - the first ever private mission to the space station. It seems amazing that at this time when lots of people cannot leave their homes, we are still reaching for the stars and sending people into hundreds and thousands of miles into space. 


I know you have been lookiong forward to having a go at this Arithmetic Test so enjoy and let me know how you get on.

Summer Test 3

Summer Test 3 Answers

Have a nice day.


Mr Ward.

Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning, Year 5.

I hope you are well and that you have managed to get back into your own work routines so far this week. I have been at school with some real life Year 1 children - it is quite different from being back in Year 5 with you all. I have had another classroom poem sent to me thatI would like to share with you. Thank you to Chloe.

chloe poem 


I have also had two lovely poems sent to me by Jasmine - I think they are very interesting. I wonder if you could use the idea that Jasmine has thought of to create your own contrast poems - one where everything is positive and one where everything goes is negative. Iwould love to see what you can come up with.


jasmine mirror 1     jasmine mirror 2 


While you are in the writing mood, I have another piece of work to share that might inspire some writing. It is a mountain picture that Elsie has shared - I can tell that she really listened to Bob Ross while she was painting it because I can see all the features that he gave instructions for in her painting. This picture made me think of wandering throught the mountains and I thought you might be able to use it to create your own piece of writing. The title is Mountain and it could be any type of writing you like (I know that Mrs Dowdall was immediately burst into a rendition of her favourite singing assembly song, Ain't No Mountain High Enough when I showed it to her!). Remember to send me your writing so I can share it.


elsie mountain


If you don't feel inspired by all that, then how about writing an alternative ending for a favourite fairytale. That is the subject of today's English lesson over at the Oak National Academy. Have a look at it here - I know you would produce some excellent ideas if you did this lesson - Story: Identifying Features of a Text.


The maths lesson on BBC Bitesize is all about solving problems with fractions. It would be a good way to recap your learning about fractions and good practice for you to link fractions to everyday life examples. Have a go at the lesson and maybe you could think up a fraction question for me to share with the rest of the class. We could make our own Year fraction question sheet. Find the lesson here.


Have a lovely day - and as always stay safe and stay happy. It makes me very happy to receive all the hard work that you have been sending to me, so do try to send me a little note to let me know how you are getting on. 

Mr Ward

P.S. If I do get enough good fractions questions sent in to me, I will make a lesson video about them for you.



Hello Year Five.

The sun certainly shone on the half term break. I hope that you and your families enjoyed the time together and that the slight easing of the lockdown rules helped you to get out and get active. For many of you there will be changes over the next weeks as parents return to work. There is still a way to go but I am sure we all hope that as things continue to improve we can all look forward to better times soon. Remember to keep adding your thoughts to your journals and to keep talking about how you feel about what is happening.

This week I am returning, along with the rest of the staff, to work at the school. Some children will be returning to begin lessons in the classroom again. We do not know when Year 5 will be returning but in the meantime please continue to keep up the hard work at your home school.

This week I would like you to have a go at a unit of work from Talk for Writing. It is all about making a wish and the consequences of having your wish come true. There are several actvities and so it will take you most of the week to complete the unit. I look forward to seeing your writing. Follow this link to the resources - One Chance

For maths this week you have several choices.  You can choose to follow the BBC Bitesize lessons. Find them here. This week is a recap of the fractions work you have been doing. I will also send out an email to your parents with the White Rose worksheets which support these lessons. You could follow this week's lessons over at the Oak Natioinal Academy - today's lesson is about decimal fractions. Follow this link to access the lesson. You could also have a go at these resources from Classroom Secrets. This is a schedule of work for English and Maths for the whole week.  The answers and support information can be found here.

You will all be familiar with me telling you that you will be the eladers of tomorrow and that I want you to be good leaders (so that I can be happy, safe and well lokked after when I retire!). There is a lesson today at the Oak Academy which asks you to step in for the Prime Minister. I would like to see your persuasive letters, so follow this link to the lesson - Your Country Needs You!

Are you keeping up your reading? I would like to hear about which books have had you hooked and which books you could not put down. J K Rowling has been sharing a new story called The Ickabog, and it is free. You can find it here. I would like everyone in the class to start reading this story so we can share some learning about it - I am going to start reading it today too. 


Finally for today. You will know that my family live in America (I may have mentioned it once or twice!). I have been very sad to see the events of this week which have led to lots of confrontation and anger in cities across that country. It seems to me that what is happening might well end up changing society in America. People around the world are hoping that it will be a change for the better. If you follow this link to CBBC Newsround you can find out about the issue. Our topic this term is relevant to George Floyd's treatment - it is an example of how things can go terribly wrong. As an extension task, talk to your parent teachers about the issue - what reasons can you think of that have caused this event to become so important? I know this is a difficult subject to think about but I always believe that important issues should not be ignored. 

Have a good day. There are lots of reasons to be happy! Please share any good news or interesting tales from your week so I can share them with the rest of the class.

Mr Ward.



Please remember to keep in touch and let me know how you and your family are, and to share any work that you are doing. My email is : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Wednesday 13th May

Good morning all.

Some technical difficulties today - so a brief update for now.

PE With Joe 

Mrs Trott says that she can't join in because of ARACHNOPHOBIA. Send me a message to explain why she can't join in.

Super Sentence Stackers

Today's Film BAO

Choose You Chunk here


International Nurse's Day was yesterday. Find out about one of the most famous nurses of all time in this reading comprehension. Florence Nightingale activity. Then look at the differences between a modern hospital and a Victorian hospital. Comparison activity here. Extension activity - write a letter from Florence Nightingale to a modern day nurse telling the modern day nurse why they deserve to be clapped eevry Thursday evening.

Keep the work coming in when you have completed anything. I am working my way through all of the fabulous messages I have received this week.



Find today's lesson here - Converting Fractions to Mixed Numbers (parents - this is often a tricky concept for the kids to fully understand so let me know if any support is needed). The White Rose video is here to help. Week 4 lesson 3. Some of you have asked me about the White Rose work sheets for this week. They are too large for me to upload but I can email them to you if you send me a message asking me to do so.



I enjoyed an art lesson of my own yesterday and this is what I created. 


two 2

Your art challenge is to create a drawing of a person. Try to make it as realistic as you can and take some time to particularly add in some shading detail. 



Tuesday 12th May

Good morning.

Yesterday, I was at the school for the first time in quite a few weeks. It was strange to be there with so few people in the building. You will have, by now seen that there is the beginning of a plan to see how schools might be able to re-open at some stage in the next couple of months. This would be good news because it would mean that the battle against coronavirus has continued to be successful. However, there is a fair bit of time between that being able to happen and now, so for the time being I would like you to try to keep the same focus on your learning that has been so impressive over the last two months. So my message is - Keep Fit, Keep Happy, Keep Working.

Today's Tasks

We have been following PE with Joe in the school hall, so this morning, while you workout, you could imagine Mr Ward and Mrs Trott doing Spiderman Lunges across the school hall. I think Joe Wicks has made these workouts harder as time has gone on, so if you have decided to find an alternative actvitity that you find more manageable then let me know and I can tell the others about it to see if they fancy having a go at it (I'msure Mrs Trottt would like that too!).


I have been blown away with the positive feedback I have had from some of you about the maths lessons. The best part is that you are having to work with your home school teacher squad on the trickier parts of the work - so this means you are learning and talking about maths, which is the number one goal. (I have noticed that some messages have said that dads are the go to people for maths help - I don't want to start a riot but if your mum is the maths star then let me know. Maybe we could set a boys versus girls maths challenge).

Find information about Equivalent Fractions here at the BBC Bitesize website. 

And a suporting video at White Rose here.



I was thrilled to be able to do the Super Sentence Stackers lesson with a real life Year Five child yesterday as one of you was in school - can you guess who it was? Today's lesson is about a film called Alma. I am interested to see how you do with this task as it is a film that Mrs Romain uses with her Year 6 class. I am going to see if any of them would like to have a go at it too and then we can share a joint story. 

Find today's lesson here. Super Sentence Stackers lesson.

Find the Alma animation film here.

Find the chuinking sheet for today here.

Also, let me know iof you have been tackling the Talk for Writing challenge.

I enjoyed reading your journal entries that have been sent to me so far - I think I am now ready to put some of them together in a kind of report/story/documentary to share with you so if you have any that you would like to share then now is the time to send it to me. 


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was finding out abut a Space themed activity for us to do. It is called Mission X and it has two parts - some physical actvities and some science activities. There is information about how astronauts train to be able to carry out their missions in space and lots of hands on activities for you to try so you can learn about what they need to know before they can even get into space and what they need to know to do their jobs when they get there. The first task is on the link below. It is a science building task and will require finding some materials and equipment - you will need an adult to help you. I think this is a very nice activity to follow - there are clear instructions - with puctures - for you at the end of the document. Have a go at the Build a Bionic Hand actvitiy and let me know how you get on. It will take you a while to get prepared and do the activity so I'll look out for your space messages over the next week or so.

Mission X - Build a Bionic Hand Space Mission Challenge (click on the download link after the description - the document is too large for me to post directly onto this page).


While I have been at school, I saw Mr Palmer. He has challenged all football mad children to show their skills by sending in their videos of themselves displaying their football tekkers. Have you been doing keepy ups? Are you dribbling like a pro? Have you learned how to chip into a bin? Whatever your skill, Mr Palmer wants to hear from you - so send your videos or pictures of you doing the skill and I will pass it on.

Have a lovely day - and if you get a chance to do so, today would be a great day to send Mrs Holden a message. It is her BIRTHDAY today - I think she is 21 years old today and I am sure she would like to hear from you and read about any news you have to share with her. Happy birthday Mrs Holden.

Have a lovely day.

Mr Ward 


Monday 11th May

Greetings and good morning, Year Five.

I hope that you had an interesting bank holiday weekend and managed to have a celebration of VE Day 75, as well as enjoying a nice long rest. I have had some lovely messages about your garden picnic parties and wil share some pictures later so if you have any more to send then please do that this morning.

In a rather exciting development for me, I am going to be at the school this week helping to keep busy some children of key workers who have continued to need to go to school. I will send your regards to the school and check out to see if any changes have happened since you were last there. 

First thing to do this morning is to shake off the bank holiday with a refreshing workout with PE with Joe.

Today's Tasks

Today would be a good day to make a new entry in your lockdown journal - yesterday, the Prime Minister gave an address to the country and this was an important step in the whole coronavirus story for this country. Try to write down how you feel abut what was said - talk to your parents about it first to share some ideas. 



By now, you should know where to find Super Sentence Stackers if you would like to have a go at today's lesson. Keep the wonderful writing coming - as I am at school this week, I am going to be able to begin making a display of all the fantastic sentences you have sent in to me. I will share it with you when it is done. 

If you prefer, I would recommend a resource from Talk For Writing which you can find by clicking this link. It is a whole unit to help you get writing and thinking about your own amzing finding story. The unit is designed to take a few days of work - so you should take your time with it. I know a few of you tried the last unit from Talk for Writing and really enjoyed it - let me know how you find this one. 


Continuing the theme of rulers and law making and breaking, I would like you to have a go at this lesson from the Oak National Academy. Who was the worst king - Richard I or John? It is all about two rival kings who both wanted to be in charge and how they came into conflict about it. 



White Rose and BBC Bitesize are merging their lessons today. So I would like you to check out this lesson on Measuring Area at BBC Bitesize and let me know how you find the new lessons. (There is a video supporting this lesson at White Rose on this link.)


That is all for now - short and sweet today!

Speak to you later. Be kind.

Mr Ward



Thursday 7th May

I hope you had an active day in the sun yesterday - please remember to share your exercise plans if you had any good ideas. Get some more inspiration from PE with Joe this morning. Click here.


Join Mrs C for today's lesson if you fancy being a Super Sentence Stacker.

Today's lesson.

Today's film - Joy and Heron

Today's choose your chunk sheet

I am over whelmed by how well you have been doing with these writing sessions and the work you have produced. I do understand, however, that writing everyday might not be realistic for everyone. That is why I want to let you know that if you don't manage to do any of the work set - if you miss a piece, or a day, or even a week - then that is okay. You are not going to be behind and you are not going to miss out; stay safe, stay well and keep happy - they are your main tasks. Of course, I would love to hear that you are having a go at all of the work and I love to see the amazing things that you share with me, but be realistic about the balance between work, play and a bit of fun. My only non-negotiables are that you spend a little time each reading, that you do some times tables maths everyday and you do at least one piece of art every week.

If you would like a different English task, then have a go at today's reading lesson about using inference skills over at BBC Bitesize. Click here for the link.


I am going to post the link to today's lesson on Calculating Perimeter but if you use the same link tomorrow you will find the Friday Family Maths Challenge. Some of you have had your whole family working hard at those challenges - well done and good luck.

Summer Term, Week 3 Lesson 4: Calculating Perimeter

I am going to set a new TT Rockstars battle with Year 6 from midday today so get your fingers buzzing - last time out we scored a combined total of nearly 40,000 points. Amazing, but I bet we could beat that this time.


We have looked at the rule of Roman's and their harsh deterent punishments but very good legal systems. We then looked at the more literal punishments of the Anglo-Saxon period where communities had systems to portect and detect crimes. This leads us into what is often called the Dark Ages - this is when there was a lot of conflict in Britain and many competing powers battled to be in charge - to rule a kingdom and to make the rules themselves. You might be interested to do a little research about this time period by finding out about the legend of King Arthur. His story takes place at a time when many people had their own kingdoms and fought fierce battles to conquer eachother. Have a look around the internet to see what you can find out about his story. 

Today, thought the lesson is about a man who really did manage to conquer all of the kingdoms to become King of England. He has a name that gives away a bit of his story - William the Conquerer! Folloow the link below to do some really interesting historical activities to find out about 1066 and all that. You might even learn how to make a tapestry.

Oak National Academy In 1066, who was the rightful heir to the throne?

Today's Top Task

Tomorrow is, I am sure you know, a bank holiday. This is to mark the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.

I am going to post some links below for you to find out all about VE Day and how it is being remebered tomorrow. 

BBC Newsround - learn about the history of the event and the people involved.

BBC News - how are people around the country celebrating?

Royal British Legion - lots of information and links to activity packs. Including colouring pages to make your own window poster and instructions on how to learn to dance the lindy hop.

VE Day 75 - homepage with lots of information and links to activities and resources to help your celebration swing.

There are lots of events happening like a mass bugle of the Last Post and a speech from the Queen later on in the evening. I hope you have a lovely day and please remember to send me some pictures of you if you have a party - especially if you manage to learn the lindy hop dance moves!

Have a nice rest this weekend and we will wait to see what awaits us on Monday.

Mr Ward. 



Wednesday 6th May

Good morning, Year Five. 

Here is the link to this morning's PE with Joe (and Rosie) workout. I would like to hear from you about these workouts. Are you doing them every day? Are you enjoying them? Are you dressing up for Superhero Fridays? (You know who you are!). If you are - well done, and I bet you are feeling the benefits.

PE with Joe (and Rosie)

As today is Wednesday, and that normally means Mr Palmer's PE lesson, I thought you might like to have a PE task to have a go at.

First, I would like you to search around for your PE kit but find that you only have your shorts because you went home in your PE shirt last week after netball practice. Then I would like you to find your PE trainers but only be able to find one of them in the bottom of a box - and you think that one is an old pair that you donated to the school in Year 3. Only joking - I thought you might be missing a bit of normality!

Your real task is to follow this link to find some information about circuit training. This is the kind of exercise you have been doing with Joe Wicks. Read the information and then click on the link to see some exercise cards showing how to do 25 different activities.

Circuit training information link

25 exercise cards link

I would like you to use this information and your own experience from PE ith Joe to come up with a circuit exercise routine that you could share with us. Keep it simple (Joe only uses 10 excercises normally) and sprinkle it with a bit of fun (kangaroo hops or spiderman lunges, please!). If there are some really good ones, perhaps we could persuade somebody to film a PE with Year 5 video. 

Be creative in how you share this work - a video or some pictures, or maybe you could draw an exercise plan with pictures, perhaps you could even make your own wheel of fortune.


Thank you for all the brilliant pieces of writing yesterday - I am going to be in touch with you today with some feedback about how you are getting on. All the  information for today's lesson from Super Sentence Stackers is below.

Super Sentence Stackers lesson - Soar

Soar short film

Soar chunking sheet

Fancy something different today?

Follow this link to a documentary film about the London marathon. While you watch it, make some notes of interesting facts. When you have finished, create a short report about the first London Marathon. Imagine you are going to tell somebody about the event who has never heard of it. You don't have to write it down but if you do then I would love to see what you come up with. I love running but have never been lucky (!) enough to to have a go at the London Marathon - maybe some one in your house has done it and you could interview them about it. 

Art and Design

How are your preparations going for your VE Day home picnic party? If you follow this link to The Oak National Academy then you will find a lesson all about making bunting for a celebration. I would like to know how you get on with this lesson as the Oak National Academy is a resource we will be using a little bit in the future. (All picture welcome!)

Make Celebratory Bunting lesson


I know that some of you had a little trouble with the lessons on multiplication this week. I am glad to hear that your home school teachers have been so good at helping you. One reason you might have struggled a bit is that you are so used to just writing down the calculation for multiplication questions and using long or short multiplication. A while ago I posted a note about how White Rose tries to get learners to think about how maths works as well as just doing the maths - this is one of those instances. The area model - and the grid method - move your calculation skills from pictorial to abstract. That is to say that first you learn to draw out the calculation - in this case using bars and blocks in a rectangular formation, and then you learn to just write out the numbers as a calculation. From your feedback, I know that lots of maths talk was created by these lessons - which is perfect because that is how you share your ideas and understanding so that your home school teachers can help you build your understanding to the next level. Today's lesson is about division - this is a topic that soe of you find tricky so pay careful attention to the lesson. 

Summer Term Week 3, Lesson 3 Divide with Remainders


And finally...... 

My favourite part of home school is seeing the creative work that you have been doing - thank you so much for sharing, keep it coming!

Super cooks and master chefs!

Sweet tooths and savoury treats!

Greg Wallace says that he loved all the food but that if he had the chance he would have smoothered it all in a little more custard! I was a bit concerned about the 'curse cookie' - but I hear that the hungry hoardes have eaten it now and that the curse has worn off! Phew! (Can you spot it? It combined topic work and cookery to curse me for giving you tricky maths work!).



Super scientific skills and roaring recycling remakes!

Flinging machines and amazing makes!


And a few late birds joining the flock! (I love to see your art work - do keep sending them to me and to Mrs Holden).


 Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Mr Ward.


Some good news to end on - after my message about my cat, I had some lovely messages from you about her. Would you belive that she appeared at the door just after the morning workout yesterday. She was very hungry - she ate four packets of cat food all in one go! - and quite smelly. I don't really know where she has been but I am glad she is back.

robyn is back


Tuesday 5th May

Good morning, Year 5. Apologies for a brief update this morning, I will update more information during the day. 

For all those who have sent me their work in the last few days - thank you! I have been inundated with amazing writing, cooking, science, maths and topic work. I am trying to respond as soon as I can so please be reassured that I am taking time to look at all your work. 

Poor Rosie got caught up in quite a hard workout yesterday - I wonder if she will be as enthusiastic today? Join in with PE with Joe (and maybe Rosie) to start your day. I am still happy to share any other brilliant active workouts you may have been enjoying so let me know about any you have found.



Join in with Mrs C's Super Sentence Stackers lesson here.

Watch Take Me Home, the film for today here.

Select your chunk from the sheet here.

Extension exercise: I know that Mrs C selects sentences from books that she reads, that she really likes, to help her with her writing. She writes down the really good sentences and then looks at how they were made - the punctuation, the order of the words - does it have a verb or noun at the start, the type of sentence it is - is it an action sentence or a feelings sentence, and whether the sentence makes you more happy or less happy,maybe the sentence contains some special techniques of writing like repetition or onomatopoeia or alliteration, maybe the structure of the sentence is pleasing - like yesterday's sentences about the soldiers marching getting longer and longer as more detail was added. 

She takes those really good sentences and then uses them as a model for her own writing.

I want to challenge you to look through your favourite books and find some really good sentences that you think would make a good example and send it to me - don't forgot to say which book it is from (and if you like you can explain why you like that sentence).Have a go and see if you can find some Super Sentences to Stack.


If you are in the mood for something different, maybe you might like to go back and have a look at some of MC Grammar's videos. Do you know your idioms from your oxymoron? Do you know the opposite of antonym and synonym? Click here to watch his cool tunes.



Follow the link to today's lesson from White Rose - Multiply 4 digits by 2 digits. Summer term Week 3, lesson 2

Trickt stuff - if you master it maybe you could challenge your home school teacher and then do some examples together. You might even have a place where you could pretend to be back at school and you could show your home school how you might demonstrate your working out at the front of the class - don't forget to say out loud all the steps (in a 4 digit multiplied by 2 digit question I think there are about 10 different things you have to remember to do to make sure your working out is beautiful and accurate - can you get them all correct in your examples?).

Fancy something different today? Check out this challenge below - just don't forget tpo make a bar chart to keep the scores!

Go to the Premier League Primary Stars website to see some challenges. I think you will enjoy Challenge 5 - Maths Star Training.


If you haven't been able to get to grips with the crime and punishment work so far - don't worry - you might like to have a look at these resources from BBC Bitesize about Roman Britain. It will give you an idea of what life might have been like back then and help you to compare your life today with life in Roman times. 

What was life like in Roman times?

How did the Romans change Britain?

Still not convinced? Then go back to Horrible Histories to find some Rotten Romans clips.


Have a lovely day - be kind.

Mr Ward.


If anyone sees my cat then let me know. She has been missing for a few days and I am a bit worried about her.

robyn asleep



Monday 4th May

Good morning Year Five. I hope you and your families are all staying well and are continuing to support eachother. Take a moment to share some positive vibes with your home school class - you have been working so well, you all really deserve some praise. Today would on any other year have been a bank holiday in England. A day off work for everyone to celebrate the workers of the world - which would have been very apt this year as the world of work has been very strange recently. However, this year is a special anniversary - it is 75 years since the beginning of the end of the Second World War was signalled by the surrender of Germany in Europe. This event is celebrated as VE Day - Victory in Europe - and this year the May bank holiday was changed from Monday to Friday so that there could be street parties and big public events to mark the important anniversary. But the lockdown means that these parties will now have to take place at home instead - so this week, perhaps you could plan a little party at home for Friday and then share some pictures with me to post here so we can share in our celebrations. Maybe you coud have a VE Day home picnic party. Let me know your ideas. 

This weekend, you may have heard that Joe Wicks had to have an operation on his hand that was injured just before he began his online PE sessions. This means he is not able to do the demonstrations for the workout today. Thankfully, his wife Rosie has agreed to help him out by doing them instead.

Why not start your day with PE with Joe (and Rosie) today? Click on the link to get started at 9 am.



Mrs C will be doing her usual Super Sentence Stackers lesson at 9.45 am and you can tune in here to find out all about today's challenges. Have a go if you like - I am waiting for your writing to be sent to me so that I can read them out for you. 

Lesson link here

Today's film animation here - it is a nice one today!

Bear Story chunking sheet

I know that some of you are finding the writing task a bit much to do every day so I thought that you might prefer to do a guided reading session instead. Follow the link to go to the BBC Bitesize website to join Oti Mabuse lead you through a reading lesson abpout The London Eye mystery. Let me know how you enjoy the lesson - if you need a few extra people to make up a nice guided reading group (normally there are six in a group), perhaps you could invite some of your teddies to join in (just don't expect them to come up with too many of the answers!).


You may recall that I explained that White Rose and BBC Bitesize were going to merge their resources from this week. However the good news is that that has been delayed slightly. This means you can go over to the regular White Rose Home Learning page to find todays lesson on Using the Area Model to Multiply 2-Digit Numbers. (Lesson 1 Week 3 - Summer Term)

Keep up the great maths - remember to mark your work with your home school teacher and talk about any mistakes you may have spotted together. How did you get on with last week's Friday Maths Challenges - some of them were quite difficult! Find the answers here.


It is a nicer day today than it was at the weekend so you might want to have some outdoor time, but if you are in the mood for some interesting learning about crime and punishment then have a go at this lesson. It is all about Crime and Punishment in the age of  Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.

There is a slide show here.

There are some worksheets and extra information here.

And for parent teachers there is some information about how the lesson might look here.

However, you don't have to stick to the plan if you have a different idea. My favourite part of this lesson is the section about Robin Hood. He was an outlaw - this meant that he was not considered to be a person who the laws of the time applied to. I think both he and the authorities felt the same way. One of the challenges asks you to think of the most interesting outlaw in history that you can find and explain why they are interesting. You can be as creative as you like with this task - you might recall that we did some work on a poem called The Highwayman - this was a poem about an outlaw and there have been many stories, legends, books and poems written about other outlaws. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


Before I wish you a nice day - some reminders. 

  • look after yourselves and others - be nice and be kind
  • keep a note of your experience of lockdown in your journals
  • keep smashing it on TT Rockstars (look out for tomorrow's new battle challenge)
  • Read. Every. Day.
  • Send me anything you like - work, thoughts, comments or just a message to say how you are

Have a lovely day.

Mr Ward.

 May The Fourth Be With You




Friday 1st May

Good morning, Year Five.

Well, the first thing to say today is that it is a new month, and that we have now been out of school and learning from home for what seems like an eternity. This is not easy and has not been easy - but you and your parents have done an amzing job. You have been working hard, you have been inventive and caring, you have been inquisitive and determined and together you have produced some jaw droppingly amazing things! Most importantly, I know that your home school teachers where you live have always had one thing on their mind - how to keep you happy and safe. And they have done a great job. So before we start today - take some time to recall the small fallings out, the minor disagreements and the grumpy conflagrations, and then think about all the positive things too. If you stacked them all up and compared the piles, I am certain that the good things pile would be much bigger. 

So click on this link, turn up the volume and have a dance with your home school teacher to show them you appreciate the positives and that the negatives are really only small bumps in the road.

Have A Nice Start To The Day


Now, it's time to get your water bottle! Tune into PE with Joe to wake up and shake up. 

If that doesn't feel like your morning workout today, you might like to try this one. It is a little more of a dance so some of you might want to get you groove on by clicking on this link instead. Click here for Lion King Zumba. (Let me know what you think of it.)

Today I am going to post the links for some regular work, but they are really only for you to have a go at if you feel up to it - I am going to give you a different challenge to do also. 


Super Sentence Stackers - I know that the writing has been amazing and I have already had a volunteer to read out a Year Five team story, so if you would like to send me your chunk then we can see how to share it. Today's lesson has not yet been posted so I will update the link when it is.

UPDATE: Here are today's  links.

Chunking sheet - Click Here

For The Birds Film - Click Here

Super Sentence Stackers Lesson - Click Here


Also for those of you who are mssing spelling practice, here are some word searches that contain the Year 5 spelling words. Enjoy.  (Click on the link to go to the Twinkl webpage and then click download - the resources are free and should appear easily -let me know if you have a problem.) If you are nt able to access the files via that link please try this one instead. Spelling Word Searches work sheets.

I have been told that there are some awesome game players out there who have been perfecting their drawing by playing pictionary. Maybe you could challenge your home school class to a game by using the Year 5/6 words. Select a word in secret and then draw a picture to give a clue about it for somebody - they have guess what the word is without you speaking or using any letters in your drawing.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Harry. If you send me your drawings i can post them on a slideshow on the webpage so that you can have a pictionary challenge quiz with eachother's drawings. 

Here is my drawing as an example. Can you guess the word?




White Rose and BBC Bitesize Friday Family Maths Challenge. Have look at today's questions. (Thank you to those of you who asked me for help with the tricky questions last week - it keeps my brain working!)


Singing Assembly?

I have been wondering if you are all keeping in touch - maybe over social media or via Zoom gatherings? Is there anybody you would like to send a message to? Let me know - lots of you told me you were looking forward to seeing your friends again when the lockdown is over - and if you want, you could send me a message to share on here to put a smile on your classmates' faces. I will post them along with the pictures of your amazing cookery challenge pictures. I am so impressed with your creations - keep them coming! (And well done to all those parents who have enjoyed a range of delicious meals - I hope you were able to have a bit of time off!)

If you do meet up online, then perhaps you could have a home school singing assembly where you all sing together at the same time but in different houses. I have made a singing assembly playlist for you - click here for song sheet. If you click on the links then the songs, with the words, will come up in a new window. Have a go and let me know if home school singing is a good idea. Perhaps you can think of some other songs that you would like to sing. If so could you make you own song sheet and send it to me to share? (this might be good practice if you think you might like to become an ICT prefect next year.)


But today's real challenge - the one I think you will enjoy the most - is a science challenge.


I am not sure when your recycling day is - mine is on Monday and now it is a fortnightly collection - but I bet that you probably have quite a bit of recycling around. Today I would like you to see if you can find a science project to do that involves your recycling. 

Click on this link to find a webpage with lots of STEM challenges (you might have to explain what STEM means to your parents!). The webpage is quite interesting and includes some useful links to lots of different activity ideas. Explore the ideas a little and select one (or more if you like) to have a go at. Maybe you can see which shape columns are the strongest or work out how strong spaghetti is. (Again all the content should be free so there is no need to sign up for anything.) If you are really inventive - and I know you are - perhaps you could make a recycle model. Could you make a car from cans? Could you create a cardboard umbrella? Or perhaps you have an idea for some marvellous marble mayhem using plastic bottles?

The choice is yours - but the main rule is to find a project that you will have fun completing. As always, please send me a message to share your work (and fun) with me. 

Have a lovely day. I am going to spend a little bit of time today practising keeping a football in the air without letting it touch the floor. I wonder if any of you have become good at that skill during your playtimes? Let me know and together we might be able to give Mr Palmer a challenge.

Mr Ward.

P.S. Look out for some updated pictures of your work and cookery challenges over the weekend. 

mr ward emoji



 Thursday 30th April

Good morning, Year Five.

Have a go at the PE With Joe session this morning - I am still waiting for some messages about a dance workout that any of you might like to share. Let me know if you have any really good ideas. 

Last night I watched the news and realised that yesterday was a day of appreciation for people who work for the Post Office. I know that we have some parents who work for the Post Office and I was disappointed not to remember the day - but we can still be thankful to them today as well.

I also  know that many of you will be, like me, will be thankful for the deliveries that have been continuing during lockdown. There really are so many people who are still working to keep the country going that we are lucky to have them. So, if you like perhaps you could send me a little message that you would like me to share and I can post it on this webpage. It might be NHS staff, super market workers, posties, packers or police. Who are you thankful for?

If you need any inspiration, perhaps you could spend a little bit of time today having a look at the news today and seeing the stories about Captain Tom Moore, who is 100 today. He is a person who is symbolising the spirit of the nation at the moment and providing quite a lot of inspiration to many people.

Here is a selection of the lovely pictures of birds that I have received. Please keep them coming.



It is Thursday, which means it's Arithmetic time! Follow the link to find the first test of the Summer term. The answers are there for your home school teacher to go over with you. Let me know how you get on, please.

Summer Test One

Summer Test One Answers

When you have finished, if you look at the teaching notes on the answer sheet, you will see that the learning is about decimals. The White Rose lesson today is about decimals, so if you need to brush up on this subject, follow the link to have a look at the lesson.

Lesson 4 - Subtracting decimals with a different number of decimal places



Today's Super Sentence Stackers lesson is about this film - The Windmill Farmer

The chunking sheet and the video link are not yet available but I will update this page when they are available. 

Follow this link to the video channel for the lessons - Super Sentence Stackers


Windmill Farmer Chunking Sheet

Windmill Farmer Super Sentence Stackers Lesson


I have been so impressed with your writing over the last two weeks, so keep it up. Send them to me so I can share them. Further to the idea of me reading out the stories instead of Mrs C. I wondered if any of you thought that any of your parents might like to be a reader? Does you mum tell the best tales? Does your dad deliver a story like nobody else? Let me know and perhaps we can persuade them to have a go at it.


I know that on Monday when I posted some topic work, some of you found that there was too much work. So today I am going to post the work and remind you that the most important thing is for you to stay busy and stay happy - so don't stress about it! If you don't feel up to it today then find something else to have a go at - some days we all just ned to kick off our shoes and sit down in front of a nice film, or curl up with a book. 

However, if you would like to do these tasks, I think you will enjoy them. It is worth having a look just to see why somebody might end up being popped in a bag of snakes and dropped into the river!

Here are the links to the resources. (You may need to refresh your browser page as I uploaded the wrong worksheet at first!)

Crime in the Roman Empire Information

Crime in the Roman Empire Work Tasks

The tasks:

  • Look through the Information slides to find out about the context of Roman Crime and Punishment.
  • Remember to have a chat about the timeline on the slides and think about what you know about the time periods shown.
  • Use the worksheet 2A to plan out a news report.
  • Create your own news report about a crime. Youi are going to take part in the Roman news porgramme - The News At X. Be the Roman newsreader and then the reporter also - you must have watched some news reports recently to give you an idea how a news bulletin works. Perhaps you might like to film it and send it to me. 
  • Have a look at the Information page on the worksheets to find out about some crimes in Roman times.
  • Use the Instruction sheet at the end of the worksheet to create your own curse tablet. 

There is not really much writing required, and some of you might like to be creative with these tasks. If you aren't a fan of this work then at least you have the instructions to make a Curse Tablet to curse me!

Carpe diem.

Bonum diem habeas.

Mr Ward.


Wednesday 29th April

Good morning, Year Five. Did you heare the song birds singing outside this morning? Did you know what birds they were? I hope to see some more of your bird pictures today, please send them so I can post a flock of images here to share with everyone.


Wake up and shake up with PE With Joe . I heard him asking if he should cut his hair off yesterday. What do you think? Personally, I think the long hair look is a bit over-rated - that's why I always keep mine nice and short. Perhaps you have been having your own follicle challenges, maybe you let dad cut your hair and now you have the most stylish locks in lock down? If so, I would love to see the pictures (I may also be able top use them for a game for us to play in connection with our crime and punishment topic). You know where to send them.


I was sorry to hear that Mrs C will no longer be reading out the Nation's Story at 3.30 each day. She said that she has had so many amazing pieces of writing sent to her that she has found it difficult to read them all and still have time for all the other jobs she has to do. That is a shame - but she will still be doing her lessons each day and I would like you to keep tuning in if you want to try and improve your writing. Today's film stimulus is called Dream Giver, which sounds like a lovely thing to be. All the details of today's ;esson are below. I am thinking about taking over from Mrs C as the reader of stories - what do you think? You could keep sending your work to Mrs C but also send it to me so that I can make a story out of all your writing and then read it? I might have to think of a good way to do that so perhaps later in the week, but let me know if you think that would be something you would like to try and I'll think about it carefully.

Dream Giver film

Super Sentence Stacker lesson

(Sorry for the bad link - it should work now - thank  you Mr Bickers)

Dream Giver chunking sheet

I would also like you to have a look at this image. Super Writing Editting Stations Map . A veryclver teacher named Emma Stanley has made this writing journey map that has lots of stops on it where you can edit your writing. I am going to post more information about this map later but for now can you sit with your home school teacher and have a chat about what yopu think might be found at each station - what kind of thing would you be looking for in your writing at each stop?

Here are some editing cards that we will be looking at together in the future. How do you think you could use them?

Spelling Square

Re-write Road

Punctuation Point

Grammar Grove

Add More Avenue

P.S. Don't forget to keep up with your writing in your journal (Day 38. Dad offered to cut mum's hair today but she refused and has taken to wearing a hat all day and all night). Also, I was reminded yesterday by one of you - a person who likes to do gymnastics whilst reading - that you are very busy working your way through lots of lovely books. Don't forget to write about them, in your planner or anywhere else suitable. I also sympathise with the person who said that they are looking forward to going to the library at some point in the future! More about reading tomorrow.


Pleas have a go at today's lesson from White Rose.

Summer Term - Week 2. Lesson 3 - Adding Decimals With A Different Number of Deciimal Places

You have actually been quite awesome at doing your maths - and your home school teachers have been helping you brilliantly. It is best for them to be able to talk over any problems that you have and to mark your work with you if that is possible (I know there are some very busy parents out there who are working and home teaching and looking after lots of siblings as well as keeping up with all the jobs the house!). However, I do like to see your work when you send it to me so I can see how you are getting on and if you have any problems then please ask me also. (Although, last week, even I did find the Friday Challenges a bit tricky myself!).

After Mr Matley's challenge yesterday (well done to all of you who spotted that the number you got in the answer was the orin=ginal number you thought of repeated three times), I saw another similar challenge I thought you might like. Click on the question link to work out your number. Then click on the answer link to find out what the number means.

Question Link

Answer Link


Our science topic for this term is Materials. Today, I would like you to have a look at the lesson about Mixing, Dissolving and Separating materials over at the BBC Bitesize website. Don't panic - it is not a very strenuous lesson but a good way to see how the BBC Bitesize page works. When you have watched the lesson, you might like to explore the website a little by checking out the content on Materials here. The films are interesting and a good start to your science for the term - I will be giving you a project to have a go at connected with materials and their properties so that you can become scientific inventors. Watch out for that later in the week.


Cookery Challenge

This is connected to materials because when you cook, you often cause changes to your ingredients during the cooking process - it can be very scientific. I know that lots of you have been keeping busy by baking, chopping and creating in the kitchen. My daughter is the baking queen in our house and keeps us supplied with cake most days (lucky Joe Wicks is helping me to work off the pounds!). 

I would like to challenge you to do some cooking of your own. Hopefully you will be able to make something tasty and then send a picture of it to me - along with a nice description of what you did and why you chose to make it. 

You can choose anything to make - perhaps a Masterchef creation for soups and stirfries, or a Bake Off creation for breads and biscuits. I would even be happy to see a crisp sandwich (as long as it is not pickled onion flavour!) - as long as you have made it. 

Send your creations to me by Friday and I will give a prize (in the post) to the most creative entry. 

I have enlisted the help of a celebrity judge to help with selecting a winner. See below.

Get cooking and have a lovely day.

mr ward wallace

               Loud Bloke Off Masterchef                                                      Mr Ward


Tuesday 28th April

Good morning, Year Five. Start your day with this morning's PE With Joe session.

Hope he hasn't got a suit on today, and did you also notice that his wheel of fortune machine doesn't work quite as well our wheel of fortune in our classroom? It got me thinking about the things I am ....... well, I was going to say missing about school but what I think I really mean to say is ...... the things I am looking forward to seeing when we all meet up back at school.

So your first task today is to write a short list of the things you are looking to seeing when we all meet up back at school. 

Yesterday, I know that one or two of you felt a bit down. I was sorry to hear that. I also felt that maybe there was too much work for you to look at. I am sorry about that too. However, the work will be there if you want to have a go at it another time, and if you don't feel like it then that is fine too. Nobody will fall behind or get into trouble if the work isn't done. Of course, I would like you to keep busy with your school work, but keeping happy is more important. Remember that from the very first message I sent to you when school closed.

I have been in touch with some people who wanted you to know that they have been missing you also.

Mrs Holden says: 

'Good morning, Year 5. Feels strange writing a message to you when normally, I'd be standing in the classroom, welcoming you in and getting ready for the start of the day.

I hope you are all well. You are all doing so well by staying home and staying safe - but I know it's strange and hard. Mr Ward has beensending me some of your work. You are doing some amazing things. Of course, I love the fact that your maths and english are brilliant, but as art is my thing, I've been super impressed by all the pictures he has been sending to me.

I've been keeping my self busy by helping Charlie with his school work too and then doing some art projects of my own. I've also signed myself up for an online course, so I'm working, and learning - just like you guys.

I really do miss you guys and hope you're okay.

Stay safe and keep in touch.

Love Mrs Holden.'

Here is picture that Mrs Holden has created. Can you tell what it says? Maybe you could use this as a bit of inspiration for an art project.


She has also told me that if you would like to contact her at all then it would make her day to hear from you. Her email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Mr Palmer says:

'Hi guys!

Hope everyone is well and safe in this weird time for us all. I'm sure Mr Ward is keeping you busy with lots of school work but I just wanted to pop a note on here to remind you all to keep up to date with our singing. I have picked one of Harry's favourites to keep you going! Try to keep fit - get your daily exercise! Keep safe and hopefully we will see eachother soon.'

He asked me to put this link here : The Seven Continents Song (you don't have to get changed into your PE kit, but you can if you want!) Mr Palmer also asked me if I could find out from you if you have any good ideas for Home School Sports Day events. So if you can think of any really good activities that everyone could do at home then send it to me and I can pass it on to him. 


Madame Elena says:

'Bonjour, la classe!

I am missing teaching you all very much. I hope you liked the French project I gave to you last time, the French Lumens Award. 

I have been researching all the brilliant resources available online and have found the best one. I would recommend that you follow the link below to find the High Five French course. You will have to get your parents to sign up for an account but it is free to use at the moment. 

I think you will love this as it has short bilingual videos made by children for children. It also has optional activities sheets they can do as well as challenges to try. I think it is by far the best resource out there and I have looked at loads! There are 40 on line lessons and you can take it at their your own pace. 

See you soon.'

Here is the link for the French lessons if you would like to have a go at them. Let me know if you have any problems finding your way around the site - I am going to have a go at it myself today. 

Also, spare a little thought for Madame Elena as you know how disappointed she must be that Liverpool have not yet been awarded the Premier League title!


Today's Tasks

From today I will add the links for Super Sentence Satckers every day if you would like to have a go at it but I will also give you a different option you might prefer to have a go at  - I know that lots of writing every day can get a bit tiring. However, please do belive me when I tell you that the quality of the writing that has been produced from these lessons has been phenominal and I have so impressed with your creativity, and I would still love to see what you produce.

Sentence Stacker Lesson

Partly Cloudly film

Partly Cloudy chunk sheet


Altenatively, you might like to have a look at the resources from Talk for Writing that I posted the link for yesterday.

Or there is a sweeet reading comprehension about the amazing veteran soldier, Captain Tom Moore. You might know about him as he his story has been widely reported in the news. He has raised many millions of pounds for NHS charities by wlaking up and down his garden - what's so amazing about that, you ask? He will be celebrating his 100th birthday on Thursday this week!! He has also inspired this song that is currently number one in the charts. (I have only ever heard a better version of thios song in the Kop at Anfield!)

Find the Captain Tom Moore reading comprehension here. (Answers are included)



I will continue to add in the links for the daily lessons from BBC Bitesize and White Rose Maths. I will also try to give you an alternative task. I know lots of you enjoyed the scavenger hunt yesterday.

Summer Term. Week 2 - Lesson 2. Subtracting Decimals with the Same Amount of Decimal Places

Mr Matley says:

'I hope you are all well. Here is a tricky maths conundrum for you to try - some people might think it is magic but can you work out how it happens? Start by picking a two digit number - any two digit number. Then multiply the number by 37. Then multiply that answer by 13. Then multiply that answer by 7. Then multiply that answer by 3. What do you notice about the answer? Try it with a few different numbers, then amaze your friends with the trick. You might need a calculator to do the calculations but it might be even better if you work it out yourself. 

Enjoy your maths.'


And finally. Tuesday's are singing assembly days so I thought you might like to have a sing along with this simple song - dont forget to get your home school teachers to join in! 

I Heard A Blackbird Singing

There some nice activities to go along with the song here. I love the RSPB site and today I am going to find out about these birds and then try to draw them myself. If you do that too, then I would love to see your pictures. 

Have a nice day.

Mr Ward.



Monday 27th April

Good morning, Year Five. As we enter into another week of home school, I just wanted to say what a great job you have all been doing. The messages that I have received and the work you have shared with me have been quite an inspriration. I can see that you have been working hard. Well done. However, I do also know that there might be times when things are a bit more difficult. If your home school teacher is working from home at the same time as supporting your learning, then that might be an awkward balance to get right. If you have had a bit of a late night in your house and everybody is feeling a bit grumpy, then that might be a bit stressful. If the sun is shining and all you want to do is go out and play with your friends, then you might feel a bit sad. And if there is something you desperately want to do like kick the football around or bake a cake, and Mr Ward has asked you to do some decimal addition, then that might be a bit frustrating. So, when those times are making home school difficult, remember that you are doing a great job and that you and your parents will always find the best way to arrange your day when you work together and communicate properly. So today your first task is to give a little love - maybe a hug, maybe a smile, or maybe just a little high five. What ever it is show somebody at your home school that you really do appreciate them. We really are all in this together.


Yesterday, Mrs Ward took me to a virtual Zumba class. I am aching now! I did enjoy it though, because the exercises were all dance moves - and despite my lack of rhythm and timing, and flexibility - it was a great fun. If you have found any great ways to exercise, then let me know so I can share them. In the meantime, the best way to shake off the weekend cobwebs is to join PE with Joe for the morning session. I loved seeing Joe's little daughter join him for Super Hero Friday last week - it reminds us that everyone is coping with work and family at home.



Later this week, we will be having an arithmetic test. Some of you will have been missing the regular tests and so I will post a test later in the week - you should be able to tell your home school teacher which day that will be!

Today, it would be great if you carried on with the White Rose lessons. Summer Term - Week 2 Lesson 1 - Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places . You should find these question a nice way to ease into this week's maths - just be careful towards the end - those questions can catch you out sometimes because you have to think carefully about what is missing from the information in the question that you need to calculate the answer.

In addition (!) I have a game for you to play - it is a scavnger hunt. You have to solve the answer to each clue before you can search for the next part of the trail. Find the resources here - Dream Big Sports / maths on the move - if you aren't able to print of the clues, then perhaps you could work as a team to write them out on pieces of paper. The instructions are with the resource. It might take a while to set up so you could save this for when you have time. 


Join the Super Sentence Stackers lesson - remember that you can watch the lesson anytime from 9.45 am onwards. Today's lesson is about a film called Mr Hublot, the resources have not yet been posted but as soon as they are, I will update this information so that you can select your chunk and find the link to the film. 

Update - Mr Hublot film link

Mr Hublot chunking sheet - choose your chunk here

I do hope that you are finding these lessons enjoyable - I have to tell you that the work you have been doing has knocked my socks off! Such expressive ideas and description, such acurate punctuation and such a range of sentence types - I have dusted of my English writing assessment grids so that I can add in lots of new ticks for all of you. (I can share the grids with your home school teachers later). 

In addition to joining Jane Considine I wouldlike you to have a look at this resource - Talk For Writing . It is a complete unit to help you with reading, writing and comprehension. The unit is designed to take a week to complete, so perhaps you could spend alittle time on it each day this week. These units are created by Pie Corbett and his team - all the teachers at Ladbrooke have used his ideas with their classes and so you will find lots of the work familiar. I will be interested to know how you get on with the resource as they do involve boxed up planning, which is quite similar to Jane Considine's chunking method. By the way the resource asks you to make a donation to the Great Ormond Street charity - I have already done this on your behalf, but if you would like to do so then feel free to do this yourself also. 


Don't forget to send me your work to have a look at.



Last week, you started to think about Crime and Punishment by imagining how you might create rules (or laws) and also by thinking about what crime is - I loved that anti-scoial behaviour, theft and damge to property are all characteristics of traditional fairy tales! 

Today, I would like you to have a go at these resources. At school, the outcome for this lesson would be to create a time line of crime throughout history (this helps you to put the different time periods into context and practices the important skill of classifying information) This is page 3 and 4 of the work sheets. You would also have had a chance to become historical actors by creating a drama scene for the crime scenarios shown on the resources. This is page 6 of the work sheets. 

The assessment for this work would have been for you to write a paragraph about how crime and punishment have changed or stayed the same over history.  To help you with this please have a look at this presentation.

Let me know how you find this resource. We will be using some similar resources as we move forward in addition to some less traditional methods, but if you are able to get on with these resources it would be a helpful way to build up your knowledge. The actvities connected with the resources are all linked to national curriculum learning targets. 

Enjoy your day and watch out for anyone rebelling against the emperor or selling underweight bread!

Mr Ward.


Friday 24th April

Good morning, Year Five.

Last night, there was a charity broadcast on television called the Big Night In. They were raising money for the Children in Need and Comic Relief charities. At school, we would normally mark these events with a non uniform day or some other whole school activity. I imagine some of you watched the programme, and if you did then you might have seen Joe Wicks revealing his secret workout videos. It was very funny to see him ordering pizza instead of doing spiderman lunges! Why not start your day by checking out Today's Workout and thanking Joe for all his efforts so far to keep the nation moving?

You may have also seen the Strictly Keep Dancing challenge on the Big Night In. Perhaps some of you were clever enough to learn some of the routine and joined in with the dancing. I had a message this week from somebody who said that they had started to a dance workout instead of the PE With Joe workout. That's great - I know lots of you love to dance and you might be missing your classes or performance groups while you are not able to go out much. If you have any suggestions about a dance workout that might be suitable to share with the rest of the class, then why not send me a message to let me know?

One last thing about the Big Night In. It would be grat if you spent some time today with your home school teacher having a little look at some of the amazing projects that these charities do to help all sorts of people around the country. They really are amazing charities.



If we were at school today, I would be asking you to tap your pencil pots to show appreciation for another two writers who had their sentences read out on the nation's story yesterday - well done to Lauren and Elsie! Yesterday was also the anniversary of the death of one of England's greatest ever writers, William Shakespeare; it was also the anniversary of his birth (sort of!). He is one of those rare people to have been born and died on he same date. Perhaps you can channel Shakespeare's writing skills as you take on today's Super Sentence Stackers Challenge today.

We will be finding out more about Mrs C's writing rainbow later, but for now watch today's lesson here.

Find the sentence chunking sheet here.

Find the link to the short, funny animation Presto here.

I look forward to seeing your amazing writing later on, dont forget to send it to me and to to Mrs C. Your writing this week really has been brilliant!



Please have a go at today's Friday Challenge questions. Let me know how you get on with these as they are from the Bitesize collaboration with White Rose that we will be using in acouple of weeks time. I would like to know whether you find the questions to be a good challenge.

Find the Friday Maths Challenge here.



I was really impressed by the rules you thought of making up for your island yesterday. There were some very thoughtful responses, but apart from one person (who decided that their island would have some very draconian punishments) you didn't say what you would do if anybody failed to follow the rules. The topic is crime and punishment so have a go at deciding what the punishment might be for not recycling or for littering on the beach or for having a fire after eleven o'clock.

Very sad news reached me today from the FTPD that they were investigating a recent crime in nearby woods. A house was broken into and quite a lot of damage was caused to the property inside. The FTPD ( Fairy Tale Police Department ) are looking for help to find a young girl described as having golden blonde hair and a taste for porridge. They say that the home owners, a young family of bears are now frightened to go out for their daily walk, and have asked for anyone with a small chair to donate to come forward and offer assistance. Please contact Mr D. Bear. 

Do you think you could find any other naughty crimminals in any fairy tales? Perhaps somebody who has been involved in stealing from a giant, or the case of the mysterious missing wolf? Have a look for some fairy tales and think about what crimes might have been commited during the stories. 

Your task is to write a short description of the event - a sort of police report like my example for Goldilocks above. Then I would like you to have a go at creating a picture of the suspect involved in the crime. Maybe you could paint it or draw it with coloured pens - the choice is yours. When a crime has been commited, the police often use pictures of the suspects to try and find them. You might even like to create a wanted poster.

I look forward to seeing yopur pictures and then I can post them on here like a fairy tale rogues gallery.


Have a nice day. Stay safe and stay happy. I know that there is quite a lot of work to do sometimes - if it doesnt all get done, then you will not be behind. Remember that I want you to enjoy your work and if you are feeling pressure or unhappy about any of it then find another activity to do. If I am ever feeling like that I take myself off outside and have a look at my favourite tree for a while and try to spot the wildlife in my garden. 

Mr Ward.

Thursday 23rd April 

Today is St George's Day. He is the patron saint of England and part of his legend is that he defeated a dragon that was attacking a town, and by doing so George saved the town's princess from the dragon. Instead of a reward for himself, George asked for it to be given to the poor people of the town. There are many versions of the story, in many religions and many countries, but they are all really share a simple idea. George was brave in the face of a serious danger and once he knew what he had to do, he never gave up until he had defeated the powers of darkness. When he had fininshed his task he did not forget that he was one of the people and his first thought was to help them rather than to accept awards and rewards. It is a popular story, I think, because he demonstrates all of the characteristics of a true leader. He is an example of what we would all like to think our own leaders are like. Take a moment later on, especially if you are going to go outside and clap this evening, to think about all those people who are helping us to slay dragons at the moment. 


I have been just so very impressed by the writing that you have sent to me this week, it has been brilliant. I am hoping to post some of your stories later in the week so we can see how Super Sentence Stacking has been helping you all to think about how to write creative sentences. 

Today's writing lesson is based on the film Piper. You can watch the film here by clicking on the link Piper Film

Go to the YouTube page to watch the lesson with Mrs C (available from 9.45 am) Click Here

Choose your chunk from the story Piper Story Chunks

Have a go at the writing challenges and if you like you can send your writing to Mrs C to see if your writing can be read out as part of the Nation's Story at 3.30 pm back on the YouTube channel. (Send your writing to me too so I can get some inspiration for my story chunk!)

Don't forget to read your writing back so that you can edit it.


Today's lesson is about adding decimals when the answer is more than the next whole number. 

Find the lesson and the activity here Lesson 4 - Adding Decimals Crossing the Whole

Congratulations to all those of you who have been working so hard at TT Rockstars recently. Mrs Romain is very impressed and says that if we were in school, she would certainly have to get herself a new box of Merit Stickers because she would have had to give so many out. I forgot to say how amazingly you all did in the great Year 5 vs Year 6 battle before Easter! We managed to pip them at the post in the end. So well done to you all. Keep it up.

Mr Matley sends his greetings and has a question for you. Do you think that being left handed or right handed makes any difference to how quickly you can answer questions on TT Rockstars? Send me your answers and if you can, suggest how we might carry out an experiment to find out whether this is an important factor in becoming a rock hero.


Two tasks for you to think about today, continuing the theme of leadership.

  • Make a Who Am I clue poem about a leader - it could be one of the monarchs you researched earlier in the week, or perhaps another person who makes rules that you found out about yesterday, perhaps you might even like to select somebody from history that you think was an amazing leader.

 Mr Ward's Example


        I am not the first but I am the longest, you can can call me ma'am as in jam

        I have four children but some people think I prefer my pets

        I am not Santa but you might see me at Christmas

        I was the first woman in my family to join the army, where I was a mechanic

        It was my birthday this week but I have another one in June so I can have a parade in good weather

        Who am I?


Click Here To Find Out Who I am


  • This term we are thinking about the topic Crime and Punishment. In order for there to be crime, there must be some rules (laws) to be broken. Leaders generally try to make rules that people will follow, so that there will be as little crime as possible. In the second task, you are going to be a leader. I would like you to imagine that you are one of 2000 people (men, women and children) who have been sent to an island. You can decide what there is on the island to use, but try to keep realistic (there is unlikely to be a time machine or an laser guns, for instance!). In order to survive the people on the island must decide how they are going to live. I would like you to make a list of rules for the island which will help the poeple to live together on the island. Remember that if some people on the island are noit happy with your rules, then they might not want to follow them. You must therefore also think about what you might do to ensure that your rules work for everybody and how you will make sure they are followed. 

Write out your rules for the island and any explanation that you might want to give to expalin them and send them to me so that I can share some of the ideas with the rest of the class. We might be able to compare our ideas so that we can agree on some basic common rules. 

Have a nice day, future leaders!

Mr Ward.


Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning, Year Five.

I had some great feedback yesterday about some of the work set, and I have been especially impressed with the writing I have had sent to me. You seem to be getting the hang of Super Sentence Stacking very quickly. Well done!

Today’s story task will be based on the short animation ‘The Small Shoemaker’. Here is a link to this film, but I should warn you that there may possibly be a different one given in the Super Sentence Stackers lesson video description – please check that it is the correct link.

 https://youtu.be/OvNlow5QwAY - The Small Shoemaker

Super Sentence Stackers Lesson

The Small Shoemaker Chunking Sheet

  • Watch the video of the film ‘The Small Shoemaker’.
  • Select a chunk.
  • Watch the online lesson with Mrs C. to find out what today’s challenges are.
  • Write your 9 sentences following the examples given.
  • Share your work – with me by email, with Mrs C. by email, Twitter or Facebook (remember to ask your adult to help you with these social media platforms).
  • Tune in to The Training Space on YouTube at 3.30 to listen to Mrs C. read the nation’s story.
  • Enjoy!

I hope you are enjoying the writing this week – we are going to keep with it all week so we can get really familiar with how it works. Over the next few days, I am going to give you some additional ideas about how to get the most from the sessions. Today I want to tell you about the FANTASTICs.

Mrs C. calls each one of these ideas for writing, a writing lens (because that is the particular idea that you are examining). There are nine lenses.

Feelings – Asking – Noticing – Touching – Action – Smelling – Tasting – Imagining - Checking

 See the Symbols Here

These are the range of ideas that are included in all writing – they are what you write about. They include the five senses. You can see from the symbols that the senses are called Noticing, Touching, Smelling, Tasting and Checking in this system. There are also four other writing lenses – Feelings, Asking, Action and Imagining - these lenses help you to think about ideas for writing. A good way to collect your own ideas for writing is to think about the FANTASTICs when you are doing your own reading. Every sentence can be described as one of these ideas. Can you spot the different sentence ideas in the book you are reading at the moment. Take some time later today to read with your home school teacher and look together for some good examples. (For example, that last sentence is a noticing type of sentence.)

You might notice that Mrs C. uses these symbols when she is working with her Shade ‘O’ Meter to select really good vocabulary. More about the Shade ‘O’ Meter tomorrow.


Yesterday, the last question on the activity caused a few worries. I am glad about that because it is a great opportunity to share some information with your home school teachers about how the maths actvities are supposed to help you. In general the activities build up in difficulty, with the lat few questions often requiring you to think a bit more carefully about how you use the piece of learning you have covered that day. This is how a lot of your maths work happens in school. First you learn a new skill, then you practice this skill, and finally you apply the skill to problems that require you to think a little more carefully. The aim of this is to put you in a position to be able to have the skills and knowledge you need to be able to confidently tackle more complex problems – often these questions are based on real life situations rather than just being more complex calculations.

Yesterday’s Question 7 asked you to find the length of three pieces of wood, using the information given. You had to find out what information was missing, in this case it was the length of the 3rd piece of wood. When you took away the parts of the wood that you were given on the question (0.2m in the 2nd piece and 0.43m in the 1st piece) you were left with three pieces of wood that were all the same length as the 3rd piece of wood. The wood was 0.9m in length in total and the pieces that were taken away added up to 0.66m. Therefore, you were left with three pieces of wood that were all the same length and that added up to (0.9m – 0.66m) 0.24m. This means that you were left with a bar model problem! 0.24m divided by 3 gave you the length of the 3rd piece of wood, and from that you could work out the length of the other 2 pieces.

Some of your parents might have wanted to show you how to work this out by using an algebra equation. This is because when you move into secondary school, you will learn how to solve these problems using algebra. It would look like this 3x + 23 + 43 = 90 . However, at this stage of your learning you are making the transition from using actual objects to solve these questions (we call this ‘concrete’ learning. For example, in Year One you may have counted up how many cars each person playing a game had and then work out how many cars were left over by actually counting the cars), towards using images to solve these questions (we call this ‘pictorial’ learning. For example, later on you might draw a chart to show how many cars there were so you could count them up) and finally onto using numbers to solve questions (we call this ‘abstract’ learning. For example, you will now write down the number of cars in a problem so that you can work out the answer by calculating). That is why Question 7 had numbers and pictures to help you, and why you needed to try to make a bar model to solve the question. It is also why we use the White Rose Maths scheme, because it matches well with these ideas and the way we try to teach.

There is quite a lot of information here, but it is good for your parents to be able to think about your learning in a similar way to the way teachers at the school think, so that we can try to keep your learning as consistent as possible. It is also great that you are able to share your work with your parents so that you can find out their ways of working and how they learnt when they were younger. You might like to look through the school’sMaths Progression document if you want more information about how we teach maths in school, and click here to go to our Maths curriculum page.

Take a look at today’s lesson on Complements to One here (Lesson 3) https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/

Complements is all about how you can complete something. In this case, you will be completing sums that add up to 1. (It is different to compliments, which are what your parents will give to you by saying well done when you finish your work.)


I hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit about some of the monarchs of England, we will find out more about some of them as we move on. Today’s challenge is to answer the questions below. If you are using your exercise books, you should make sure you give topic work a title. So today’s title is ‘Who’s The Boss?’ :

  • Who do you know that makes rules?
  • Do you think they make good rules?
  • Why do they have the responsibility for making the rules?

Enjoy the day and don’t forget to read and remember to keep adding to your journals.

Mr Ward.


Tuesday 21st April

Hello all.

More information to follow about tomorrow's tasks later but for now I wanted to post a link to today's Super Sentence Stackers story. Each day Jane selects some really lovely writing for each chunk and makes a longer story from all the sections. Have a watch and keep your ears peeled for a pleasant surprise! 

Lost and Found Super Sentence Stacker Story

I am also aware that some of you had a bit of trouble finding the correct video clips this morning so I thought I would post a link now to the story video for tomorrow's challenge.

Find it here: Kitbull Story Animation

Have a watch and think about which chunk you might like to write about.

Here is a document with the story broken down into chunks: Kitbull Story Chunks


Wake up and shake up today by joining the PE With Joe Session. How did you get on with his general knowledge questions? Today is Tuesday so if you have a skipping rope at home then you could also spend a little time on a Skip2bFit workout – how quickly can you manage to do 200 skips?

More About Super Sentence Stacking

It should be a little easier to find the videos for today’s Super Sentence Stacking session. Each day Jane will give you some model writing about the story video – today’s is called ‘Kitbull’. Then she will give you a writing challenge. This will always be to try and write 9 sentences about a part of the story (your chosen ‘chunk’). She will also ask you to include in your sentences some different types of sentence – yesterday she asked you to include an action sentence, an alliteration sentence, and an inner thought sentence.

You may have noticed that Jane has lots of symbols on her wall in her classroom. These symbols all represent a different type of sentence. She has group organised her sentence types into three groups – the ideas for writing group (she calls these the FANTASTICs), the grammar sentences (She calls these the GRAMMARISTICs), and the technique sentences (she calls these the BOOMTASTICs). There are nine types of sentence in each sentence group and she selects from these sentence types to give you the challenges. The three groups of sentence types make you think about your writing clearly. The ideas sentences make you think about what meaning you are trying to create. The grammar sentences make you think about how you make sure that your sentence can be interesting and well organised so that it makes proper sense. The technique sentences make you think about how you can make your writing stand out from the page and make your reader really get excited by your writing.

I will be adding some more information about each of the sentence groups throughout the week, but for today I wanted you to know about the sentence groups. The big secret is that to be a really brilliant writer then you should try to be able make use of all of the sentence types and to know when you need to use them to make your writing make the most powerful sense.

You may have also noticed that the above piece of writing contains the ‘sentence’ quite a few times (20 in total!). This is because sentences are the building blocks of meaning when you write and I want you to understand that when you write, you are always trying to build something meaningful. We often try to write a whole piece of work and worry about how the whole thing is going to make good sense, but really we need to focus in the first [place on making each sentence make good sense – because if every sentence is good then the whole piece of work will be brilliant.

Each afternoon, Jane reads out a story made up of brilliant writing. I hope you noticed that yesterday, that story included some work written by one of our very own Year 5 writers. Did you hear Lukas’ writing for Chunk 9 at the end of the story? Well done to him!

Good luck with today’s task.


Here is Mr Ward's model for today's writing challenge. Chunk 2.


As he arrived back at home, Kit went to report to the elephant. 
The fish, which was still juicy and now beginning to smell a little riper, lay beside them as they huddled together in the darkness for a catnap (or elesnooze, if you prefer). 
Breaking the silence of the pitch black night, and illuminating their slumber, a vehicle noisily ground to a halt beyond the fence. 
Unseen, vigilant and stealthy, Kit peered inquisitively out from her cardboard haven. 
She was just relaxing into the thought that the danger had been imagined, when her senses were suddenly ambushed by a monster: snorting, panting, slobbering, and breathing out a rancid odour. 
It was a dog, sworn enemy of the feline, and it was too close for comfort. 
Without knowing it, the brave cat (elephant, who may have been a useful ally at this point, was still sleeping soundly) unleashed a sweep, slash and a swipe of her dagger like claws. 
The dog, clearly startled, bounced back beyond a line of razor wire; the wire demarcated a kind of unofficial no man’s land between the two foes as their eyes locked into a stare. 
The dog was first to flinch, and began to bark so loudly that one of the hideous humans appeared from the doorway and bound him up with a strong chain and a heavy hand. 
Visibly disappointed, the dog curled up and rested; Kit knew the battle had been won but the war was far from over and she knew their could be no rest for her and elephant.



Hopefully, you found the lesson on Adding Decimals Within 1 yesterday. Today’s lesson is Subtracting Decimals Within 1. I know lots of you have sent me examples of the maths work you have been completing. Thank you for this and if you have not done so yet then please do send me a message to let me know how you are doing.


We are going to be finding out about a new topic this term – Crime and Punishment. It is really all about how rules are made and who makes them. To begin with, I would like you to have a go at finding out who has been in charge – or the ruler – of England throughout the centuries. Begin with Egbert in the 800’s and find out a little about the monarchs of England since then. This will be a great start to your learning about Crime and Punishment, but can you talk to your home school teacher about why monarchs are so important? Don’t worry about writing the list down too much, I just want you to start thinking about the topic for now.

This Horrible Histories song list might help you to find out some interesting information.



Stay happy and stay healthy.
Mr Ward.

Monday 20th April 2019 oops! 2020 (if only we could go back a year!)

Welcome back to (home)school!

Normally, when we return from a long break, I would spend a significant amount of time finding out all your news about what you got up to during the holiday. However, this time around, I guess that your experience was very similar to my own: lots of chocolate, some healthy walks and perhaps one or two late nights. I hope you had a safe and happy Easter and would love to hear from you all to let me know how you are now that we are entering into the Summer term of Year 5. 

Last week, I had a break from Joe Wicks' morning workouts, but I am looking forward to getting back to them today. Follow this link to join in and blow away some of the cobwebs! PE With Joe

You may have seen some adverts recently that have urged people to set themselves a routine while they are in lockdown. This is important because it will help you to stay healthy and give you the best chance to use your brains to their maximum potential. So, I am going to be setting tasks every day that I would like you to have a go at, but remember that your home school teachers (mums and dads and other superheroes at your home) want to help you to manage your work in the best way for you to get the most out of it. Spend a little bit of time today agreeing on your own routines and if you have any good suggestions you would like to share with your classmates, then send me a message and I can pass them on. 

Today's Tasks


We will be continuing to follow the White Rose Home Learning materials this term. However, there are some changes to the way they have been planned, so I would recommend that your parents take a moment to read the information posted on their website here : White Rose Summer Term Message

( We will also be using some of the BBC Bitesize materials, but I haven't had a chance to explore these resources fully yet - maybe you could have a look at the BBC Bitesize website and see if you can spot anything you like the look of. BBC Bitesize Website )

Today I would like you to have a go at:

Summer Term - Week 1, Lesson 1 Adding Decimals Within 1

Watch the video and then work through the worksheet in your exercise book. Remember that the way you write out the questions is an important part the task. (I hope that you are keeping up your excellent presentaion in your books!)


Over the last two weeks I (and the other teachers at Ladbrooke) have been learning all about a way of teaching writing that we think will be a great way to help you create some amazing work. Over the next few weeks, I will be giving you some tasks to help you get used to these new ideas and I hope you will enjoy working through them. To start off though, I would like you to watch this video about how Super Sentence Stacking works. Try to do this before 9.40 this morning - it is only a short video ( 3 mins and 27 seconds ) but will help you with the next task.

Every day Jane Considine will be presenting a new piece of work to help you to get ideas for writing. Each piece of work is based on a short video story.

She will be introducing it at 9.45 am. Follow this link to watch today's session. Super Sentence Stacking Session . I will be watching this aswell. She will ask you to do some writing about a part of the video and if you need any help from me then you can send me a message - I am hoping to add an update down below, to help you once I have watched today's session. Every day she takes in some pieces of writing and then reads out some of it in the afternoon. 

It will all become a little more clear as we move on but have a go at finding and watching the videos today.


Here is the link to the Lost and Found video : Lost and Found

This is the link to this morning's tutorial : Super Sentence Stackers

There are links to some resources in the information below the tutorial.

Here is the story chunks document : Chunking The Story

Here is a sheet to write your sentences on if you need it - otherwise use your exercise book : Writing Frame

The challenge is to write 9 sentences about the part of the story you choose and today's task is to include an action sentence, an aliteration sentence and an inner thought sentence.

Here is an example to help you - it is my effort to write about chunk 8.

I know it is a bit tricky to get used to but we will have lots of practice at it over the next few weeks. 

Mr Ward’s example writing.

#Super Sentence Stackers

Mr Ward, Age 47

Film: Lost and Found

Chunk 8

In that instant, the room descended into a deafening, echoing, heart breaking void, and it seemed as if time itself had been muted.

Not a sound.

Not a sound and not a movement stirred in the stifling silence.

Laying motionless at the bottom of the barrel, deep in the water, Fifi, who had almost given up hope, suddenly glimpsed a lifeline.

Dancing to the rescue in the churning waters was the unmistakable, heroic green of a string, which she knew could only have come from the very heart of Deano.

She reached out and dragged herself over the edge; did she imagine it or was it the string that had dragged her?

Back on dry land she squelched into a waterlogged heap: exhausted, bedraggled, devastated.

The awful truth was that her loyal friend had given everything to save her.

Gathering Deano’s soft cotton wool remains in her arms and clasping them to her chest, she could still feel his warmth and if she hadn’t already been soaked, it would have been easy to see the tears streaming from her glassy eyes.

Don't forget to keep reading and also adding little (or big!) thoughts to your journal. 

Have a nice day and remember to send me a message to let know how you are.

Mr Ward.



Week Two 

Friday 3rd April (Rainbow Friday)

I have had to rename today due to all the amzing rainbow creations that you have shared with me. I will pass them on today and I am sure that they will make others smile as much as they made me smile and that they will help to bring a little much needed brightness into their day.



Give yourself a pat on the back if you have kept up with Joe all week, my knee has been a little sore this week and I have had to miss out a few of the exercises, but I can tell you that my favourite one this week was the sword lunge and I did enjoy pretending to play the guitar along with little Indie the other day! Join in with today's workout by clicking on the link. (PS I heard that some children have been putting their Ladbrooke PE kit on to do their workout - if you want to share a picture then we can share them in a workout picture gallery.) Click here -  PE with Joe




Mr Matley's Maths Mindfulness

Thre would have been 140 finger nails to check before the netball game and the game would have taken a total of 40 minutes to complete. I hope you found these answers.

There is an activity on the link below for a game to play to help you learn about compass bearings. (I played this yesterday but instead of using pieces of paper, I used some teddies. If you do this you could set up a teddy bears picnic for after the game. Maybe you could read your bears the excellent story you wrote earlier in the week.)

Find the activity here -  Finding Your Bearings Game


Today's Tasks

Maths: I know that some of you have been missing the opportunity to practice your maths arithmetic skills, so I have added the next test we were due to do in class below. Please do not get worried by this, I am only adding it becuase I know that some of you are missing the routine of school and this would have part of our routine for this week. Maybe you could do it alongside one of your parents and share your working out.

Spring Test 6 page 1

Spring Test 6 page 2



  • I know how hard you have working on the decimals from the White Rose actvities. This is the link to the lessons on percentages (lessons 3, 4 and 5 - Week 2). We will come back to percentages later in the year but if you get a chance to at least watch these lessons at some point then that will be enough for now (of course if you want to, you can have a go at the activities too - but, again, I know how hard you have been working and I do not want you to feel that if you don't you will fall behind. That is not the case - I am 100 % more interested in your happiness rather than your maths currently.)



  •  Here is a picture of a familiar place. Have a go at writing about the picture. Be creative - maybe it could be a letter from you to the classroom, telling it about what you have been doing, or maybe a letter from the class room to you, perhaps you could write a poem about the picture. 



  •  Art: Here are two nice activites that you could have a go at. Have a close look at the iages and see if you can work out how to create these elephant projects.

elephant hand


milk bottle elephant


Next week is the beginning of the Easter holidays. They will be a bit strange this year but I know that some of you are already planning your Easter Egg hunts at home. I hope you manage to get some nice chocolate - I think we all deserve a little bit of something nice!

As it will be the holidays, I will not be posting any work for you to do - you have earned a break! Work will start again at the end of the holidays, on Monday April 20th. However, I know that in this current situation that you may like to have some ideas for activities to keep you busy, so later on today I will be posting some ideas for things you might like to try out and of course you have your home learning booklets to have a go at also. 

In the meantime, I wil be looking after my own family, but I want you to know that - just like all teachers - I consider every child who comes into my class to be a part of my family. I care about how you are and about you being able to learn all the things that you need to able to have happy successful lives. Therefore, if you or your parents have any questions for me or you just want to send me message then you know my email address. It would be great to hear from all of you at least once to let me know how you are. 

Take care of yourselves and eachother.

Mr Ward.


Thursday 2nd April

Good morning. 

If you are well enough this morning you could start the day with a shake up with Joe Wicks PE with Joe 

I hope that you are getting the chance to be active in lots of other ways - I know it can be more than a little frustrating to be at home for so long and a good way to manage that frustration is to use up some energy. So I hope that some of you are also remembering to keep up with your Skip 2B Fit workouts or maybe the yoga salutations.


Mr Matley's Maths Mindfulness 

The answer to the devilishly difficult problem was: The captain could arrange the team selection in a total of 181,440 different combinations. No wonder it is such a problem to select your best team!

Have a go at these questions today.

1. Before a netball game, played between two teams, the umpire usually checks that all the players have short fingernails, for safety.  There are seven players on each team.  How many nails have to be checked before the game?

2. Netball games are played in quarters. Each quarter lasts nine minutes.  As well as the four quarters, there is a two-minute break at half-time, and a one-minute break between the other quarters.  How long does the game take to complete in total?


Now for a maths activity for all the family:

How fast are your reactions?

How quickly can you catch a falling ruler?  Can you do it in a shorter time than Mr Matley, whose record is 0.12 seconds? 

To find out, you will need a ruler (preferably 30cm or more), a calculator (or an app on your phone or computer), and somebody to help you.

Ask your helper to hold the ruler vertically, with the 0 cm mark pointing down.  Put your finger and thumb around the 0 cm mark, without actually touching the ruler.  Then tell your helper to wait a few seconds, and then drop the ruler, without warning you.

Catch it as quickly as you can, and note where your finger and thumb are gripping it; write down how many centimetres it has fallen - be accurate here to the nearest millimetre. Then use a calculator as follows:

1. Enter the number of centimetres, for example 19.5.

2. Divide by 490, and press =.

3. Press the square root button (labelled with a symbol that looks like a tick √ , or SQRT).

The answer shown will be your reaction time - how long it took for you to catch the ruler.

Suppose the distance is 19.5 centimetres: this gives you a reaction time of about 0.199 seconds, which is quite slow.  Is yours better?

Try testing the reactions of everyone in your house.  Who can catch a falling ruler the quickest? Can everyone catch it all?


  •  Follow the link to head over to White Rose Lesson 2 Step 7 - Order and Compare Decimals 
  • Remember to write it into your books and try to stay as neat as possible.


  • Spellings. Below are the spellinglist cards for Year 5 and 6, and also the Full list of Statutory Spellings for Year 5 and 6. This list contains all the words that you should know how to spell (and how to use in your writing) bythe end of Year 6. When I mark your writing, I am always on the lookout to see if you have selected to use any of these words. Using the card lists, can you find all of the Year 5 and 6 words and tick them on the full list? Are they all there?





As you might have seen, on your daily excercise outing, some people have been putting rainbows in their windows recently. The rainbows are bright and they are intended to bring a little bit of light and hope to people who see them. At this time, small acts like this can mean a lot and it may help somebody to have a better day if they see one in a window. You may have already made one yourself at home. Some people who will certainly need some brightness to help them deal with difficult days are those people who will be working in the hospitals to help people who have become unwell. This will be hard work for them and so the NHS has asked if anyone who would like to, could send a photo picture of their rainbow to them, so that their staff and patients can see them - it may just help them to find time for a smile and give them a little hope. There is an actvity below which requires you to go on a bit of a scavenger hunt around your home, looking for bright colours.



The idea is to make your own individual rainbow made up of lots of different colourful objects and items. When you have made your rainbow, captur it on camera and send a copy of the picture to me at my email addres. I can then put the pictures on this page and also pass them on to the NHS. I know how amzingly creative you are and so I am really looking forward to seeing what you create.



Have a nice day. Be kind to yourself and to others, and don't forget to keep adding your thoughts to your personal journals. I am sure that you will look back at this time when you are older, and be able to see how a little part of your character, a good part, was being formed. 

Mr Ward.

PS I see that the TT Rockstars battle is getting closer and closer. Can you help to beat Year 6 to the victory? 


Wednesday 1st April

Good morning Year Five. 

Enjoy your morning workout with Joe Wicks https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1

No work today!

The only task is to go and take picture of a calendar. Come back here when you have found out today's date.


More of your lovely pictures to share today.


Here is an example of some work art from the secondary school KS4 curriculum. Hopefully you can see how the work you have been doing will progress into more detailed projects as you move through school. Take some time to think with your parents about how you build your understanding and skills as you move through school - can you remember what your art work from reception looked like? (I bet some of you have still got some on display somewhere in your home.)


Mr Matley's Maths Mindfulness.

Did you estimate that the ball was about 7 metres up in the air in the picture?

The devlishly difficult question still seems to be keeping you scratching your head so here is one more clue. You must multiply the number of choices the captain has for each position by eachother (9 x 8 x 7 ........) You do not need to multiply by 2 or 1 because by there are only seven places in the team. Answer tomorrow.

The perimeter of the netball court was 91.5 m.

The area of the netball court was 465.125 m2.

Well done if you found these answers.



  • I know some of you found it tricky yesterday to expalin 'the elephant in the room'. The main task was to try to make sure you understood that there was more than one meaning to the elephant story. It also related to Bradley's story because at first he never wanted to talk about the most important thing with Carla. He didn't  want to talk because he knew it would mean telling her about himself and that upset him - do you remember his emergency lie?

Here is a bit more information that might help you to think about the question:

The question is hoping to get you to understand that there is a little more to the use of the book My Parents Didn’t Steal an Elephant in the overall story. Bradley does love the book and it does turn out that there is an elephant hidden in the garage in the end. But, as readers, we know that the elephant is there long before Bradley realises it. This means that all the time we are reading the story we know that there is an important bit of information that Bradley (and the narrator in the elephant story) do not know. This is a metaphoric ‘elephant in the room’  because if the kid in the story knew about the elephant then they would realise that their parents actually did steal the elephant, but all along it is important to the story that they kept thinking the parents were innocent.

The elephant story also serves to highlight the progress that Bradley makes during the main story because the whole premise is that Bradley is the only person who does not realise that he is a good boy deep down – and the help he gets from Carla finally helps him to realise it. The scenes earlier in the book where Carla is trying to get Bradley to talk to her symbolise this because he talks in the end – but about every other subject, most of them totally outrageous (similar to the idea that the kid would eat all the peanuts). The meetings between Bradley and Carla do not initially address the real elephant in the room – why he is having so much trouble following the rules. In the end the help she gives to Bradley leads him to be able to have a better relationship with his dad – it was the trauma of his dad being shot and the criminal never being caught that had caused Bradley’s issues and fixing the relationship with his dad helps Bradley come to terms with this event.

This is a much more in depth analysis than I would be expecting you to achieve on your own but if we were in class, then over a period of time while we were reading the book together, we would gain enough of an understanding to realise that books often have more layers of meaning than at first appears. This is an important stepping stone to more sophisticated reading skills.


  • Today's writing task. Use the picture below to inspire you to write a small piece of writing. When you have finished, talk to your home school teacher about how you might edit your work to improve it. 
  • Extension: If the picture showed somebody touching another part of an elephant, how would your writing change? Could you write a second piece about another part of the elephant and challenge somebody to know what part of the elephant you were writing about eg, the tail, the leg or maybe the belly?
  • Elelphant 0


  • Spelling I know that lots of you have been practising your spellings. I will be posting the spelling lists from Year 4 and 5 and 6 later today. Follow this link to find lots if ideas about activities to help you learn your spellings. Have a go at some of them using your coloured spelling list.



Enjoy your day today, and don't forget to look out for April Fools.

Mr Ward.


Tuesday 31st March

Good morning. I hope that you enjoyed the class visit to The National Gallery yesterday. If you didn't manage to finish your pictures, you can come back to them when you get a chance. I have received some great pictures - I could hardly tell if they were the originals or not.


Have a go at PE With Joe this morning. My favourite exercise from yesterday was the Super Hero Hammer, I hope you are enjoying the sessions and have your own favourite moves.

Remember to log in and score some points for Year 5 in our Battle vs Year 6 on TT Rockstars.

Mr Matley's Maths Mindfulness

Did you find out how many netballs were in the pyramid? There were 20.

Question 2 was a bit more tricky so I am going to give you a further clue to help you to work it out.

Clue: When you come to fill position number one, there are 9 possible players who could be picked. When you come to pick position number two, there are only 8 possible players to pick from because 1 of the 9 players will already be picked for position number one. This continues for all of the positions - each time there is one less player to choose from because the other players will already have been picked for position 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. 

It is still devilishly difficult - maybe you could draw it out. The answer is a large number.

The netball team captain has to decide who will play in which position. They have a squad of nine players in total, but there are only seven different positions in a netball team to be filled. How many different ways can they arrange the team? (This is a devilishly difficult one!)

Have a go at these new puzzles from Mr Matley:

  • A. A netball court is rectangular; it is 30.5 metres long, and 15.25 metres wide.  What is the perimeter of the court? (Remember to give the unit of measurement.) Can you work out the area of the court also? (Remember to give the answer in m2)

 netball beach

  • B. In the photo, estimate how high the ball is above the ground.  Hint: Mr Matley is about 1.9 metres tall.  Measure his height on your screen using a ruler, then count how many times this goes into the distance between the ball and the ground where Mr Matley's feet are.


Today's Tasks

  • Maths  Please follow the link below to go to the White Rose Home Learning Site and have a go at Lesson 4 (Understanding Thousandths) and Lesson 5 (Thousandths as Decimals) in the Week One tab. Watch the videos and open the actvity sheets - write the work neatly into your books. Where you are asked to draw a grid, you should just find the answer on the screen and not draw a grid (it will be too fiddly!)



  • English I am sorry that we did not get to find out what happened to Bradley and Jeff in our reading book, There's A Boy In The Girls' Bathroom. However, I have attched a copy of some important chapters from the book in the link below. Please read this section, which includes some extracts from a book that Bradley reads called My Parents Didn't Steal An Elephant. When you are finished reading the section please try to answer the question below in your exercise books. Click on the links to read - let me know if it doesn't work for you.



Question: Explain the meaning of the phrase 'the elephant in the room', using references to the book My Parents Didnt Steal An Elephant by Uriah C. Lasso.

Have a nice day. I will post more information tomorrow about spellings work you might be doing while you are at home. 

Mr Ward.

PS I have not forgotten about the Premier League game I promised last week.


Please find instructions for a game you can play to complete the Premier League season and see who would have won the title. Have a go if you want - it might be a good maths activity for you also. Click the link below.







Monday 30th March

Good morning Year 5. I was very pleased to hear from many of your parents this weekend with lots of lovely information about how you have been getting on with your home learning. If your parents haven't yet been in touch, please ask them to send me a message to let me know how things are going. I will be giving you more feedback on your Toy Stories during the week, but for now I would like to say that I know the task was quite tricky and that you have done an amazing job on the stories. Well done.


It seems that many of you enjoyed joining Joe Wicks for your morning workout last week. Why not start the day with another workout? https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1 The good news is that by clicking on the link you will help to raise money for the NHS. All money earned by the PE with Joe YouTube videos will be donated to help the National Health Service.


Today's Tasks

  • Maths You have been working on decimal numbers and relating them to fractions. We will be returning to the White Rose lessons tomorrow but today I would like you to have a go at the questions on the sheet below. Write out the questions in your book and complete the number sentences. Read the questions carefully so you give the correct answers. Remember that decimal numbers in the tenth column represent fractions -  1/10, and decimal numbers in the hundredths column represent fractions - 1/100. Also remember that if you want to convert a fraction to a decimal number you can divide 10 or 100 by the denominator in the fraction.  Eg 1/2 as a fraction can be found by dividing 10 by 2 which equals 5, so 1/2 = 0.5. 1/4 as a fraction can be found by dividing 100 by 4 which equals 25 (10 cannot be divided by 4 to leave a whole number answer) so 1/4 = 0.25


*Sorry it is not very clear!

The fractions in the questions are:

Q2 - 3/4, Q3 - 4/5 and 1/10, Q4 - 1/4, Q5 - 5/2, Q7 - 1/5, Q8 -1/4
Up for a challenge?



  •  Friend of Year 5, Mr Matley has been in touch to find out how you all are. I asked if he could set you some questions and he came up with. As you know, Mr Matley is mad about netball; he is also mad that he can't play it right now, as can nobody in England, because we all have to stay away from each other! So he has been busy thinking of some netball-themed puzzles........ Mr Matley's Maths Mindfulness


  • 1. How many balls are in the pyramid in the photo? Remember that some of them are out of sight beneath others. Work out how many balls there are in each layer. Notice also the pictures on some of the balls, especially the one at the very top.

pyramid 1

  • 2. The netball team captain has to decide who will play in which position. They have a squad of nine players in total, but there are only seven different positions in a netball team to be filled. How many different ways can they arrange the team? (This is a devilishly difficult one!)


  • English. Have a go at correcting the mistakes in the text in the image below, so that it makes proper sense. Write out the proper version in your books. Then I would like you to try challenge 3 - but I would like you all to do your fact file about elephants. You may need to know about elephants a little later in the week so this work will help. While you are thinking about elephants, I wonder if you could find out what the phrase - 'the elephant in the room' - means?



The weather was pretty good last week and so I know lots of you managed to get out in your garden for fresh air - no reported windows smashed, so that is lucky! The weather must be as confused as the rest of us by this strange situation because when I looked out of the window yesterday morning I saw that it was snowing! The fabulous pictures you created shown in the slideshow above do not feature snow at all, but I hope you enjoy seeing what other people in the class have been creating. Can you spot the picture that Mrs Hepke has done for you?

Here is another very famous painting of flowers:


 Irises by Claude Monet


Impressionism was one of the most influential movements in modern art. Its artists focused on capturing the momentary effect of a scene rather than accurately depicting it. The “Nympheas” or Water Lilies series of Claude Monet has been described as “The Sistine Chapel of Impressionism”. It consists of approximately 250 oil paintings which were created by Monet during the last 30 years of his life. They are now on display in museums all around the world. The dazzling complexity of colour and light in the panels opens the viewer’s eyes to the incredible diversity of nature and to the depth and mystery of the life it sustains. An amazing thing about these works is that Monet’s eyesight was badly deteriorating due to cataract while he painted most of these masterpieces. Claude Monet’s water-lily paintings are among the most recognized and celebrated works of 20th Century art and they perhaps the most famous flower paintings of all time.

Today I would like you to spend some time at a famous art gallery, The National Gallery in London. Obviously we cannot actually go to visit the gallery in person but I thought you might like to take a virtual tour (follow the link above and select the virtual tour). See if you can find the Monet's paintings in Room 43 and then explore a bit. You might be surprised to find a familiar tiger hiding in Henri Rousseau's painting in Room 45. 

Enjoy the visit to the gallery. I have two technical challenges for you. 

1. Select any painting that grabs your attention and make your own copy or version of it. Explain why you selected the painting and if you can give some brief facts about the original.

2. Super Challenge Warning! Mr Smith has worked with you to develop some skills using the Sketch Up software. If you think you would like to try it out, follow the link and have a go at building your own mini gallery like the galleries you have seen on your tour of The National Gallery. Are you able to put the nature pictures Year Five have created on display? This is a really challenging task - some of you might like it but please don't feel bad if you don't want to have a go at it.

I hope that you have a nice day. Try to have a go at all of the tasks - let me know if there is too much work and I can make sure we take it a bit easier tomorrow. 

Mr Ward.




Hello Year Five

The first thing to say is that I hope you and your families are well. It will take a little bit of time to get used to the new arrangements required due to the current outbreak of Coronavirus and the measures being taken to protect us all. This obviously includes the fact that the school has been closed for the time being, which means that you will be learning from home for a while.

This means that you will have some tasks set for you each day and that you will be in control of how you work on them. The reason why work will continue to be set is that while you are at home it will be important to look after three things as much as possible: your health, your body and your mind. This will be important for everybody in your home and you have an important part to play in helping your parents and carers - by keeping to a routine.

You should try to get ready for the day so you are fresh and all set to work.. Try your best to do the activities that are set and talk to your parents about what you are doing. There are also lots of ideas for activities in the Home Learning booklet. 

You and your parents can contact on the email address that is on the Home-learning Booklet. Please let me know how you are and ask any questions you might have. 

Any work you do can be done on the exercise book that you have been given. Try to work as neatly as you can and think about how you use the space carefully. Remember to write in the date neatly before you start work. I will give you lots more information over the next few days but for now I want to tell you that I am thinking of you all and that we will get through these difficult and strange times together.   

Mr Ward



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Today's Tasks Friday 27th March

Good morning. I hope you are well and for those of you who have somebody close to you who needs a bit of extra assistance at the moment then I am certain that we are all sending our love and best wishes. I know that this week has been a strange one, but I have been so impressed by all the amazing messages I have received from you, sharing the work and activities you have been doing. One of you sent me a message reminding me to keep washing my hands properly and it reminded me that the most important thing at the moment is to try to stay healthy, and trying to keep your brains and bodies active is one part of staying healthy. By doing what you and your parents have all been doing you really are playing your part in helping out the whole country to get through these difficult times. You may well have been one of the very many people who went out onto your doorstep last night to clap and cheer for the front line workers who are helping people to stay healthy or to get better. This was an inspiring act of community solidarity, and we will need lots of more of this in the future weeks. Today is Friday, which is normally a time for Achievement Assembly; this week I think you are all the Achievers of the Week - so please feel free to have a little assembly at home, you will need a certificate and don't forget to do your House Team dance (your parents will need to join in too!). 

 Enjoy this morning's workout with Joe - follow the link below.


Yesterday, my favourite part was when his daughter, Indie, came to join in with the activities. I know lots of you are sharing the workout with your parents too. It was a reminder that everybody is in their own home at the moment and Joe Wicks is just one of the amazing people offering their support for free - you may have found some great activities online that you might like to share so if you like you could send me a message about them (I am going to try and join an online choir this week).

  • Maths Yesterday I was playing with a football in the garden but my skills are a bit rusty at the moment and I nearly kicked the ball into a window! I thought that if it had smashed I would have needed to try and get it fixed. This would have meant that I had to measure the size of the window so I knew what size glass to try and buy. Today I challenge you to find out the total area of all the windows in your home. Most windows are rectangular so you will need to remember that :                                                                                                                                                                                      the area of a rectangle is found by multiplying the length by the width (Area = l x w )

If any of your windows are a different shape you might have to estimate their size - perhaps you could think about how the shape could be made up from smaller rectangles. (If you are really adventurous you might want to look up the formulas for finding the area of any non-rectangular shapes.)

  • Have a go at today's lesson on decimals as fractions (2) https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/ (you might have to follow the link below or type this in today as my computer is not working brilliantly and I cannot paste the link in properly!) The first few questions might need you to draw out a hundred square box - you might prefer to just talk this through with a parent instead of drawing it out.
  • EnglishI am looking forward to getting your stories so I can read them all. If you are able to finish them today including some editing (with your parents) that would be great. I hope you will be able to take picture of your story and send it to me on my email address so I can read them (and tell you how amazing they are!).
  • Spellings I know lots of you have been missing your spellings practice so here are some dictation sentences for you to use to teach your parents with. Remember you read, they read, you both read, and then cover and write.

Spelling Dictations -ant       

Spelling Dictations -ancy

  • Français Madame Elena aurait normalement été pour vous voir aujourd’hui et elle vous envoie son amour à tous. Elle m’a donné une feuille d’activité avec beaucoup de petits projets pour vous d’avoir un aller à si vous voulez. S’il vous plaît ne vous sentez pas comme vous avez besoin de se précipiter et de les faire tous tout de suite, mais ils sont là pour vous d’avoir un coup d’oeil à si vous pensez que ce serait une chose amusante à faire.


  • French Madame Elena would normally have been in to see you today and she sends her love to you all. She has given me an activity sheet with lots of small projects for you to have a go at if you want to. Please don't feel like you need to rush and do them all straight away, but they are there for you to have a look at if you think it would be a fun thing to do. 

Finally today I want to wish you a nice weekend - give your home teachers and yourselves a congratulations on  all the hard work this week - you are doing a great job and you deserve a rest. If you can send me a picture of your art work - I will put a slideshow on the web page over the weekend. 

I will set up a TT Rockstars challenge today against Year 6 so look out for your chance to join in (I haven't yet had a challenge from quite everyone but I think that might be because you are not sure how to do it - so if you go to the play mode and select Rock Slam -it is under the multiplayer option - then you can find me and challenge me. I might appear as Chuck Diamond or Mr Ward.)

UPDATE: The Challenge will begin from 13:00 today and will run until 13:00 next Friday. Good luck!

TT Rockstars

Have a good day.

Mr Ward.

PS If you look back here this afternoon I will post a game for you to play if you would like to see what would have happened with the remaining football matches in the Premier League this season.


Today's Tasks Thursday 26th March

Good morning Year Five. Thank you to all those of you who took the time to send me a message yesterday, it was great to hear from you all. For some of you it was even the first time you have have ever sent an email message. It made me extremely happy to hear that you are being so creative in your work. Keep it up!

I hope that you managed to have a look at the yoga yesterday, I must admit that I struggled a little with the tree pose but I expect that with a little practice I will get better at that one. I'm hoping to share a yoga story with you tomorrow so if you get a chance to have another go at it today, that would be great. 

The morning workout with Joe Wicks has been a brilliant way to start the day, but I think he got a little carried away yesterday when he started to leap up the walls!

Enjoy this mornings exercises at:  https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1

Today's Tasks

  • Maths. Get tuned up with some time on TT Rockstars. There are now so many of you improving on your scores that I think we are ready to challenge Year 6 to a competition. If you agree then let me know by clicking on the Rockslam section and challenging me. If I receive over 20 challenges then I will arrange a competition.
  • Decimals. Well done if you were able to access the video lesson about decimals yesterday. Some of you sent a picture of your work to me and it was clear that you are maintaining high standards in the way you present your maths. Super! You will have noticed that the answers are available next to the video link, so check how you did before you try Lesson 2 - Decimals as Fractions. Watch the video here and pause it when you need to and have a go at the questions on the activity sheet. White Rose Lesson 2 Questions
  • English. Some of you have let me know that your parents have been really good at helping you to think of ideas for adding detail to your story ideas, which I think will really help you to be adventurous in letting your imagination run wild. Your parents know you so well that they will be perfect writing partners and very thoughtful at giving you feedback about what you have written. Move on now to the next stage of your story. This is the section where there is a complication - the happy day turns into a peril situation. You will need to explain how the problems start and what might happen to the characters. The next step is for the hero to come to the rescue. In Bradley's stories Bartholomew always comes to Ronnie's rescue. I have added a an example below to give you an idea if you are struggling at all. Try to make this section exciting by including detail about the problem so that your reader is able to imagine a complete picture of the scene in their mind, for example by adding details about the sounds the birds might make. Read your work out loud to make sure it makes sense and try to find places where you might elaborate on what you have written. 

Ronnie is the china rabbit that is Bradley's favourite toy. She often likes to go for long walks in the mountains where she finds a lovely place to go for a swim - a deep blue mountain lake. 

The water looks so refreshing after her walk that Ronnie decides to have a nice swim. Unfortunately, on this day Ronnie swims too far out into the water and suddenly realises that she is out of her depth and begins to panic. She is all alone and cries out for help. The only answer she receives is the screech of a pair of birds circling high up on the cliff face as they search for a comfortable place to watch from. Just as she begins to think that the edge of the lake is too far away and that she might not make it out of the water, she hears the comforting call of her best friend, Bartholomew. He was out collecting mountain flowers and heard Ronnie crying for help. He tumbles into the water - he is a very good swimmer - and drags Ronnie to safety. 

If you get this done, the final part is to say what happened at the end of the story. This is the part where the events go back to being happy again. The hero and the toy they rescued go back to the original activity together and everybody celebrates. 

  • Art. I have been out in the garden today - I hope you are getting enough fresh air too. From my garden I am able to see a magnificent tree. The sunlight often makes this tree look like it is glowing - sometimes even on fire. On other days it seems dark and mysterious. It is always the same tree but every time look at it I seem to see something new about it. I hope that you have some art resources because today I would like you to spend some time really looking closely at a tree or flower you can see and making a picture of it. Many artists come back again and again to the same thing to draw or paint because they want to show something different about what they see; some artists like to show what they were feeling when they were making their drawings or paintings. Have a go at making a drawing with a message and then share it with somebody in your home. Can you explain the picture to them? Can they work out what you were feeling about the picture when you were working on it? Maybe you could challenge them to have a go at making a picture themselves. Here are a few pictures of what I found in my garden today if you need a bit of inspiration. Click here to see the pictures. You can use any medium you like: paints, pens, pencils. (As always, if you find that you haven't got the resources to do a task that is set, let me know so that I can try to help out.) 

Have a smashing day and if you get the chance, please let me know how you are coping with working from home.

Mr Ward


Today's Tasks Wednesday 25th March 

Good morning Year Five. Today, the first thing I would like you to do is to find somebody in your home who needs a nice smile - and give it to them. Please do not underestimate how important it is to look after each other at the moment, so let the person who gets your smile know that you love them. Then add a few thoughts to your journal that you have been keeping in your exercise book. 

Did you manage to keep up with the PE With Joe morning work out yesterday? My personal favourite exercise was the speed skating but I did laugh when Joe dropped his baby kangaroo during the log jump! Find today's work out by following this link -  https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1 

I hope you are continuing to read. At my home we have all found our own favourite little space to read; I wonder if you have your own favourite space. Let me know how you are getting on with your reading and if you have any good book recommendations that other children in the class might like too. The links below are to two sites which you might like to visit if you want to hear some great books read out loud to you. Have a look and see what you think.

 https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/ A free David Walliams story every day.

https://stories.audible.com/start-listen Lots of stories free to listen to from Audible, see if you can find one for you.

Today's tasks.

  • Maths Workout. Have a go on TT Rockstars. Make sure you have at least 10 tries at the Studio mode. I will check out your stats later today so that I can give you a personal target. (For those who challenged me at the Rock Slam and defeated me - just you wait!)
  • Follow this link to the White Rose website resources. We follow the White Rose scheme of learning at school and I will be asking you to use some of the lessons on their website to help you complete some activities. Click on this link to find the lesson video and then open the activity below. Follow the instructions and remember to write the work neatly into your book. 
  • https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/ Lesson 1 video to watch. Follow the instructions.
  • White Rose Decimal Activity - (Decimals to 2 dp) Do the work in your book (neatly, please).


  • English. You must be eager to begin to write your Toy Peril story. Today you should focus on the first paragraph of your story. This is the part where your character sets out on their adventure. The have something they want to do and are happily going about their business. If your are struggling for ideas then you could use an example from Bradley Chalkers' stories - see below.

Ronnie is the china rabbit that is Bradley's favourite toy. She often likes to go for long walks in the mountains where she finds a lovely place to go for a swim - a deep blue mountain lake. 

  • You could write about Ronnie going for one of her walks - what did she see, how did she feel, what did she do along the way? Build up your ideas to show that Ronnie is having a lovely day. Don't introduce the trouble that she gets into yet - that part will come later. Edit your work to make sure that it is as good as you can make it. Perhaps you could set up your own editing station with an adult or sibling (you may have to explain to them how to do it.)


  • P.E. Wednesday is our normal day to see Mr Palmer so I am going to ask you to try out something new that you can teach him when you next see him. I would like you to follow the yoga session on the link below. It is a great introduction to some of the ideas and positions and very easy to follow. In the future I hope we will be able to use some yoga in our English work to act out some stories. 

 Click Here To Follow The Cat on The Mat    Enjoy the mindfulness!

Have a nice day and remember that you can contact me anytime via my email address.

Mr Ward


Here are the answers to yesterday's maths challenge. 







































 Today's Tasks Tuesday 24th March

  • Get ready for the day with PE With Joe. Click on the link and jo
  • in in with more than 800,000 kids who started their day at 9 am yesterday. Joe Wicks was on lots of TV programmes on Monday and so perhaps a million people might join in today. My favourite exercise was the kangaroo hop. 


  • Morning maths. More exploring required!

1. Multiply the number of doors there are in your home by the number of toilet rolls there in your house. 
2. Find out your postcode and multiply the numbers in it by by each other. Then multiply the answer you get by the number of spoons in your kitchen.

3. Find out the last 4 numbers of a telephone in your home. Divide this number by the number of toothbrushes in your bathroom.

Challenge: Add the answers to these questions together and work out the difference between that answer and 100,000.

  • Maths. 

Draw square grid that is 6 boxes across and 6 boxes down. There are now 36 squares for you to fill in. Starting from the first box in the top left hand corner and working across the first row write in these numbers:

2, 5, 7, 10.5, 13.7 and 17.34.

 Now on each row below you are going to fill in the boxes by following these rules for each row. 
Second row:

Add 4 to the number in the box above.

Third row:

Add 1.6 to the number in the box above.

Fourth row:

Subtract 2.38 from the number in the box above.

Fifth row:

Add 27.84 to the number in the box above.

Sixth row:

In each box write in the sum of all the numbers in the column to find a total for each column.

(The number one the bottom left corner should be 33.06. I'll give you the rest of the answers tomorrow.)

  • English. Begin to plan an adventure for your toy character that you created the fact file for yesterday. The story you are going to write will be a peril story and your toy is going to be the hero. Think about stories you have read which include peril - Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood or maybe The Gruffalo. They all include a hero who starts off happily doing something and then they get into trouble. They all end up in peril before being saved in some way. So your task is to plan out the sections of your story. 1.What is your character doing to start with? 2. What trouble do they get into? 3. What might happen to them because of this problem? 4. How do they manage to escape from the trouble? 
    Write out a plan for each of the sections in your book ready to use tomorrow. Be creative - your story idea should be one that you would like to read yourself.

Let me know if you are struggling with these tasks and I can give you some more guidance. In the meantime don't forget to send me a challenge on TT Rockstars. I would love to receive 30 challenges by the end of the day!

Have a nice day and don't forget to add a bit more to your journal.

Mr Ward.


Today's Tasks Monday 23rd March

  • Join in with the mass morning workout with Joe Wicks. Live at 9 am each day search for The Body Coach TV on YouTube to find a 30 minute workout called PE with Joe to get you off to a healthy start to the day. https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1
  • Maths scavenger hunt. Become a number detective and look around your home for anywhere that there are numbers written. (Maybe a clock on the cooker or a calendar, maybe you have a number on your t-shirt today.) Write down at least 12 numbers in your exercise book. Now add the first 6 numbers together and the next 6 numbers together. Then add the two answers together. The answer is your target total for a game. The challenge is to use any six of the numbers you collected and create a calculation that is as close to your target total as you can get. You can add, subtract, multiply or divide your numbers. (If you can't find any of your own numbers then you can use these - 3, 12, 33, 17, 8, 4, 80, 25, 6, 5, 100, 10)
  • The current situation is little strange for all of us. I would like you to write a little each day about what is happening and about how you feel about it. It will become a journal in which you will be recording an historic time. It will be good for you to spend a little time each day reflecting on how you feel.

Here is an example of what I have been feeling and what I wrote in my journal.

'Today was a bright sunny day. It is a bit of a shame that we couldn't go out, but our whole family have been self isolating for nearly a week now and we can't go anywhere. It was Mother's Day and also my wife's birthday today which should have been a big celebration normally. However, she has a been a bit unwell and so we had a quiet day; there was not even any birthday cake! We had fun trying to work out how to use a new app on the phone to speak to all of our family at the same time. Our family members live in lots of different places around the world and I often wish they were closer but it is always fun to find out what they have been doing.'

  • Read for at least 20 minutes. Let me know of you are having trouble finding a good book to read. 
  • Toy story. In the book 'There's A Boy in the Girls' Bathroom', Bradley acts out stories with his toys and trinkets. He has given them each a character and a background story. I would like you to find one of your interesting toys and create a fact file about it. Maybe you have a favourite Teddy that once played football, or a doll who likes to play with Lego and dreams of being an architect one day. Draw a picture of the toy and list all the interesting information you can about it. (Some toys come in pairs so feel free to do more than one fact file!) We will be using these fact files a little later in the week.
  • Skip for two minutes. If you haven't got a skipping rope then let me know. 

I know that you will also need to do other things to help your parents - like maybe making your bed or washing your dishes up - so that is all the tasks for today. Do your best but do not panic if you don't get them all done or if you are having trouble with any of the tasks. It will take a bit of time to get used to this new way of learning for all of us.

Remember to spend some time outside in the fresh air. See you back here tomorrow. 

Mr Ward.