Today began with us having to wake the children up after a very good sleep (phew!). This set the day up to be a very good one. The sun was already shining as we walked down to breakfast where the children were treated to the same selection of breakfast treats and tucked in to set themselves up for a full day of activities.

This morning the groups experienced abseiling, a sensory trail, climbing and Jacob’s ladder. Abseiling was a challenge for the children as the tower was quite high. Apparently, the worst part was going over the top. Once they were on the way down, they enjoyed it. One group were told that they were the quickest abseilers the group leader had worked with! Quite an achievement as they work with lots of children over the year.

The sensory trail involved the children being blind folded and following a rope through a wooded area. In some groups we saw some great communication skills and future leaders of the world. In other groups it was not so great!

After the morning activities and time to apply more sun lotion and refill water bottles (it has been a hot one here!) we gave out your letters. The children went off to read their letters and they were all gratefully received. To the amusement of the adults, some of the children decided that they would share any spelling mistakes in the letters they received. To take it one step further, a couple of the children decided to mark and grade their letters (sorry … this was not our idea!!!).

After lunch, we went off to fencing, The giant swing, all aboard, abseiling and raft building. Group 2 were especially pleased to have the raft building as it involved a little bit of building, a little bit of paddling and a lot of falling off and cooling down in the water. The giant swing again made children face their fears and I was pleased with how well they challenged themselves and supported each other. Fencing took place in the main sports hall. The children did really well despite it being incredibly hot and having to wear jackets and full face masks.

A trip to the shop kicked off the evening, before dinner and our evening entertainment, Passport to the World. The children were put in teams of 3 and they had to use a map to find markers around the site and answer questions about different countries. Racing to find all the countries and answer as many questions about the countries as they could, the children certainly got their steps up and some of the answers they came up with kept us entertained. One particular child made Mrs Romain laugh so hard with their pronunciation we had to stop for a while for her to compose herself. Mrs Romain is also planning some emergency geography lessons before the children head off to secondary school!!!

I am sure we will have another good night’s sleep and your children are all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow with, hopefully, some wonderful memories to share.

See you all tomorrow!


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