We have had a fantastic day today.  As we all settled down to the first night in our tents, we were thinking about al the fun we have had during our activity day.  The excellent leaders at London Bushcraft took us through a series of exciting outdoor learning activities.

We began by smearing our faces with mud to camouflage ourselves and practised concealing ourselves in the depth of the South African jungle (otherwise known as Bounds Green).  That was a great start and all the children threw themselves into the spirit of the day.  Next we found ourselves having to survive being stranded after an aeroplane crash - we learned about the 3 essential rules of survival.  Shelter, water and food.  We went on to learn the secrets of making fire, even managing to cook our own hand made bread on an open flame.  

The day couldn't have been any more hands on and all the children learned something new and something useful.  The evening was time to relax with pizza and a surprise visit from the ice cream van (curtesy of Aflie's parents).  The evening ended with a nice hot chocolate around the camp fire and time to make plans for tomorrow evening's talent show.

Thank you to everyone for all your help in making sure this event took place.  We really appreciated all your offers of help.  The smiling faces of the children makes it all worth while.

Year 5