Mrs Dowdall's class.



 Well what an amazing day we've had.  After getting off the coach in torrential rain we very quickly found our dorms and began settling in.

 Our first activitiy ws pond dipping and we found lots of creatures, including a water scorpion, mayfly nymphs, water louse and water snails.  Big added bonus was that no-one fell in!  Then we returned to the building and had a well deserved lunch, some of us even ate al fresco.

 In the afternoon we had problem solving activities and all of our groups worked really hard to work together as a team.  In free time the children have built a den in the woods and were excited to show us.  We have seen a Munkjack deer, a white marbled butterfuly and a heron.  

 After dinner, we had a scavenger hunt, looing for clues around the site, which was great fun, before ending our day with hot chocolate around the campfire,

 Year 4 have been amazing today, with fantastic manners, appreciative comments and they have been a pleasure to be with.

 Here's looking forward to another fun-filled day tomorrow!




Hello and welcome to Year 4.

Usually at this point in the term, we would invite you in to meet with myself and discuss the curriculum and expectations for the children in Year 4. Unfortunately, because of the Covid situation, this is not possible. Instead I have recorded a short video message, which I hope will explain how we work in Year 4.

For those of you  whose children I have taught before, things are quite similar. For those of you whom I have not worked with - welcome!

If you have any queries, then please contact the office in the first instance, and I will do all that I can to help.

Best wishes

Mrs Dowdall

Welcoming you back to school.

Hello Year 4 – hope you’ve had a great summer and have made the most of the lovely weather we have had.

It has been great to see some of you out and about in Potters Bar, and be able to say hello, but I’m very much looking forward to welcoming you all back toLadbrooke and things getting back to normal.

I hope you could tell at our ‘picnic’, how excited I am at the thought of having you back in school to start your Year 4 learning journey. I can’t wait to get started on the Year 4 curriculum. We have some lovely stories to read together and great topics to explore.

Your parents have received a letter which details how you will come into school on Thursday and what you need to bring, but the main message is to bring your water bottle and no big rucksacks,only a book bag if you need to.

We will still be using the cloakroom for your coats and your pegs are in the same place as last year’s Year 4s. That is one bay along from where you were last year. Your pegs have all been labelled and they are in first name alphabetical order.

Unlike previous years, you were not able to have an afternoon with me in the year 4 classroom,when we would normally go through the classroom layout and where your trays would be, but in many respects it is very similar to Year 3. You each have your own drawer to put your book bag in (if you have brought one) and your water bottle will sit on the floor under your desk. In Year 4 I usually have most of the desks in row format and this is how they will be laid out on Thursday. I will put you in a space, but this may change as the term progresses. 

Unlike previous years, last year I have been into Year 3 to teach you on some Wednesday mornings, so I already know you a little bit and you know me, so that is a great start. So, that’s all from me for now, let’s all be ready to learn on Thursday! See you then.

Mrs Dowdall

Years 3 and 4 Travel Back 12,000 Years

On a day of very extreme weather, Years 3 and 4 travelled to the Chiltern Museum to experience life in the Stone and Iron Ages. This linked to their summer topic of Horrible Histories which covers both of these periods, before moving on to the Roman invasion after half term.

The children were well prepared with warm coats, layers and wellies, nevertheless we still came home soaked, but in good spirits from a very informative and enjoyable day. Year 4 started with the Stone Age and were greeted by Rebecca who had a good sniff of us to decide whether we were friend or foe. She thought we may be from the Bear tribe, but was happy to learn we were actually the Deer tribe, so took us to her camp. There the children learned how to make shelters (covering wooden frames with animal skin), face paint themselves to scare off wild animals and also add a bit of camouflage, make jewellery from twine and bone and also cook parsnips under the camp fire. All of these things being genuine activities from the Stone Age era. They also lit a cotton ball using a more modern ‘steel’, mimicking the flint used 12,000 years ago, whilst also being shown a fire bow – a tool used for turning sticks to create sparks from which the fire was lit. The children were able to handle Stone Age tools and weapons and try on animal skins. They learned that every part of the animal was used to show respect for the kill.

After a spot of drying out over lunch, we moved on to the Iron Age house where we were met by Kim and her friend, both of whom were from the Iron Age. They took us inside and proudly showed us their ‘cooker’, fridge, bed and other equipment. In those times the whole family lived together in the one room, for security and warmth. The children had the opportunity to whisk milk to make butter, grind grain to make flour, make a thumb pot from clay, and also make bread. By this time, the tools had become more sophisticated and outside was a smelting oven where the tools, including scythes, arrow heads, pots, chains and other metal objects were cast.

Despite experiencing thunder, lightning, hail, torrential rain, high winds and a tiny bit of sunshine, everyone had a very memorable and exciting day.

Can you identify the activities?




Year 4 Technology Titans

On Thursday 2nd May, four children from Year 4 attended the Technology Challenge at Oakmere School. Their challenge was to build a rollercoaster. They were given strips of card, and a frame with 4 supports. They had to make a complete circuit around the frame, before they could go on to make different turns and twists.

The children learned how to make corners and how to support their run. Working together as a team, Makaiyla, Scott, Julia and Shiraz put together a run which included a tunnel and sharp drop. Their design can be seen below.

Even more exciting, Ladbrooke were named joint winners of the event with St Giles. Our four representatives were fantastic ambassadors for Ladbrooke. Well done team!


Year 4 Tennis Stars

As a finale to the children’s PE topic of tennis, Year 4 visited the Potter Bar Tennis Club on Friday 3rd May, to put their skills to the test on proper courts. Most children were able to pass to each other across the net, whilst others were able to sustain a fair rally. Our top scorers were Lukas and Harry, and Dominic and Daivik.

As you can see from the photos below, we managed to dodge the showers which were threatening all afternoon, and the children thoroughly enjoyed their time at the club.

A big thank you must go the committee at the tennis club, who once again have let us have the use of their courts.