Well what an amazing day we've had.  After getting off the coach in torrential rain we very quickly found our dorms and began settling in.

 Our first activitiy ws pond dipping and we found lots of creatures, including a water scorpion, mayfly nymphs, water louse and water snails.  Big added bonus was that no-one fell in!  Then we returned to the building and had a well deserved lunch, some of us even ate al fresco.

 In the afternoon we had problem solving activities and all of our groups worked really hard to work together as a team.  In free time the children have built a den in the woods and were excited to show us.  We have seen a Munkjack deer, a white marbled butterfuly and a heron.  

 After dinner, we had a scavenger hunt, looing for clues around the site, which was great fun, before ending our day with hot chocolate around the campfire,

 Year 4 have been amazing today, with fantastic manners, appreciative comments and they have been a pleasure to be with.

 Here's looking forward to another fun-filled day tomorrow!

Moat Mount - Day 2

After a not so early night (!) the children were awake bright and early although a few were not particularly bushy tailed!  We had a hearty breakfast (lots of seconds) and started with a dormitory inspection.  Parents, please take note, they were immaculate.  No clothes on the floor, suitcases stacked neatly and bedded folded ready for tonight.  Well done Year 4!

Our first activity was archery and the children excelled.  We had quite a few bullseyes, with many children showing real promise.  Robin Hood woud have been keen to have Year 4 join his merry band.  

The chidren made their own sandwiches and enjoyed their lunch before setting off on the orienteering course.  We split into three groups and there were some real stars, who showed off their map reading skills whilst exploring the woods and pond area.  The activity ended with some very weary legs and that was just the adults!

To round off the day, before dinner, Mr Smith ran a mini first aid course where the teatment of burns, cuts, bumps and sprains were covered.  Also, when and how to contact 999.  All necessary life skills.  The children particularly enjoyed bandaging each other and fortunately we didn't end up with any mummies!

After dinner, this evening, we were lucky enough to have an ice cream van visit and got to choose whatever ice cream we wanted.  Yummy!  This led nicely into our long awaited talent show.  We were all treated to a range of acts including magic, card tricks, singing, comedy and dancing.  What a great way to end the night!

We are now all hoping for a slightly early bedtime and looking forward to our final activities tomorrow.