Year 4 have had a very exciting start to the week, having spent the first two days at Moat Mount Activity centre in Barnet. The sun was shining as the children explored their new surroundings.

Their first activity was Team Building. Working on their communication skills, they solved a series of problems, which included scaling an electrified fence and working through a maze. It was great to see and hear the children encourage, support and challenge each other to make sure they achieved their objectives and to watch their confidence grow.

After the Team Building the children set off, nets in hand, to see what they could find in the pond. After being greeted by the ducklings, they dipped their nets in to find water fleas, a damsel fly nymph, a water spider, water beetles, a water scorpion, a leech, a water boatman, a dragonfly nymph and plenty of pond weed! Later on, they also found lots of goldfish. Who would have thought there would be so much?

Once the sweetie tins had been raided, they were off again, this time to do the Zip Wire. Approximately 30 feet up in the air, ready to fly as free as a bird, just about. The children waited with anticipation as they were strapped in to their harnesses and climbed the ladder to their destiny! For some, the sight of the ground from their viewpoint was just too much. Mrs Wilkinson to the rescue! With Superhero cape (well almost) she scaled the ladder and attached her harness to those who were a little nervous. Then, with a little bit of encouragement from their friends below, the children jumped in tandem and flew through the air. The look on their faces was a delight to behold. For many they had conquered a great fear and done something they never thought they would dare to do.

Completely exhausted they trudged back to the centre for Hot dogs and chips, which they devoured hungrily. After some free time, they had their hot chocolate and went to bed. Some not quite as exhausted as we had hoped!

We were woken bright (not quite) and early by the Pokey Gang and after a hearty breakfast – 3 helpings of snap crackle and pop for some – we set out to do the Adventure Course – think assault course. Once again the children threw themselves into the activity, some literally, and whilst there were a few bumps and bruises most same away unscathed, ready to take the pillow fight challenge. After lots of camaraderie and support from their team mates, the children came back ready to make their own lunches, which they did with some success, so mums take note – your children can now make their own packed lunches!

Next was the orienteering challenge. We split into 3 groups and wound our way round the site finding the sometimes very well hidden clue posts. The children did really well, with Mrs Wilkinson’s group determined to find them all, even though this did incur a time penalty.

As you can see from the picture show below, the children had a fabulous time, with some even saying they didn’t want to go home.