Day 2

Guess what? We actually got some sleep - maybe not as much as usual, but sleep is sleep!

This morning we have been searching for clues, looking animal habitats. We founds lots of rabbit holes, an old badger hole and lots of insects - cool. Our hard work called for copious amounts of biscuits - yummy. We are all busy practising for Cuffley's Got Talent and our special guests arrival.

MR SMITH'S REVENGE! - Anyone with children in year 5 will be pleased to learn Mr Smith has exacted revenge on the squirrels. After the sneaky strikes of last year & a mini assault by the critters yesterday, they came back for seconds, but the goodies had been tactically moved to Mrs Dowdall's car and Mr Smith quickly blocked their escape route. To see Mr Smith gloating as the trapped squirrels peered forlornly out of the window - PRICELESS! Hopefully they have learning their lesson and won't be back.

We've got the assault course after lunch, then the talent show + BBQ tonight - busy, busy.

Hi-de-hi from your (weary) yellow coats!

P.S. Sooo excited to receive your letters