Day One - Wednesday 21st June

Already we have been very busy.  Pond dipping was our first activity and the for the first time the 'Cuffley Loch Monster' captured a net!  We did get a few volunteers to go in after it , but thought better of it.  We had lunch and everything was devoured by some very hungry children.

This afternoon we had the 'Up and Under Challenge' just watching made the adults tired, but the children made it look easy, despite the heat.  Sweetie tins have been raided to keep the energy levels up and we are now looking forward to dinner cooked by Mrs Moore ... yay!

Shelter buiilding will follow before we fall into bed, hopefully exhausted!


Quote of the day ... "This place i awesome!"


IMG 1963 IMG 1964
IMG 1965 IMG 1966
IMG 1967 IMG 1968