On our first day back in 2017 the children in Year 4 had a very different day. As this was a theme throughout the school, year 4 children were invited to teach a lesson to the rest of the class. There were some amazing ideas which included;

How to count to 10 in Yoruba, German, Russian, Norweigan, Greek, Sinhale, Bulgarian,Hindi, Bengali and Spanish.

In Italian we learned to count to twelve and add and subtract, in French we learned numbers up to 40 and had a quiz. Finally on the counting theme we learned how to count to 100 in American sign language.

Other lessons included making a fortune teller and origami pot, how to draw a cartoon character and how to turn the word 'boy' into a boy.

We had presentations about logos and had the opportunity to create our own, were tested about the world's flags and also given tips on how to learn your nine times table. For those budding James Bonds amongst us we were taught a secret language and our grand finale was a science experiment which created an in house volcano.

The children worked really hard to make thier lessons interesting and as you can see from the photographs we have some budding teachers out there!