On Thursday 15th December, Y4 walked down to Mount Grace to take part in a problem solving afternoon.  The afternoon had been prepared and was being run by year ten pupils and there were lots of really varied activies to challenge the children.

Before the children started, they were organised into groups and mixed up with children from other schools. Then, off they all went in their groups to try a range of activities from making it through a spider's web to completing a course blindfolded.  

All the children had great fun!

'I really had a good time and I learnt some new games like untangling ourselves.  Some I could do and some I couldn't'  (Dominic)

'I thought it was brilliant because all the students in Mount Grace were amazing and encouraging.  The students made me feel more confident in all of the problem solving.  The teachers who helped the students were amazing too.  Thank you so much' (Grace)

'It was fun working with people that I did not know and the games were lots of fun.  All the teenagers were very, very, very, very kind' (Luke)

'Mount Grace was really fun and all the year tens were really nice.  I would like to do that again.' (Lena)

'I think the Mount Grace activities were fun, mainly when we worked as a team and used our ideas whilst making new friends' (Olivia)

'I loved the activities because they were challenging and that meant we had to work together' (Phoebe)

' I loved the activities Mount Grace challenged us to do.  My best activity was the water race.  It was great!' (Isabelle)


Thank you to all the year ten students who ensured all the children had a brilliant time.  It was also nice for the teaches to see some ex-pupils organising the events too.