Lights, Camel, Action

Strictly come dancing, but better?

December 2017 saw Year 2 working hard with Year 1 to produce our wonderful Christmas show, Lights, Camel, Action.

You all know the characters from the Nativity story: the angels, Mary, Joseph, the inn-keepers, the shepherds, the wisemen, not to mention Caesar Augustus and the various animal cast of sheep, camels and the donkey...well did you know they can dance?

In our retelling of this familiar story we saw the people of Nazareth doing a line dance, Mary singing beautifully, ballet dancing angels, the shepherds performing a  Morris dance, ably helped by their sheep, the disco star...and who could forget the funky camels and the moody passion of the tangoing innkeepers?

All this to announce and celebrate the arrival of baby Jesus all those years ago in Bethlehem.

Take a look at our pictures to remind you of the show.