Do you know what life was like in Victorian times? Year 2 visited the Royal Gunpowder Mills in Waltham Abbey and found out for themselves.

Read these reports written by Shardae and Millie to find out more.

On Friday 6th October we went to the gunpowder mills. First we went on the coach and I played with my friends. It was exciting. The first thing we had to do was wait outside for our teacher to show us the first activity. Our first activity was learning all about Victorian toys. We learnt about china dolls and a cup and ball and a yoyo. My favourite toys was the china doll. 

Next we went to the seaside. Me and Johnny dressed in a swimming costume and I was walking up and down holding an umbrella. I held a bucket and spaed and we coloured pictures of Mr Punch, Judy and a crocodile and the baby. 

Then we had lunch time but it was a picnic. Then after lunch we ran around the trees. 

Then we had school. The Victorian teacher was very strict. We wrote on slate boards and if we were naughty, we had to have a dunce hat. 

Then we went to wash some clothes. I washed some shoes and some cloths. 

Then we went back to 2017

By Shardae

On Friday we went to the Royal Gunpowder Mills. First we got on the coach and I played some games. Then, when we got there, we were met by a lady with grey hair. The lady told us that we were going back in time.

Our first big activity was to learn about Victorian toys. After that, we learned about a Victorian holiday. Ladies fainting and there was a really disgusting thing Victorians did. There was a thing called a penny lick. One person had a lick (of ice-cream) , then another person, then another. 

Then we had lunch and a run about.

Next we had to learn the Victorian school rules. The we wrote our names on a slate, but Sam's mum did a funny face instead so she got hit by the cane!

Then it was time to wash some teatowels and clean some shoes. 

Then we went back to 2017 and Ladbrooke School.


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