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This December Year 2 got together with Year 1 to put on a excellent show called Eddie the Penguin Saves the World. Eddie noticed that the ice was melting in Antarctica. When he and his family travelled North to the North Pole they found out from the Polar Bears that the ice was melting there too. What could they do?

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Luckily Eddie knew exactly what to do and he took his family all around the world teaching the humans to take care of our wonderful world.


Look at our pictures and see the amazing scenery and costumes made by the fabulous Ms Edgar, Mrs Wilkinson and the team...kindly helped by the parents of course.

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Can you spot our brilliant narrators and the penguins and polar bears? Look out for the school children who learnt that they should walk, skip, cycle or even scoot to school.

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You'll also find  the lumberjacks who learnt to plant trees instead of cutting them down and the Prime Minister of Australia who taught the country to recycle by singing Eddie's special recycling song.

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Thanks to DJ Johnny and DJ Donnie who introduced Eddie and the Penguins on the radio.

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Here are some more of our lovely photos. Who can you spot in them?

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