ICT programming from A to B(eebots)

This term in ICT we have been looking at reading, following and writing our own algorithms. Yes, it might be a big word, yet we now know it means a set of sequenced instructions for a computer program or code for a programmable toy (such as a beebot) / software application package to follow.

We applied carefully thought out logic to instruct a digital beebot to make their way around a garden path to get to the flower on the iPads, directed the beebot to a chosen letter (picked by our partner) on an online emulator using a laptop then programmed a physical (real) beebot toy to successfully navigate around a maze on our classroom floor.

We all had lots of fun and learnt that it’s ok if you get the sequence wrong as we can retrace our steps to work out what we need to do to correct it for the next time we set the beebot off on another adventure.

Also we have been shooting videos of ourselves performing various movements thinking about keeping the camera steady, the distance we need to stand and/or using the zoom function efficiently, down to even what is in the background of our filming.