Technical Wizards - March 2020

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The use of technology is often a controversial topic – especially when it concerns young children. Our view in the Foundation Stage at Ladbrooke is that, like it or not, technology is a feature of all our lives and we should teach children how to use it responsibly. We have a range of technology available for the children to use whenever they choose, including child cameras, voice recorders, a laptop with mouse, remote control vehicles and smart boards. Wherever possible, we encourage children to use technology to enhance ‘real’ experiences and complement other areas of learning.

T003Focus on learning

An example of this is how the children were inspired to make their own version of Naughty Bus, by Jan and Jerry Oke. This delightful book cleverly uses photography and visual fonts to tell the adventures of a little red London bus.

Following a quick class discussion on the sorts of adventures our bus might encounter, the children went off two at a time to capture their ideas. There was lots of collaboration as they helped each other to compose shots, take pictures and create scenarios. The results were imaginative, inspiring and definitely worthy of publication. Finally, we sat and reviewed all the photos together, choosing our favourites to make into the Naughty Nursery Bus photo story.