“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  Winston Churchill 

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

Marcus Garvey

 “When our hearts turn to our ancestors, something changes inside us. We feel part of something greater than ourselves.”   

Russell M Nelson

The teaching of history at Ladbrooke encourages the children to become history detectives by learning in a practical way. They have first-hand experience of life in the past through role play and educational visits. Additionally, we aim to foster wider links within the community, by asking friends and family to visit the school and talk to the children about their life in different eras. This inspires their curiosity, encourages them to ask questions and gives them a better understanding of the world in which they live.



In KS1 the children begin to learn that life as they know it has not always been that way, by learning about the lives of significant people in the past who have had an impact on the way we live. This also has practical applications, for example the work of Florence Nightingale to establish basic hygiene in hospitals and Louis Pasteur to name but two.


In KS2 a very wide timespan is incorporated into the children’s learning, from as far back as the Stone Age, right up to the current century. Children regularly complete timelines to try and help them develop chronological understanding and a sense of perspective. As they progress through the year groups, the children begin to question the validity of different resources, prepare arguments and think critically about events of the past, recognising that there will always be more than one version of the same event in history. By teaching the subjects encompassed within a topic, links are made across the curriculum, but particularly in English where children have the opportunity to write in a range of different genres.


We hope, that by teaching the subject in this way, it will inspire the generations of the future.



The pictures below show the children enjoying their history both in school and on out of school trips. The use of interactive display boards relating to their topic prompts them to ask questions - all part of being a History Detective!


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