Year 6 School Journey - Monday 24th May

 It has been a busy day at Windmill Hill but first let's go back to last night.  After a fun evening trying to compete to keep a water balloon from bursting, the children returned to their rooms for the first night.  They settled down really well and although not all asleep when we would have liked it didn't take too long for an air of quiet to descend.  Some rooms were better than others at keeping their chat to the sort of level that meant it went undetected for longer!!!

In the morning, to our surprise, we had to wake some of the children up to get the day started.  After a hearty breakfast half the class set off to complete the challenge course while the other half went canoeing.  The children had great fun canoeing on the pond, collecting ducks (plastic not real) and trying to avoid hitting the sides of the pond and getting stuck.  There was a great deal of splashing and some soggy children at the end (some more than others but I will let them tell you all about that. Let's just say that we discovered the pond was only waist deep!)

The challenge course proved tricky for some and when the added challenge of completing the course while attached to a piece of rope was added, things got even trickier.  The rain didn't help either but the children didn't complain and kept going, trying their best to complete each part of the challenge.  After a quick break, the groups swapped over to try their hand at the other activity.

Lunch was a welcomed chance to dry off and refuel ready for an afternoon of orienteering and zip wiring.  There were some nervous faces when they saw how high the zip wire was but everyone had a good try and most really enjoyed the experience.  I am not sure the driving rain enhanced the experience at all but the children seemed to enjoy it none the less.  The orienteering saw the children in teams rushing all over the site hunting for orienteering flags to stamp their cards.  Good map reading skills were displayed by all.

After dinner, the children went to the main sports hall for a new set of challenges including who can make the tallest tower of shoes!  We are hoping for another quiet night tonight as we have some very tired children now (fingers crossed).  I am sorry there are no photos this evening but the internet is playing up and will not allow me to compress the pictures enough so I can upload them.  Hopefully I will be able to try again tomorrow.  Finally before I go, I must just say happy birthday to Emily from Lukas .... we all hope you have had a lovely day.

See you for another update tomorrow!

Updated 14.27 - Finally managed to sort some group photos from yesterday.  Not the best quality but better than nothing.  

thumbnail IMG 2596

thumbnail IMG 2597