Christmas Homework - Year Five

I hope that you all have a lovely break - and that you and your family's all stay safe into the New Year when we see eachother again. Keep up your reading - I imagine that many of your will receive some nice new books as gifts. You should also keep at the maths, not just in your books but everywhere you find it -  maths really is everywhere when you start looking for it!

It would also be helpful if you could think of a nice, thoughtful reply to the message below. We have been contcted by an organisation who have taken our school gritter. Their message is shown below. There are lots of issues raised in the letter - from workers rights to climate change. Could you please write a reply to them - a nice formal letter, and send it to me at my email address. I think that it might be frosty next term so we will need our gritter back. Please help!

Have a good break.

Mr Ward.


From: Santa’s Little Helper <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sent: Friday 18th December
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Subject: E.L.F.


Dear Big People of Ladbrooke School.

We are the Evergreen Liberation Front. For centuries our brothers and sisters have toiled without recompense or recognition in the workshops of the North. We have never asked for anything in return, yet you have continued to push us to our limits.

Despite the many very educational documentaries that you have access to via your Sony Christmas Movies 24 television channel, you seem to know much about us without ever really understanding us. All we require is a regular supply of candy and a plentiful amount of ice.

Now you have taken so much of our chocolate to fill your advent calendars that there is a shortage in the North Pole, and we note with alarm the new fashion for hanging our candy canes on your decorated trees. In addition, your factories and wheeled vehicles have polluted the atmosphere horrendously.

The result of your climate catastrophe is that the temperatures in our homelands has increased so much that the trees are withering and the ice is melting. We have no more places to skid and slide - our only true form of recreation.

We have in recent years had to venture further and further south to find suitable ice to play on. The flat patch at the rear of your building is one of our final refuges - in our language the area is known as ‘The Ground of Play’.

It was therefore with huge concern that we observed you taking delivery of a weapon of ice destruction in the past week.

We have taken your Gritting Machine. It will not be returned to you until our following demands are met:

- Gritting must cease on Fridays and on days that begin with an ‘S’.

- One dozen candy canes must be left for us on the Friendship Bench each Monday.

- Skidding must be included in your school curriculum.

- A new local ice monitor must be appointed to ensure the continued quality of ice.

Please do not mistake us for our sister organisation, the Everyone Loves Fun Syndicate. They are not as hard line as we are - if you do not follow our instructions, you will never see your gritter again.

Do not contact Santa or the North Pole PD. They know that three of you are on the naughty list and one of you had been placed on the Permanently Prohibited From Presents List. They will not help you.

We await your response; we know you are excellent letter writers.

Yours in anticipation,

The Evergreen Liberation Front.




This Article Has Been Approved By The Ladbrooke JMI School Elf and Safety Committee


Christmas is on the way. Santa has been working hard to get ready - but some of his more sneaky elves have escaped!


We have captured some of them and popped them into a beautifully crafted hand-made Christmas book.


The children of the Year 5 workshop have been very careful to add their own sprinkle of Christmas spirit into the creations and now we invite you to take a book home with you.


You will have to follow the instructions on the School Gateway to buy your special Christmas gift. They are only £2.50 each and are guaranteed to keep your name off this year's naughty list!



Christmas Elves Like Presents, Snowballs and Mischief!



Do not feed after midnight and never get them wet!



Keep locked in their book to avoid bright lights!



P.S. While they were with us, the Elves showed the children how to make stained glass window decorations. They say that Santa's own lodge has windows like these. Follow the link to see the Year Five Window Lights.

Rudolph's Favourite Decorations