After a fairly good night, where the children were, although not necessarily asleep early or for very long, they were quiet in their rooms at a reasonable time; the day began.

Breakfast was a lovely selection of cereals, toast and a range of cooked items. Many of the children were very pleased to see hash browns on the menu. It was a good job the children had a hearty breakfast, as they had a really busy day ahead.

The children split into 3 groups and went off to complete activities including raft building, Jacob’s ladder, all aboard, giant swing and zip wire and all three groups came together to take part in an orienteering challenge. At the lake, the children carefully constructed their rafts, listening carefully to the instructions given by the group leader. They were very impressed when their raft floated but once on the raft, the skills needed to stay balanced were slightly lacking. After paddling round in circles for a while the children ended up having a swim, much to their delight and amusement.

The zip wire was a popular choice for many of the children. Once harnessed up, the children took a leap of faith off the top and sped down the line to the bottom. The knack at the bottom was to hit the ground running so you didn’t end up face down in the gravel or disappearing back up the zip line. After a few attempts, the children definitely got the hang of it and achieved much more graceful landings. I have to say though, I am not sure what the photographs will be like as the sun was shining so hard, we just had to point and press and hope for the best!

The giant swing was another popular choice. Some of the children faced their fears to get strapped in and after one go decided that they did rather enjoy it and wanted a second go, this time going higher. I have had a sneak preview of some of the photos of this activity and there are some great facial expressions as the swing was released and the swing swung into action.

After a lovely dinner, the evening event was a game of Cluedo. This involved the children hunting for a range of characters and get clues to decide who had pranked Charlie the Crocodile. Fortunately, the weather had cooled down and it made the activity a lot more pleasant to complete.

Now we are getting ready to settle down for bed with a lot of very tired children and I hope this means a lovely night’s sleep for us all.

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