The teams gathered in the midst of rain showers for a welcome from festival organisers Challenge Sport. Our children were nervous but ready to do their best. We tried to inject some friendly rivalry into proceedings, but it seemed that the order of the day was simply being friendly. We smiled and wished the other schools well, and then got about our business.

We started by having a go at all the activities on offer to practice – we know practice makes perfect. First up was the football dribble challenge; it paused raining for just long enough for our coats to come off but then we had to cope with the greasy ground under foot. Our next challenge was to throw a frisbee as far and straight as we could. A torrent of plastic discs replaced the rain briefly and the teachers took cover. The tennis relay balance followed and we found that some of our children were rocketing with the racket around the slalom course. Finally, the lung busting speed bounce rounded off our practice session.

Before the main event, we hydrated and snacked on healthy fruit. Everybody was well watered and refreshed, ready for action. We tackled the circuit again, but this time every child was scoring points. It was noted that our team consisted of a great blend of skill sets and this meant every event was a strong one for us.

We bobbed and weaved before slotting the ball into a goal. We launched our frisbee into the horizon (showing a high degree of skill and natural ability). With racket in hand we sped along with the kind of zip that once made Andy Murray an Olympic gold medallist. Finally, with our legs heavy and our PE kits soaked through from the rain, we urged each other on to just one more bounce over the barriers. When the events were finished, we sat quietly for the first time in the day nervous energy turned to physical exhaustion.

The points tally for each event was counted and recalculated to make certain, and then it was time for the results. How had we done? In reverse order, and our school had not been named yet. Into the top three and then the top two, and our children held their breath. Exhilaration followed as Ladbrooke were announced the winners, by just five points! The narrowest of winning margins, but a well deserved victory.

We collected medals and a golden trophy with big smiles. Our children had given one hundred percent effort and determination to do their best. On this occasion, their best was enough to win, and smiles lit up their faces. We wont always win, but if we always give that much effort then we will always be winners.

Well done to the Ladrooke Olympians.