The Games

In the 1st game Year 3 and Year 4 had to line up into 2 groups and the aim of the game was to hit the curved cones to score some points. 

In the second game, we had to split up into equal groups of 4. There were 3 circles of cones, the outside circle was worth 3 points, the middle circle was worth 6 points and the inner circle was worth 10 points. 

In the 3rd game, we had to hit cones to score points. There was a total of 6 cones and the 1st row was worth 3 points, the 2nd row was worth 10 points and the cones on the 3rd row were worth 15 points. 

The 3 other cones were the exact same but backward and 

there was also a bonus hoop that was worth 20 points. 

This is where Yagiz and I scored a hole-in-one!

The Final Score

We all worked really hard at the Tri-Golf competition and that hard work paid off because guess what….?

We managed to get 2nd place!!

We were all very proud and had lots of fun!

By Tihanna