Thank you very much to all of the KS2 children who demonstrated excellent times tables skills and contributed to our Rockstars Battle over the Christmas break. Here are the results:

Year 3  (441)   Year 4 (25)  Well done Year 3. The main participants from this battle were - Otto, Katie, Eden, Ayden, Sana, Sam, Oliver, Demi, Salih, Anita, Yritha and Leo. A massive congratulations to these children for helping their class win. Merits will be given on return to school.

Year 5 (1904)  Year 6 (66) Well done Year 5, that's a brilliant result. The main participant was Shardae scoring a whopping 21,659 points! FANTASTIC Shardae, thank you. The other contributers to Year 5s win were - Sheneli, Saleha, Gracie, Krish, Alfie, Zofia, Dede, Mohammad, Omer, Daisy, Oliver, Nia, Nevaeh, Kina, Ansh, Aiya, Panos and Joshua. Well over half the class working on their times tables during a break from school. Amazing year 5, well done.

Watch out for any battles I may set whilst you are learning from home.