The teachers have made us feel safe and secure. We know they have worked tirelessly to prepare the school as well as doing their day to day job.  We would like to say thank you to all the teachers at our school and all other schools; they work extremely hard to give us the knowledge we need for the future.  

One of the best things about coming back to school is definitely being able to see and play with our friends once more.  Having them there is just lovely as they always have your back.  Playtimes and lunchtimes have changed but we have quickly adapted to all the new rules and regulations, and we still have fun! 

Learning in the class environment is so much better than learning at home.  It gives you the chance to hear other children’s suggestions which helps with learning, it makes you take on board what others know as well as what you know. 

COVID 19 has been a rough ride.  Families have lost their love ones, doctors worked tirelessly and we wonder if there is a bright side to this pandemic.  School has made me feel hopeful that, if the world cooperates with these new rules that we will banish the Coronavirus.  Although many changes have been made to our school, it is still the place we belong and love. 

By Elsie, Jasmine and Laura (Y6 Ladbrooke JMI School)