Our skip 2B Fit day started with Y6. We all entered the hall to be shown how the special skipping ropes work.  We quickly discovered that the ropes did all the counting for you – as long as you held the counting handle in the RIGHT hand.  If the counting handle was in the LEFT hand, the counter went backwards!!!

Accompanied by music, we had to skip for two minutes. This, we quickly realised, was a very long time.  At the end we checked our handles to see how many skips we had done.  It did not matter how many skips this was because the important thing was to try and beat it the second time.  There was a lot of excitement when children realised that they had got better.  John told us that we got better because we wanted to and we focused on this.  If we can do this with skipping, we can do it with all our work!

Every class took a trip to the hall and completed the challenge. Even the teachers took part!  At the end of the day, each class had a top skipper and they were presented with a certificate.  We also congratulated children who had put in a real effort with their skipping.

The assembly at the end of the day also included a skip off between the top teacher and top child. There was no real competition, Mackenzie in Y5 won, hands down!  Then again with 310 skips in 2 minutes that wasn’t really a surprise.  Well done Mack

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