Each year at the end of the Autumn Term, we hold our annual carol service at St Mary's church.  This year, we had the biggest number of children join us which was very pleasing to see.  Each class prepared a reading and a song to perform and these were interspersed between songs that all the congregation could sing.  We were joined again this year by our choir and the school orchestra.  This year, for the first time, we had the orchestra and choir perform together which was lovely.

Thank you so much to everyone for coming and to Father Stefan, who spoke at the service and welcomed us into the church.  It has been lovely building such a strong relationship with the church since his arrival.  Thank you also to Mrs Prior and Mrs Swedensky for all their hard work the choir and orchestra, Mrs Mackley, Mrs Cunningham and Mrs Pearson for working with the recorder players and of course to Mrs Dowdall for bring the whole event together and playing so beautifully on the night.

What a wonderful night

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