As darkness fell, people began to gather on the field for the main event. A big thank you to Mrs Geekie and her family who, as ever, was there supporting the school with her marvellous cakes. Alongside her, the Chandler family made it a family affair, offering up burgers and hot dogs which were gratefully received as the temperatures fell. We also had a real treat with authentic Nigerian food being sold by Mr Abugo. One thing for sure is that we would not go hungry throughout the evening.

Suddenly the music started and everyone was on the edge of their seats as the circus began. We were thoroughly entertained by jugglers, not just juggling balls but using drums and juggling to the beat of the music. Acrobats performed high in the canopy of the big top and balancing acts made us gasp with delight. The antics of Pip, made the audience laugh out loud, scream and shout.

Thank you to Potters Bar football club, who worked with us and allowed us to use their facilities but the biggest thank you must go to Kelly Garnett and Helen Chandler, members of the FOLS team who were the driving force behind the event. As always they were ably supported by the rest of the FOLS team, but without their drive and commitment the event would not have taken place. THANK YOU!

Here’s to the next time!