July 21 - What a very unusual school year this has been!

Well done Year 2. You have had a fabulous year and you have all made so much progress. I'm so pleased that you didn't let 'lockdown' stop you. You kept on learning all year!

I will put some photos of some things we have done this year. Some are from right at the very start and some are from this week. See if you can spot photos of the following things;

Who am Eye? 

Investigating our eye sight

P.E. on the apparatus

Making skeletons

The alien invasion...some very funny looking creatures there!

Making moving pictures

Making fruit kebabs

Forest school






January 2021

Year 2 have written some great versions of a funny story that they we  watched on a video. I will attach some of the finished stories here. There will be more to follow. It's taking me a while to type them all up! 

I have made a few changes to some of the spellings, but other than that this is what they children have written and sent me from home. Happy reading!

Bridge stories 

Batch 1   There are lots of stories here from 7 people at the start of the register

Batch 2   There are lots of stories here from people further down on the register

Some of the stories are on their own below.

Anya's story             Luna's story          Alfie's story    Darcy's story



Year 1 & 2 - End of term poetry performance

Since we were not able to do our normal amazing Christmas show this year, we've put a small presentation together to showcase our performance skills.

Please click on the link below: 

Year 2


All the teachers in Year 2 wish you a very happy Christmas.



Welcome to Year 2 September 2020

Well it's great to be back to school after such a strange year last year. Many of us caught colds as soon as we got back, but at least it's nothing worse so we are still smiling.

We've already made a start at our new topic 'Marvellous Me'. We went out in the playground to play Who am Eye? Don't worry, it's not a spelling mistake, it's a game where we have to see whose eyes are in some photographs. You need to be very observant scientists to get them all right. It turned out that you children were much better at it than Mrs Trott and Mrs Wilkinson. Perhaps our eyes are getting tired, or perhaps we don't know you as well as you know each other.

Anyway, use your sharp eyes again to have a look at the pictures of the game. Can you see yourself?

IMG 0013IMG 0014IMG 0015


IMG 0016IMG 0017IMG 0019


IMG 0021IMG 0023IMG 0024


IMG 0025IMG 0027IMG 0028

IMG 0029