On Thursday 22nd June year 1 went on a trip to Tesco. It may not sound very exciting but it was great fun as we were invited to look behind the scenes of the bakery. We found out that while we are tucked up in bed, the bakers are up by 3am making all the bread to be sold that day. They make an amazing 5000 rolls per day. During our time there we were lucky enough to make our own bread rolls.

First we all washed our hands. Then we put on our aprons and set to work. We mixed flour, water, salt, sugar and the magic ingredient yeast. We all had our own piece of dough and had to knead it. We then shaped our rolls and put them on the trays to be cooked.

The lovely ladies that helped us on the day delivered our bread to us in the afternoon. It smelled delicious.

“I put cheese and butter in mine” James

“I put cheese in mine, it tasted yummy” Zofia

“I put lots of butter on mine and shared it with my family” Daisy

“I had mine with humous” Jessica

Today year 1 had fun making fruit kebabs. First they designed their fruit kebabs by looking at the fruit they had brought in and choosing a colour sequence.

They then washed their hands and got to work pushing the fruit onto the kebab sticks. The smell of the delicious fruit filled the room, and was so tempting that the children wanted to eat them straight away.

All the children in Year 1 have been working very hard this term. They have worked very hard to develop and improve their writing and have also learned many new concepts in maths. We have also had some special treats for filling up are marble jar. As a reward for their hard work, the children made jam tarts and had an end of term party. Some of our maths lessons even involved counting with skittles. The children found this very exciting.

Here are some photos of the fun learning we have been doing this term.