On Thursday 18th November, Year 4 were delighted to welcome parents back in to school to perform their class assembly. It had been two years since the children had been able to showcase their work and they were very excited to show their parents what they had been working on this term.

They began by reading out some writing from their work on Stories from Other cultures. They had read a number of stories from different parts of the world, and learned that they either tell how something was created, or give a moral for the reader. The text they had written was based on an animated film, The Catch, about a young fisherman who has the repsonsibility for feeding his tribe, but can't find enough fish. A wily fox comes to his rescue, but at the end you are left wondering whether the fox is real or a spirit. 

Next the children read some of their Autumn poems, having learned about rhythm, rhyme, alliteration and similes. Some of these can be seen below.

This half term our science topic was light, and we conducted some experiments to show what we had learned in the topic sharing this knowledge in the assembly.

During black history month, we learned about an explorer called Matthew Henson, who had tried to find the exact North Pole. The children had created fact files about his life and learned how he had not initially been given the credit for his work, because he was a Black African American, despite having extensive knoweldge of the region which he learned from the Inuit tribe.

Our topic for this term is In the Spotlight where we have learned about theatres around the world, the architects who built them and where they are located. The children had great fun finding the London theatres on a map and working out co-ordinates and followed clues to locate the relevant theatre.

For our finale, the parents watched a vidoe of the children performing a dance, which they learned having taken part in a workshop about teamwork earlier in the week.

The children thoroughly enjoyed being able to share some of their work with their parents. Well done Year 4!