In the second week of term, 14 September, Year 4 children started their swimming lessons at Furzefield.

Since the start of the first lockdown, swimming was not possible, so it was a real treat for the children to travel on the coach and start their swimming lessons. Swimming is probably one of the most important life skills to learn - it literally can save your life.

The class have taken to the lessons like ducks to water! They have excitedly joined in with the activities set by their swimming teachers and are learning new skills. Hopefully by the end of the 10 week block, they will be able to swim on their front or back for 25 metres. They will also learn some life saving techniques and skills.

This is what some of the children had to say about their experience so far:

"The swimming teachers are really nice, and we learn new skills."

"At swimming I learnt to swim on my back, and it felt amazing!"

"I like all of the things we do, but I especially like when we jump in at the end. It makes me feel so proud."

"It's important to swim, because if you fall in to water and think you're drowning, you can save yourself. Swimming calms me and I can swim faster."

"My favourite stroke is front crawl, because you can see under the water. Being able to swim makes me feel safe on holiday."

"When I beat my record, I am determined to beat it the next week. I always get butterflies, but I can do it."

"Today I swam as far as I ever swam before."