Well after a very exhausting first night, we have had another fun-filled day at Camp Ladbrooke.

Breakfast was served early at 07:00 and then we set off to Parkfield on a nature hunt. We were looking for different types of trees and wild flowers and evidence of animals’ habitats. We found lots of different trees, and the wet area revealed some very pretty yellow flags. Whilst we were out we took the opportunity to gather lots of kindling for the fires this evening, so that we are able to toast our marshmallows, not to mention warm up before we go to bed!

When we arrived back at school we all made our own sandwiches and then took them back to camp to eat. So mums, this means if you make a packed lunch, you can now delegate! We were very quick and it didn’t take us long to polish them off. We will be doing that again tomorrow, so will have plenty of experience when we come home.

After lunch we were back in Parkfield for a spot on pond dipping. We were amazed at the many small creatures we were able to find, in just a small net full. We were busy identifying them, although it wasn’t particularly easy as they moved so quickly. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch anything big enough for tea, so it was just as well that Mrs MacCormack had arranged for a burger van to visit – yummy!

Before dinner we played some team building games including magic carpet, half pipe challenge, stepping stones, leaking water challenge and pass the ball. We didn’t have time to herd any sheep, but perhaps we will do that tomorrow. The children found that they were working better as a team and communicating, rather than competing today.

We will end our evening with a Ladbrooke’s Got Talent, where some of the children, both Year 4 and Year 5 will be entertaining us. We also have some ‘celebrity judges’ arriving to help decide the winners, so an exciting time ahead. We have very kindly been given some marshmallow skewers by Alfie’s (Y5) parents, and these will polish off another busy day.

I wonder what lies in store for tomorrow?

Sleep tight everyone. Zzzzzzzzzzzz


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Our day started with 30 very excited children travelling to Bounds Green to take part in some bushcraft survival activities.  We started the day by playing a game of Predator and Prey (in our case foxes and deer) with the idea beign that the deer had to camouflage themselves in the woodland surrounding and outwit teh two foxes that were waiting for them at the home base.  We had some very clever camouflage tactics and some deer actually managed to make it to freedom.  The children loved the game and burned off some energy.

Next we moved onto fire building and were shown how to create the triangle of fire.  Each child was shown how to start a fire to keep them warm in the event that they found themselves in a survival situation.  Once we had done this we also made our own bread patties which we cooked over the open fire.  

After lunch we moved on to a mock plane crash where we had to build a shelter and learn how to find and made clean water.  The chidlren learnt a lot about team building activities and the need to work together.  Do we need to collaborate or compete?  After a few failed competitions, the need to collaborate shone through and the children buildt themsleves a waterproof shelter and learnt how to filter water.  They all enjoyed the day enormously and we returned to base to find a very exciting camp set up and waiting for us.

After a dinner of pizza and garlic bread, we were treated to a visit from an ice cream van, curtesy of Alfie (Y5) parents and all the chidlren and adults had a delicious ice cream.  The evening was rounded off with hot chocolate and marshmellows around the camp fire.  

The children are now all safely tucked up in their sleeping bag, dreaming of an exciting day ahead. A massive tahnk you to everyone who helped ensure this trip became a reality, we certainly could not have done it without you and your offeres of help have been grately appreciated.

Year 4