Old MacDonald Had A Farm...

Year 2 have been learning about food and where it comes from. We visited Old Macdonad's farm in Essex to see the farm animals that provide so much of our food. There were also some animals that we definitely would not like to eat such as owls, wallabies, otters and even meerkats. 

In the morning we had fun walking round the farm seeing all the animals and then playing in the wonderful sand pit. Later on, the staff at the farm taught us about some of the animals and they allowed us to touch and feed some of them. Some of us were brave enough to throw mealworms to the meerkats! 

We washed our hands well before we had lunch because we had been touching the animals. Then we enjoyed our lunches.

After lunch we had time to go on all the exciting attractions at the farm such as the helter skelter, the train rides and the carousel. 

Before we knew it, it was time to go back to school. 

What a wonderful day out we had!