Old Macdonald had a farm...


Year 2 have been learning about Food, Glorious Food. Earlier this term we visited Tesco to see what happens in the shops that we buy our food from. But where do the shops get the food that they sell. Ofcourse, the answer is that farms have to produce it. We went to visit a farm to see the animals that give us so much of our food...and to enjoy the rides and activities that are there.

The first animals we saw on the farm were meerkats. We don't eat these, but they were fun to watch. We then saw more traditional farm animals such as cows, pigs, sheep, goats, hens and even a shire horse.

As well as these animals there were some other animals that might be found in the countryside such as deer and even some animals from other countries such as rhea and wallabies.

The strangest thing we saw was a talking, moving tree.

After our lunch, which some of us shared with a cheeky runaway chicken we had fun with the other activities at the farm. There were lots of things to do. The train ride, the carousel, the bouncy slide, the trampolines  and the climbing frames were all fun but our three top activities were probably the helter skelter, the enormous sandpit and of course the doggy dog roller coaster. The teachers were too scared to go on the roller coaster, but most of the children were brave enough...and had a great time!

Take a loook at some of our pictures below