Marvellous Me Workshop


Our topic this term has been Marvellous Me. We have been learning about the many ways in which we are all marvellous. Some are marvellous singers, some marvellous writers, others are marvellous at sports and still others are marvellous at many other things, including being a good friend. 

We all have marvellous bodies and we learnt more about these in our body workshop.

Some of the things that we learnt were: 

1. We have five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. We were surprised to find out that our sense of touch comes through all our skin, not just our hands. We investigated our sense of touch using our fee



Our taste of smell is closely connected with our sense of taste. Here are some of us investigating taste...and observing our tongues.


We found out more about our sense of hearing and how we can identify things by the sounds they make even if we can't see them.Here we are listening carefully to sounds


We know that our eyes give us our sense of sight. Did you know that the pupil opens and looks bigger in darker conditions. This is us finding out about our eyes.


Where would we be without our skeleton? We'd be floppy and we wouldn't be able to stand or move about. We found out lots about our bones.and how important they are.



We have lots of things about us that are the same...but we are all unique. We are different sizes, have different colour eyes, hair or skin. Every single person has a unique set of fingerprints. Here we are identifying some things about our bodies that make us...US!