On Friday 6th October Year 1 went to the Gunpowder Mills.

The children took part in 4 different workshops which taught them about Victorian Life. The first workshop was the ‘Holiday’ workshop where the children were shown photographs and taught about where Victorian children would go on holiday and how long for. In the second workshop the children were shown Victorian toys. They looked at the material the toys were made out of and were given the opportunity to play with the toys.

In the third workshop children were given the opportunity to experience life in a Victorian classroom. They had a strict teacher who made them recite the alphabet and use chalk boards to write.

The last workshop was the Victorian house where the children were asked to do house work. They had to polish shoes and wash the clothes. The children enjoyed this workshop very much and were more than happy to do household jobs.

We had a fantastic time on our school trip and the children had a fun and educational visit.