World Book Day

Year 2s busy time has continued. Today we celebrated World Book Day. Lots of us dressed up in costumes and we all brought a favourite book to school to share with our friends. We had lots of favourites including two 'Daisy' books, 2 'Wimpy Kids' books, and a  book about a greedy shark who got tricked by a squid. Perhaps the funniest sounding book was 'I need a new bum'! 

In the afternoon we did a science investigation testing the strength of different magnets to help with a puppet show based on the lovely story 'The three billy goats Gruff' and finally we chose a story to listen to read to us by different teachers. 

 Great Fire of London Day

Our topic this term is Eye on London. The children have been learning all about London and have particularly enjoyed learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’. Today Year 1 & 2 had a Great Fire of London workshop. The hall was set out as Pudding Lane, where the fire had started. There were different activities the children could take part in which included:

Barber Surgeons, Apothecaries, Leather Workers, Chandlers, and Weavers.

While the children were taking part in their activities some children were chosen to act out different parts of the event such as putting out the fire, or collecting and killing the rats. All the children were completely engaged and took on their responsibilities very seriously. They had to be responsible for putting out the fire and pass a bucket to each other quickly before the fire got worse. This was an experience the children will never forget and it helped enhance what they already knew about the fire and also taught them many more facts that they didn't know.


 Friday 25th February

Today was Year 2s class assembly. It was so great to see many of our parents in the school building for the first time in ages. The theme of our assembly was bridges and we were able to explain lots of things about bridges in London, read our fantastic stories called  'The Bridge' and show how you can make paper bridges stronger simply by folding up the edges of the paper!




December 2021 - Year 2 have worked really hard with Year 1 to present a super Christmas show called Lights, camel action. Look out for the link to the video we made. We'll email it to you.


July 21 - What a very unusual school year this has been!

Well done Year 2. You have had a fabulous year and you have all made so much progress. I'm so pleased that you didn't let 'lockdown' stop you. You kept on learning all year!

I will put some photos of some things we have done this year. Some are from right at the very start and some are from this week. See if you can spot photos of the following things;

Who am Eye? 

Investigating our eye sight

P.E. on the apparatus

Making skeletons

The alien invasion...some very funny looking creatures there!

Making moving pictures

Making fruit kebabs

Forest school






January 2021

Year 2 have written some great versions of a funny story that they we  watched on a video. I will attach some of the finished stories here. There will be more to follow. It's taking me a while to type them all up! 

I have made a few changes to some of the spellings, but other than that this is what they children have written and sent me from home. Happy reading!

Bridge stories 

Batch 1   There are lots of stories here from 7 people at the start of the register

Batch 2   There are lots of stories here from people further down on the register

Some of the stories are on their own below.

Anya's story             Luna's story          Alfie's story    Darcy's story



Year 1 & 2 - End of term poetry performance

Since we were not able to do our normal amazing Christmas show this year, we've put a small presentation together to showcase our performance skills.

Please click on the link below: 

Year 2


All the teachers in Year 2 wish you a very happy Christmas.



Welcome to Year 2 September 2020

Well it's great to be back to school after such a strange year last year. Many of us caught colds as soon as we got back, but at least it's nothing worse so we are still smiling.

We've already made a start at our new topic 'Marvellous Me'. We went out in the playground to play Who am Eye? Don't worry, it's not a spelling mistake, it's a game where we have to see whose eyes are in some photographs. You need to be very observant scientists to get them all right. It turned out that you children were much better at it than Mrs Trott and Mrs Wilkinson. Perhaps our eyes are getting tired, or perhaps we don't know you as well as you know each other.

Anyway, use your sharp eyes again to have a look at the pictures of the game. Can you see yourself?

IMG 0013IMG 0014IMG 0015


IMG 0016IMG 0017IMG 0019


IMG 0021IMG 0023IMG 0024


IMG 0025IMG 0027IMG 0028

IMG 0029


Hanging Christmas Trees - December 2020

Year 2 have been learning to sew and stuff hanging Christmas trees to make some lovely decorations. You can buy yours from the office now!

IMG 0069 for website

Juicy Fruit Kebabs

Year 2 have learnt that they should eat a healthy, balanced diet. A balanced diet should include lots of fruit and vegetables as well as other foods.

We designed and made our own juicy fruit kebabs. Take a look at our pictures. They might make you feel hungry!

Old MacDonald Had A Farm...

Year 2 have been learning about food and where it comes from. We visited Old Macdonad's farm in Essex to see the farm animals that provide so much of our food. There were also some animals that we definitely would not like to eat such as owls, wallabies, otters and even meerkats. 

In the morning we had fun walking round the farm seeing all the animals and then playing in the wonderful sand pit. Later on, the staff at the farm taught us about some of the animals and they allowed us to touch and feed some of them. Some of us were brave enough to throw mealworms to the meerkats! 

We washed our hands well before we had lunch because we had been touching the animals. Then we enjoyed our lunches.

After lunch we had time to go on all the exciting attractions at the farm such as the helter skelter, the train rides and the carousel. 

Before we knew it, it was time to go back to school. 

What a wonderful day out we had!

Aliens return to Ladbrooke...luckily they come in peace!


It seems that Ladbrooke has more than its fair share of alien invasions. One spaceship full of aliens visited in December for our Christmas show and now another bigger group has arrived at the beginning of January. While they were here, they took the opportunity to learn lots about human life. They took part in a singing assembly and they liked the singing so much that they stayed in the hall to dance their strange alien dances when the singing was over.

Some of them put on their invisibility cloak and crept silently around the school...taking great care not to disturb the large and rather scary humans in Year 6. The children of year 5 were kind enough to explain what their little pots of equipment were...wooden sticks called pencils and pens and rulers that the aliens thought were weapons.

Back in the Year 2 classroom the aliens learnt to write using human writing and then they even did some human multiplication. If one alien has 4 tentacles, how many tentacles will their be on 5 aliens?

The aliens were very confused at lunch time because they had chosen a red or green lunch. As one of them pointed out, none of the human food was actually red except for the ketchup.

After lunch the aliens drew pictures of their friends at home using oil pastels. You can see their lovely works of art at the end of the corridor on the way to the Key Stage 1 classrooms.

Now that the aliens have returned to their planet, all we have left is these pictures. See if you can recognise some familiar faces.