Home learning - Monday 30th March


Please share the story 'Those Magnificent Sheep in their Flying Machine' on Tapestry.

  • What do you think 'glee' means? (picture 3)
  • Why did the man with the moustache think the thieves were wearing white sweaters? (picture 5)
  • Who were the mummies in Egypt? (picture 8)
  • Why did the sheep run away when the maharajah told them he wanted to eat mutton curry? (picture 10)
  • What was wrong with the log in the swamp? (picture 10)


This week we are comparing numbers and quantities. It is time for the sheep to go flying! Look at the sheep and the planes in the pictures.


  • Can you describe the amounts using the words ‘more’ and ‘fewer’?
  • Are there enough planes for the sheep to go flying in each picture?
  • How can we check?
  • If not, how many more planes are needed?
  • In which picture are there just enough planes?

You can download and print tasks for Monday 30th March.