Home learning - Friday 27th March


Today's challenge will encourage you to use your imagination, as well as practise your mark-making skills.

  • There are lots of animals already in the Big Red Bath, but can you think of another animal to join them?
  • Make a drawing of your animal and explain it to someone in your family.
  • Why did you choose this animal? What do you like about it?

Well done to Wren, Summer, Ellie-Lara and Dion for drawing such lovely pictures. I am delighted to add two tigers, a rainbow cat and even a dinosaur to the bath!



Well it's the end of the first week. I hope the counting is going well and that you remember that anything can be counted - not just objects. Today's tasks are all about listening to sounds and counting them.

  1. Find a money box or a jar. Count out ten 1p coins and place these next to the money box or jar. Ask someone to slowly drop a number of the coins into the money box while you close your eyes. Can you count how many coins dropped in?
  2. Play a game with someone in your family. Close your eyes while they clap a number of times. Can you count how many claps there were? Swap over so you both have a turn. Make it harder by clapping faster; they'll have to listen carefully!

Hints for parents and carers

Ask your child:

  • How many coins did I put in the money box/claps did I make?
  • How do you know?
  • What did you do to help you to count the coins/claps?

You can download and print tasks for Friday 27th March