Home learning - Thursday 26th March


Today's task encourages sound discrimination which is an important skill for segmenting words into phonemes.

Play the game 'I Hear with My Little Ear'! Take it in turns to imitate the sound of an animal and guess what it is. You could include the lion, dog and duck from the Big Red Bath story.


This week we are learning that not just objects, but anything can be counted and today's tasks can be recorded on Tapestry or for an extra challenge, you could try recording them in your purple book - either writing numbers or drawing lines (like we do in our morning survey).

  1. Count how many jumps long your bedroom is. Start at one side and jump your way to the other, counting each time your feet touch the floor.
  2. Throw and catch a ball with a member of your family. Count how many times you can catch the ball. You could start a rally to see how many times you can throw and catch the ball without dropping it.
  3. Count how many steps there are in your house or flat. Count each time your feet touch a new step, as you walk up or down the stairs.

You can download and print tasks for Thursday 26th March