Home learning - Wednesday 25th March



For today's task we are returning to the Big Red Bath.

Ben and Bella want to name the animals that jump in the bath. They want the names to start with the same letter sound as the animal. So far they can only think of Danny Dog. Can you help them think of some names for the Lion, Turtle, Duck, Penguin and Kangaroo?

Hints for parents and carers

This is a very tricky challenge and you will probably need to think of the names for your child. However the point is to draw their attention to the initial sounds of the animal and name and encourage them to hear that they are the same.


This week we are learning that anything can be counted - not just objects. For today's task you can download and print some spot flashcards (or use the pictures on Tapestry). Unlike Numicon shapes or dice, the position of the spots on the page are less orderly which makes them harder to subitise (recognise without counting). After counting the number of spots, can you clap the same number?

Hints for parents and carers

  • Make a deliberate mistake when counting or clapping. Can they tell you what you did wrong?
  • With each collection of spots they count, ask them to tell you whether it is more or fewer than the one before.

You can download and print tasks for Wednesday 25th March.