Home learning - Tuesday 24th March


In Foundation 1 we have been making progress with learning new phonics sounds. You can download the sounds we have learned to date to make into flashcards, or show the pictures uploaded to Tapestry.

For advice on how to pronounce the pure sounds, you can view this Ruth Miskin video.


This week we are learning that almost anything can be counted - even things we can't touch. Today we are returning to our book 'Big Red Bath'. Look at the pictures of the book and count the animals on each page.

  • How many are in the bath?
  • How many animals want to get in now?
  • How did you make sure you counted all the animals?

Hints for parents and carers

Count the pictures too, making deliberate mistakes, such as:

  • Counting at a different speed to which you point;
  • Counting each object a second time;
  • Saying the counting words in the wrong order or missing some out.

Can your child spot these and check to find the correct amount?

You can download and print tasks for Tuesday 24th March.