Monday 6th - Friday 10th July 

Hello Year 6. Please start to bring in your shirts to be signed this week, this way all of the children in the different year 6 bubbles can sign them. Hopefully, the children not coming into school will be attending our Leaver’s picnic and so they will be able to sign your shirts then. Also, bring in some plastic bags or a rucksack, as I will be continuing to send home school books.

This week, we are starting our projects. These would normally have been set as part of your homework after the SATs, but we have decided to do these as part of our class work. This video introduces the projects. When in class, these projects will take the place of your English and Maths lessons that you may have become used to. You will be expected to complete more at home.

This is also Health and Fitness week, which means, for most of you, your homelearning tasks will consist of health and fitness activities (as well as completing your projects). Miss Webster has put together a plan for you to enjoy at home. Not only will you compete in our Sock Olympics, there are a range of challenges that I would like you to work through.
Please click here to find out more about Health and Fitness week.
Thank you to some of the Year 6 children who have helped organise the Sock Olympics, in the form of video demonstrations. Within the document Miss Webster has put together, you will see links to these videos. Press Ctrl and then click on the link.

For your information:
Transition – Last week, we made a list of questions you have about starting secondary school. Today, we will be answering them with the support of ex year 6 pupils and their experiences. We will have a look at maps of some of the schools you will be attending and possible timetables.
Home STEM tasks – More Science tasks to have a go at.
FrenchNew video to watch and lesson page to complete.

Prefects - if you haven't alread done this, please can you write about your role in a piece of writing entitled: 'How to be a ..... prefect' (ICT, Curriculum or Playground). This document will help the next prefects know how to do the role successfully.

                                                                                Monday 6th July 
Please make sure you read these instructions carefully, ensuring that you are completing the right activity for your bubble. Remember this is to also work on how you manage your workload, how are you going to complete your given work?

Bubble 1 and 2 Start projects in class
Bubble 3 and 4 Start projects at home. Watch video and decide what you will do your project on. Email any work completed or save on a USB stick that you can bring in on Wednesday.  Also complete a Fitness Challenge from Miss Webster’s suggested list.
Homelearners Start projects – watch video to introduce this. Here are the overview pages for Countries, Decades and Famous Person. Also, complete a Fitness Challenge from Miss Webster’s suggested list - can be found in the above information, under 'Health and Fitness week'.

                                                                               Tuesday 7th July 
Bubble 1 and 2 Continue with projects in class
Bubble 3 and 4 Continue with projects at home. Choose another Fitness Challenge
Homelearners Continue with projects at home. Choose another Fitness Challenge
                                                                             Wednesday 8th July 
Bubble 1 and 2 Fitness challenge & continue with project at home
Bubble 3 and 4 Share projects (so far) and continue in class
Homelearners Fitness challenge & Continue with project at home

                                                                             Thursday 9th July  
Bubble 1 and 2 Fitness challenge & finish projects – save work on stick or email, ready to share next week
Bubble 3 and 4 Continue with projects in class
Homelearners Fitness challenge & finish projects – email finished work to me please
                                                                                 Friday 10th July
                                                                                 Sock Olympics
Remind yourself on the different events, by clicking here to see Miss Webster’s plan
Please participate in the Olympics and email through your scores, so they can be collated to find out which house won