Thursday 11th June 2020

Hello Year 6,

I hope you have been working hard on your enterprise task, I will be asking you about this next week!

The Reception, Year 1 and key worker children have settled well into school over the last two weeks and so we have been finalising plans for some of you to return on Monday/Tuesday and some on Wednesday/Thursday.

A reminder of the bubbles returning:

Bubble 1 and 2 will be in Monday and Tuesdays

Bubble 1 (with me in year 6 classroom)          Bubble 2 (with Mrs Holden and Mrs Hepke in year 5 classroom)

Layla                                                                        Ben

Robyn                                                                       George

Leah                                                                         Ana

Kristian                                                                     Lily

Daisy                                                                       Mia

Grace                                                                      Sonny


Bubble 3 and 4 will be in Wednesday and Thursdays

Bubble 3 (with Mrs Holden and Mrs Hepke in year 5 classroom)    Bubble 4(with me in year 6 classroom)    

Adrian                                                                                                            Zac

Mehmet                                                                                                       Quemars

Molly                                                                                                             Eren

Emma                                                                                                           Issy

Sasha                                                                                                           Kenny


Please arrive at school at no earlier than 8:45am, where you will be greeted by Miss Webster, she will direct you down towards the infant playground and then round to the side entrance of Year 6. You will leave through this door, at the end of the day, and walk towards the carpark and out the main side gate. We have tried to create a one way system to ease passing people on smaller stretches of the pathways. Each bubble will leave at a slightly staggered time to also aid this.

As soon as you arrive at the Year 6 door, you will be asked to wash your hands before you enter your classroom. This means that you will have to queue (2 metres apart, I’m sure you’re used to this by now!). This will also be the case when coming back in from break and lunch times.

Please bring a book from home, this will stay in school, in your tray, until we break up in July. We have got boxes of books for each bubble if you forget, because when you come in in the morning or after break and lunch, you will get your books out and read whilst we wait for everyone to wash their hands.

Take your coats and lunch bags (if you have them) with you, when you come into your classroom; you will see your trays have been placed on the table where you will be sitting. Place your coats and bags under your table. Inside your tray is everything you are going to need for the day’s learning.

You will be having a PE session with Mr Palmer (you do not need to bring in a PE kit as you what you will be wearing will be fine) either on the Monday or Thursday afternoon, but the other sessions will be Maths, English and Transition work. I will continue to set work for those children learning at home, either all the time or for the three days you are not in school. It is really important that you continue to work at home because it will be linked to the work we have done in class. Those of you not returning, will be able to follow my plans just like you have previously been doing.

At breaks both bubbles will be able to go out together, but it is important that as much as possible, you follow government guidelines and keep 2 metres apart. You will eat your lunch in your classroom before going outside, again with the other bubble, for a break.

We are all looking forward to welcoming you back to school on Monday or Wednesday.

Don’t forget to check the class page on the school’s website for your daily tasks.