Monday 1st June

Welcome to June Year 6. I hope you had a restful half term and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine that we have been having, it has certainly made lockdown a lot easier in my household. I will be returning to work this week, organising your return in a couple of weeks, so I am uploading a weeks worth of work for you to try and complete. I will be checking my emails but not as regularly, so please be patient with me for a response. 

English - This week, I would like you to try another Talk4Writing booklet. Those that sent me work, produced some great stuff from the last booklet on 'Doors', so I am hopeful you will be able to do the same with this unit of work, entitled 'The city of silence' - please ignore the front page requesting a donation, one has already been made. Please click here to access the booklet

Maths - You have a choice with this - you can either work through the BBC bitesize daily maths tasks or have a go at the maths lessons on The Oak National Academy online classroom. With the BBC Bitesize webpage, I particularly liked the 'Weekly Maths Challenges' (last one set was the 22nd May) as these are linked to the WhiteRose Maths programme that we follow in school - why not try them? The Oak Academy has videos with a teacher to explain methods. At the moment Fractions is the unit both Bitesize and Oak Academy are working on, which would be a great revision for you all.

Topic - To be able to explain reasons FOR and AGAINST capital punishment. Find out what capital punishment is. How do you feel about it? Is is a good thing or a bad thing? Why? When was it abolished in the UK? Where is it still legal? Should it be brought back to the UK? Why? What is the impact of capital punishment on society? Write an argument outlining your thoughts. *Updated - here is a 'wagoll' from Eren

Reminders - Continue writing your diary - if you started one!

                     Continue with Rockstars

                     Wordsearch / Word Art - look above

                     Book review

                     Year 6 Leaver's Art project ideas

Please have a think about the following - normally after half term we would be going full steam ahead with our Leaver's play, it makes me sad to think this won't be happening this year but I have been thinking lots recently about what we can do instead. I have some ideas but want to get your thoughts. My main idea is that we all, either at home or at school, video ourselves, individually or in socially distanced groups, record part of a chosen leaver's song. This would most probably be lipsynced as I am not sure how we could get you all to sound good without microphones and depending on how close you are to the camera. Well, get yout thinking caps on, maybe you could come up with a better idea.