Wednesday 13th May 2020

Hello Year 6. I received lots of lovely photos and writing about the types of things you got up to yesterday, including baking, making marble runs, wordsearches and making dens. It all looked so good, thank you for telling me all about your news. In particular, those who sent me some wordsearches, thank you but I am unable to sahre them becuase they came through too big. If you could type them, that woud be helpful.

I hope you are enjoying the different activities. I would like you to try a few more today.

I would also like you, if possible, to try some Wordart. This wordart should contain words that remind you of your experiences in lockdown. Here's mine. Try and do it in the shape of a house, because that it where we have spent most of our time. Here is the link to the website I used*, but if you want to use another or even draw your own one, please do. I would really like to see these.

* The website link will take you to a page with an example on it. If you go to 'word list' and click on each of the words in the example, you can add your own words. If you don't want to use the amount of words they have, click on the word and then delete it by clicking on the bin at the top. Hope this helps.

Have you been on Rockstars yet this week? The battle with year 5 is still on!