Monday 11th May 2020

Hello again Year 6, I hope you had a lovely weekend, enjoying the beautiful weather (not so much on Sunday though!). I celebrated VE day with a little street party, socially distancing of course, and spent most of the weekend in the garden with my family. For a while there, I almost forgot what was happening in the world.

I am sure you either watched or your parents have informed you about the Prime Minister's statement last night. He mentioned that there may be a possibility of Year 6 returning on June 1st. This sounds like good news, but we will need to know how this is going to work in real, social distancing, life. When we find out more about what this means, we will let you know. 

Today, I, like you, would have been (slightly!) stressing about SATs starting! We would have welcomed you all in for breakfast club and try to alleviate any of those stresses. But for now, we are at home, relatively stress-free and learning through our laptops. 

Mr Ward has asked me to let you know that he has set up a battle with Year 5 in Rockstars, so if you haven't already, get battling please. You have until Thursday to win!

As I said last week, I will be uploading activities for you to do this week, but they will be much more relaxed. If you want more, remember you could always be completing activities in your packs sent home or looking through any of the links I put up way back in March (they can be found at the bottom of this page, underneath all of the daily tasks). Our science topic is Properties and Change, so you could be researching this - there is lots on the internet, most of which is too big to upload onto this site. Note down anything you find into your books to use later.

Today's tasks:

Silly Sats - Maths Reasoning   Reading comprehension   Please write your answers in your books, you do not need to print these off.

* Updated - was made aware about a page that had missing names on it (sorry and thank you). Have updated the page and reloaded.

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