Tuesday 5th May 2020

English - Edit and Improve your first draft on your argument. I had several emailed to me yesterday - thank you. Today, really look at that Must, Should, Could criteria (find link in yesterday's learning) and the Year 6 Writing Standards (find link in Tuesday 28th April) to ensure you have written the best piece of writing you can.

Maths – Circles - continue with your learning from yesterday. Try a challenging question if you have completed the other tasks.

I am sorry that you were initally unable to see the Target your Maths book work pages. Hopefully, I was able to improve that and now you can see the questions. BBC Bitesize have got some revision work on Circles.

Assessment - do you know what the Circumference of a circle is? Radius? Diameter? Do you know how to find these things?

Topic – Look back through your research from yesterday. Today, list these differences and similarities or put them into a passage of writing to present your findings from research completed. Some of you may have researched and written/typed up your findings already. If you have, consider how crime is punished in modern Britain and compare that those periods studied yesterday.