Monday 4th May 2020

Thank you to those of you who emailed me through your writing work from the Talk4Writing task. Your portal stories were excellent, full of description and well-chosen vocabulary. I hope you enjoyed this task.

English – I have often wondered why on earth they put the plastic coverings over the rubbers we use in class. Not only are they a pain to take off, I personally feel that it is an unnecessary use of plastic. I should use this time to write a letter to the company arguing reasons against the use of this plastic. For your English task today, I would like you to choose an argument of your choice, plan and write your first draft. Decide yourself whether you want to make it balanced or not!

Follow the Must, Should, Could criteria for this task.

Here are some ideas, if you can’t think of any:

  • Plastic covering on rubbers
  • Being quarantined
  • Use of electronic devices
  • Home-schooling

* Updated - I know you have had issues with the book work pages- they have been blurry. I am working from home so using my phone to take photos, so they are not the best quality. I have tried to take the photos again but they are refusing to reorientate, so they are upside down! sorry Also the level up page 1 is staying it is too large - it didn't do this for the others. I haven't been able to upload that one but the others should be better (fingers crossed).

Maths - These activities are for today and tomorrow, so don't feel like you have to do them all today, or even have to do all of them at all. Pleasse try to do at least one so that you have an understanding of circumference, radious and diameter

Part of a circle activity 1.       Introduction    Part of a circle activity 1   Cut out and find activity

Target your maths book activities page 1 page 2  answers

Level up challlenge book cactivities page 1  page 2  answers  

Topic – Research how crime was punished during the Anglo Saxon, Roman Britain and Tudor periods. (Tomorrow - Compare differences and similarities found)