Thursday 30th April

 Wow! I have received lots work this week, all demonstrates how hard you’ve been working – so a massive 'well done' from me.

I have been in contact with some secondary schools in relation to your transitions, I asked about the types of skills it would be helpful for year 6s to be doing in preparation for secondary school. Obviously, I am very hopeful that we will be back at Ladbrooke to work through the list I have been collating, but the music lesson yesterday was one of the items. The ability to send an email, adding an attachment is also one of the suggestions from secondary school teachers – the majority of you have clearly demonstrated that you can do this through your regular contact with me. Other ICT items include: Name a file, Copy a file, File in a folder and Crop an image. Maybe this is something you could be working on a home.

Your daily tasks are:

English – Yesterday I asked you to finish reading ‘Wonder’. Today, I would like you to work through these comprehension questions. Answer in your books please.

Maths – 3D nets. Follow the powerpoint which introduces nets of 3D shapes and then have a go at some of the activities. If you are still unsure on nets after going through the activities below, you may have to complete some of your own research. There are lots of introductory and mastery powerpoints for this mathematical topic, all that are too big to upload onto the school website though!

Powerpoint   Activity 1   Activity 2  Activity 3

Challenge nets

CGP book pages 1 2 answers 1  2

Level up pages 1 2 answers

Art – Art in Lockdown. I would like you to draw /paint/collage something in your home that defines your lockdown. For example, a self-portrait of your mood (remember your work with Mrs Corke on self-portraits), rainbow painting/collage, your view from your window, photo collage of family/friends you are missing.