Tuesday 28th April

Good morning Year 6, I hope you are all well. Even though I am not in school this week, please don’t think I am not working; like your parents, I am teaching my children, cooking, cleaning and also working but mainly trying to keep myself sane. I think that you should all stop what you are doing (reading this message), now go and tell your parent/s what a great job they are doing and to thank them.

Thank you to those who have emailed me their work recently. I particularly enjoyed the criminal factfiles - lots of interesting criminals who I had not heard of (with several of them, I was quite pleased not to know anything about them!). Also the first drafts of your stories from English, some baking recounts (loved the chocolate cheerio cakes!) and some more book reviews to add to the above article.

Ok, back to business. Today’s tasks are:

English – Hopefully, yesterday you write your first draft of your own story from the Talk4Writing booklet https://mailchi.mp/talk4writing/home-school-booklets. Today, I would like you to edit this draft and make it better. Use the year 6 writing standards to help you produce the best story you can. Now, rewrite/retype your story. Please attach this document to an email and send it to me, I would love to read your stories.

Maths – We have finished angles now. Hopefully, you are feeling fairly confident with angles now. If not, don't worry, when (fingers crossed) we return to school, we will definitely go over these objectives, especially those involving constructing angles, I know that some of you have not got protractors at home and so struggled with that learning. Please go over this shapes review, from Target your Maths. 1  2  answer 1 answer 2

French – Madame Elena has sent the teachers a link to a website which contains videos to help you with your French conversation, including introducing yourself, saying how you feel and a trip to the supermarket as well as practice with your counting and alphabet. Click on the link and give a go. You will have to go to the bottom of the home page and find the 'Primary French' link. https://radiolingua.com/learnathome/#primaryfrench